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This morning I made a second trip down to Target to pick up a few more groceries.  They have small shelf meals that you can microwave and others you can add water to and then microwave so I decided to try a couple and see what I think.  There is a refrigerator in each room but it is very small with almost no freezer space, so you can’t buy freezer meals to store.  It has to be something that sits on a shelf and needs no refrigeration.

I also began thinking about food if I have surgery and there is a really good place that sells tasty Italian food that you can walk to, called Italian Express.  They will also deliver.  This is their details.

Phone 310-208-5572  http://www.italianexpressinwestwood.com  They have a reasonably priced menu and my daughter fell in love with their Cheese Calzone  for $6.99 and we both loved their spaghetti.

There is a Dominos Pizza Delivery in this area and you can check out their menu here  http://www.dominos.com  and call them locally 310-824-5000

I stopped by the hotel check in and asked if they have menus for some of the local restaurants and they handed me a packet that I will be returning to them when I am done so ask to borrow it.

You can also go to a site called www.LAbite.com  which will give you all kinds of restaurants that will deliver.  UCLA is in Westwood Village, so look for restaurants in that section because they will be close by the Tiverton Hotel and you should receive your food within a short space of time.
Looking through the packet they have just about everything you can think of but I know price is very important to mesh women, because our continuing costs are non-stop and we need to save money.

Ralph’s Grocery has all kind of salad bowls and soup bowls to take away and as I told you in yesterday’s blog it is very close by this hotel.  If someone is going to be with you, check out the food  beforehand and send them for what you would like after your surgery.  At least you will know what looks tasty to you.  This is the details of the store near here.

RALPHS 10861 Le Conte Los Angeles, CA 90024 Store: (310) 824-5994

You can go to their grocery store ad on line and see what they have on special.  You will need the zip code 90024, and the ad site is here.  http://services.ralphs.com/StoreLocator/StoreLocatorWeeklyAdSearch.aspx

There are a million types of places that you can go and eat, but I just thought I would give you a couple of ideas that may help.  It is hard to think about what to eat after surgery, and a little preparation can go a long way.

This is not a lot of information but I hope this is helpful to you as you take this journey………………


  1. SojournerPA

    Hi Linda, Glad you made it out there safe and sound. You are one gutsy lady to do that on your own given the problems you are having. Best of luck with your appointment. I hope whatever the problem is it will be an easy fix. Take care and try and get some shut-eye tonight. 🙂

  2. Gay Courter

    One secret is almost all the Westwood restaurants will deliver to the hotel. Jerry’s Deli has a HUGE menu and their portions are super too. You can order via their online menu. Super easy. Lots of soups an nod comfort food.

  3. Barbara Vance

    Learn something new every time I read your blog. Glad you’re able to get out and about some and enjoy the nice weather. Keep us posted. Blessings~

  4. peggy

    Thanks for the info I hope the drs can resolve your medical problems.you r a strong woman.

  5. Barbara Vance

    Linda~isn’t there a refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen than we can store our food in?

    1. lavalinda

      Barbara there is a very small refrigerator but it has little freezer capacity. You may get one small meal in there.

  6. Barbara Vance

    Linda~isn’t there a refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen than we can store our food in at Tiverton House?


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