Mesh Issues & Job Protection

It is amazing to me how much mesh women share with each other because so many have been through fears of losing their job, keeping insurance and surviving until they can get the mesh out.  My meeting with a mesh survivor here at the Tiverton the day before yesterday, was wonderful to see another woman who feels like she can live again, but also resulted in information she shared with me.  So this morning I decided to look it up.

I had no clue about this matter because I am retired and have never worked for a company, but I know many women who have lost their careers because of their mesh injuries and others who fear they cannot take time off to have it removed.   You should not have to worry when you take time from your job to have mesh removal and recovery.

If you work for a company that has fifty or more employees in this country than this will work for you.  It is called the Family Medical Leave Act.  I took this from the federal site that explains what this could mean for you.

“The rules and regulations of the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 are under Title 29 Part 825 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The act provides job and group health insurance protections when an employee takes an FMLA qualified leave. Adhering to the rules and regulations protects the rights of employees and guards against abuse in the workplace.”

Read more:

Please read everything to see if this will work for you and then you can put your State in to get the correct form to fill out and then hand it in when you feel you can no longer work until you have had your mesh removed.  I took the following paragraph because it applies to all mesh injured women who cannot perform their duties because of mesh injuries and they need to take a leave of absence.

“Section 29 CFR 825.112 describes the events that qualify an eligible employee for FMLA leave. An employee may take FMLA leave to bond with a newborn, a newly adopted child or a newly placed foster child. If an employee has a serious health condition that prevents him from performing any of his essential duties, he is entitled to FMLA leave. An employee may also take FMLA leave to care for a spouse, parent, son or daughter with a serious health condition.”

Be prepared now by filling the form out in case you feel you can no longer work because your pain level has increased and/or you are taking so much medication to get through your day and you feel afraid to drive on the road to your job.

I hope this helps other women and I am grateful for this woman has had to walk down this path.  She survived, kept her job and will return to work when she feels fit to do so.  So protect your future now.


  1. Linda

    Thanks, lavalinda for all the information about the tvt removal. Are you glad you had the surgery? I was wondering if you’ve had any complications from the surgery after a year?

    1. lavalinda

      Yes, I whole heartedly am glad. Because it was in me doing damage for so long I still have issues which is something I may always have. But I have never regretted going to UCLA.


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