Those Really Difficult Infections

This morning incoming thunder storms slowed down my writing because of an electricity cut. I did manage to do an update on my situation but my research yesterday was hampered by a few hours in the ER. I am very grateful for all those mesh women who share anything and everything they learn to help me and others and in turn they know I will share it with you. That is the sole point of women helping women. Without each other we will flounder and live with aimless pain. By sharing we can prevent others from going down a path we have travelled or find a solution before they get to panic stage.

I have always said that the pain I feel at times because of sharing my deepest personal problems has been paid back in full by those who find help and those who give help. Yesterday morning before my trip to the ER, I received a note from a wonderful woman who has gone through so much herself. She wanted me to be aware of a product that could help me through this infection and any in the future because of self cath. She wants to remain anonymous and I respect her choice, but she knows that sharing means so much to so many women who are lost in a world of mesh created pain. This was the note I read that got me excited.

“Linda, I’ve been using something called vetracyin for a peri wash, it’s the exact same thing as microcyin, except it’s sold for animal use. And a ton cheaper. I’ll send you the chat board if you want to read it”.

I told her yes I would read anything that could help me and others and I put the name into Google. This gave me a good explanation.

It is a topical solution that is scientifically engineered to kill nearly any infection. In fact it is so effective it kills staph infections, E. coli and even MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). A lot of other topical wound care products contain steroids and antibiotics which often weaken the immune system and delay the healing process.
How Does it Work?
Vetericyn aids in the healing process by replicating the immune system’s response to wounds and infections. In doing so, it also increases the oxygen supply to the wound site promoting rapid healing.  The accelerated healing takes place because Vetericyn causes the elevated oxygen level to be maintained for up to 36 hours.  Histamines trigger the inflammatory response causing the wound to be inflamed or swollen. Vetericyn slows that release of histamines by the mast cells and in turn reduces the inflammation.
What are the Benefits?
Vetericyn is completely non-toxic and can be used around the eyes and mouth making it as safe as water.  Because steroids and antibiotics are not present, it is not only safe for horses but it is also safe to use on cows, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and even exotic animals.  The Vetericyn solution eliminates the odor of the infection or wound site by killing 99.999% of most bacteria in just 30 seconds!  This proven solution has shown an increase in healing by 60% of the other leading topical wound treatments.

All I could think of was WOW and continued to research. I began researching microcyn and found this fabulous blog. As I began to read, I began to have hope that if this infection did not go away with the IV antibiotic, then I would have other options. The more I read the more I became interested and I sent my daughter the link. I also told my PCP’s nurse about it because the lady also sent me something else. This is the link Be sure to watch the videos.

This is the separate article she copied and sent to me. She copied it off a chat board where a woman doctor had been using it to help with other serious infections that would not clear up. They were using microcyn to clear the bladder and that really peaked my interest because f the situation I am in right now

“I now have general guidelines for instillation of the bladder with Microcyn in order to eliminate drug resistant colonization and/or infection. This method has been carried out by a competent urologist in a clinical setting, hundreds of times with a 100% success rate. It has cured MRSA staph and psuedomonas and many other resistant microbes.
1. Cath the bladder, emptying it as completely as possible;
2. Instill 60 cc of Microcyn
3. As soon as the instillation is complete, empty the bladder, thus flushing it;(you do not wait even five minutes after the instillation is complete before emptying it)
4. Perform this process twice a day, say, morning and evening
Repeat the next day if necessary. It will vary with each individual. You know when you have a bladder infection, and you will be able to
You know when you have a bladder infection, and you will be able to sense when the job is done. It might take just the one day (two flushings) or it may require a second day.
When the bladder is empty it is involuted, or folded, so repeating the procedure guarantees that you are getting any leftover microbes that may be hiding in the folds.
Remember–you cannot overuse Microcyn, and it will directly calm any inflammation that the colonization and/or inflammation is causing.
Be sure the Microcyn is at room temperature–that it is not cold. If it is cold, it may provoke spasms in the bladder, which are painful. But room temp is good.
We got our 60 cc syringes at Allegro medical online, and it fits right into the funnel of a coloplast catheter–probably most other catheters too.

This intrigued me further, but the call came in for me to go to the ER straight away to begin my treatments. You can read the rest in the last blog.

When we got back home yesterday afternoon my daughter began researching the chat rooms and message boards. It so impressed her that she ordered both a spray and the gel immediately. You see I know I will have to self cath for awhile or longer and the one fear is we can transfer infections when we do it, even when we take great precautions. Germs are everywhere including all over our bodies, so continuous self cath can be a way for more infections to develope. So I asked her how she used it for self cath. This was her reply.

The chat board is very informative.

“I’ve been using it as a peri wash, and spraying my caths with it. My next infection I’m going to use it as it was instructed for a bladder flush. I figure if a urologist uses it in her practice, and has great success with it. Why not? Better than suffering every 2 weeks with a horrible infection. This site has tons of info about the product and kill time for all the bugs it gets rid of. One woman way dying from infections, till she started using it. Hope it gives you a lead on something that will help.

This is the link she gave me explaining about the bladder flush.

My daughter spent time finding the best deal out there and you can too. This is what you are looking for.

They are using it in nursing homes and hospitals and this is the company who developed the microcyn products. Your health care provider can get the details and I am going to share this with my PCP. She is young and willing to learn many things as well as help me, so I am hoping if she comes across anyone with a serious injury or wound, then she can help them through it with her wisdom.

Here is another forum and my advice is to read, read, read…………….

Not only did I receive help from a mesh friend, but also from my sister in England. She had been worried about my infection and researched it and came up with the following link. Another huge eye opener and another option for my infection if the IV antibiotics don’t kill it off. You can be sure if my situation does not improve, I will be researching and trying things to change the course of this infection. For now I will go with the antibiotic and pray for the best possible outcome. However, I will definitely use the Veteracyn for doing self cath.

I truly hope this information will help many women deal with their serious and constant infections. I for one felt so much better when I read such great information.
I just received a note from a woman in PA about these products and this is what she said.
Just wanted to let you know that Walgreens (in PA anyways) has Puracyin on sale for $10.00 plus when you buy it they give you back a $10 coupon towards a future purchase on anything in the store. ”
So I went to a Walgreen’s in Houston and there is sits on a shelf.  Puricyn 4 oz bottle for $15.99.  I did not ask about the coupon because I had plenty of Vetericyn at home, but be sure to ask.  We all need the help we can get.  Mesh complications eats money away.  It is good to know you can send someone to the drug store to get it.

Since I wrote this blog, many, many women have used it both before and after surgery.  Those who had yeast infection and could not get rid of it, reported to me it worked like a miracle and even Dr. Raz was amazed.  Others used it on surgery wounds and reported how much it helped them heal.  Even more said spraying it on their genitals was the first relief they had in a long time.  It is up to you whether you want to try it, but it worked so well for me.



  1. a meshed-up nurse

    This is excellent and very useful information Linda. Thank you for posting it. I actually have a tube of silver sulfadine at home right now- I burnt myself not too long ago and remembered using it in the 1980s on my burn patients. I called my PCP and that’s what she ordered.
    The news of a bladder wash is excellent for anyone fighting these infections, as you have been. That there are some studies, even by a urologist, backing them up is even better.

    1. lavalinda

      Meshed up nurse, we have not been able to find any bad reviews. Mine will soon be here.

  2. sylvia Lafferty

    Linda, do you have ulcers in your bladder? I watched one of the videos and viewed the ulceration of the skin. Not sure if you should use an animal product. Are you going to ask Dr. Rodriquez about it? But the Microcyn shows to be very effective in clearing up the ulcers. Is that what you are using now??

  3. laura johnson

    I have read your posts for over a year now. I am a private person and yes a mesh victim. I listen to music which is why i post this to all of us.In the first part of this mesh is this song.You must understand you might not like this as it is screamo music and the second half is something to think about with mesh. I hope you will understand. .It makes sense of what the pharmas do. It’s just something to think about with mesh.

    1. lavalinda

      Laura thank you. It is sad for all of us to be in this position but by speaking out we will help others.

  4. Pam Beauchamp

    All Mesh Angels, thank you for your comments and Linda, I tried this today and I can say this is the first day I have not burned down there. It really worked for me. Thank you for this post.

  5. Heather M Neilson

    Hi I am not a victim of mesh, but a person that had Interstitial Cystitis and many UTi’s for 15 years. In the fall of 2016 I ran into a forum where paraplegics were using vetericyn instills to avoid bladder infections as well as spraying their catheters with it as a lubricant. I was in dire need of finding something that would help me get rid of antibiotic resistant bacteria in my bladder have used Vetericyn plus and Vetericyn Hydrogel combined in bladder instillations as well as general skincare down there. This product offers instant relief and peace of mind and has been a part of my IC healing journey. I can’t say enough good things about it. I have also used it on my Cat’s wounds, husbands athletes foot, Teenagers acne, and the list goes on

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Heather thank you for your input. I have continued to use it throughout all my ordeals and as you have said, it gives great relief. We also use it on our rescue dogs, because it is very safe.

  6. Leslie Richardella

    Thank goodness I read this info . For the past 3 days the thin skin tears pain & infection have gotten me down .
    Last night my feelings were again negative . “what’s the use “ today
    I will get this & begin again .
    Thank all of you who continue to encourage each other with theses posts!!!

    1. Linda (Post author)

      I am glad this helped.


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