My Fascia Sling Surgery Part Eighteen

I have shared with you my trials and tribulations of the surgery I had nine weeks ago and now I can share with you my joy. I am pseudomonas free! Right now I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

It has been a long haul since my surgery on April 17th and at times I have really worried about my future. But the treatment worked and all the care I was given by my local doctor, her nurses, the small local hospital and the nursing staff there, my home health care nurses and instructions by Dr. Kim at UCLA has paid off. An infection that can be dangerous and can lead to more health issues is gone and I feel free again.

At times I have felt like I rattle with the amount of probiotics I have taken and I have been vigilant in watching for signs of trouble from taking eight times the normal dose of IV gentomycin antibiotic. There have been a couple of times when I felt nauseated and two nights ago I woke up with a sharp pain in my gut. I had taken thirteen of the fourteen days of doses and it has taken a toll on me. However diligence in combating the side effects has paid off in abundance. When I woke up with the pain I went into the kitchen and got a small glass of milk and a slice of plain wheat bread and two more probiotics. Half asleep, I munched on them even though I did not want to eat. Then the pain passed. I never have stomach issues so knew it had to be due to the antibiotic.

I have also kept an eye on my tongue to watch for changes that said I had thrust. Nothing! I have also kept an eye on my genitals as I clean myself for self cath. No rash, no itching and no white discharge. These are all good signs. I will continue the full dose of probiotic I have been taking this past few weeks for three more days and then I will begin reducing it every couple of days until I take a normal level. This way I should not have any complications from Candida.

It’s all been a guessing game in what to take and there are no instructions available so I just came up with a formula that seems to have worked for me. I was taking eight times the normal amount of antibiotic so I took eight times the normal amount of probiotics. However I did add a bit more when I did not feel well.

I know many of you wonder what kind of probiotics to take because there are thousands of types and kinds. My daughter buys our vitamins and supplements on line to save money and she shops for deals. So, just as I came home from this surgery she found a deal through Vitacost where you buy one, get one half off and free shipping. Taking supplements can cost a fair amount of money which is why many women do not do it, but it pays off in leaps and bounds. So I am including the link so you know exactly what I took to get through this ordeal. Normally you would take one or two of these a day but I wound up taking eight to ten in a day. But it has been worth it to remain in good health.
This is the link.

The other lady I wrote about in the last blog did switch to another IV antibiotic because she was worried about the side effects of gentomycin. She did not have pseudomonas which is a very difficult bug to kill, and not many antibiotics work on it and those that do can be serious for me to take. Hopefully her IV treatment will work out as well as mine. She had deep tissue infection caused by the mesh itself, not from a super bug. I hope to meet her again while I am out at UCLA and give her a big hug.

Saturday I will be leaving home for a couple of weeks and try to sort out what else is going on. Although I do have a date for surgery of July 2nd, it does not mean I will be having surgery. It is a precaution in case the tests reveal a serious problem, but if I don’t need it now or my body has not healed since the last surgery, then it can wait until later this year after Dr. Kim is back at work after having her baby.

All in all I am hopeful I will get through this and my life will be better. I have been working out how to self cath less at night by paying attention to my body during the day. I try to stay up and do a self cath at eleven p.m. and then I usually wake up three thirty to four am when my body tells me I am full. I immediately try to go by myself so that I do whatever I can before I self cath. I am hoping in time that things will improve so I want my bladder to remember how to work. Then once I manage to go back to sleep, which takes a while I can usually sleep until eight a.m. It is helping with my extreme tiredness as I find it hard to sleep during the day.

I do want to tell other women that as more and more ladies make it to UCLA for surgery, there are many success stories where they only have removal one time and are not incontinent at all. I wish they would speak out so that other women don’t fear removal or wait too long to go, but that is their choice. If your health is deteriorating from long time mesh complications, then it will take a lot more for you to recover so think about it and do the best you can to help yourself.

I doubt if I will be posting more about this surgery until after I have the tests done and get the results. It is hard to access emails from the Tiverton Hotel, so you may not get a response to any email you send, for quite awhile. I hope I will be able to post a blog while I am out there and I am looking forward to meeting many women who have found their way there because of this blog. I am honored to have been of help.

My journey is improving but will continue…………..





  1. peggy

    That is fantastic news! !! So happy for you

  2. Jodie


    Good thoughts and prayers coming your way! You have been through so much and happy to hear you are on the mend. I will be going to Dr Raz next week, June 25th. I am one of those women waiting to hear the positive outcomes! Like all of us, the uncertainty of the surgery and the complications that come with the removal causes so much anxiety and stress! Thank you so much for your honest words and positive outlook! You give all of us hope!

    1. lavalinda

      Jodie I hope we will meet while you are there.

  3. batya sarah

    fyi the Tiverton has 2 computers on the first floor. If you find an inexpensive rental near there please let us know. A few of us who have to stay in hospital for 3 nights or more are clueless about how to get food once we recheck into the Tiverton unless whole foods delivers to there? I cant do pizza delivery and need to try to eat healthy. Take gentle care, wish we could meet up there to celibrate being mesh free. If you can figure out how people who have no family to help them can do the removal there and get a home health aide to visit us at Tiverton please let us know.
    All the best,


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