Mesh & My Triple Three

As you know I not only had surgery less than four weeks ago but I found out I the pseudonymous infection. You can read all about it through my fascia sling surgery journal and if you go back to the last blog you will read that I am now doing better. Today I am writing this blog because I know my immune system has taken a serious hit from this and all the antibiotics. I am not a fan of prescription drugs at all because I have learned that whatever you take, you usually need more in time, or something else to combat the issues that the drug has caused. So I always think out of the box and choose my own path to wellness.

I am constantly asked how do I stay so well. I can understand because by all counts I should be a mess. I am very overweight now due to lack of exercise and part of the reason I did the fascia surgery was so that the incontinence would stop and I could seek some therapy to improve my nerve injuries. I want to move around again and do things I have not been able to do for more than three years. So now that I feel so much better from the infection, I am hopeful I soon will be able to look forward.

First let me reiterate, I am not against prescription drugs. They certainly have their place and I take them when really needed. However I have learned a very healthy respect for the fact that many have serious side effects and I have experienced far too many, so I use with caution and then when I have finished taking them, I look to ways to renew my immune system.

As always I write about my own experiences and the paths I choose to try to get back onto my feet and live my life once again. You must choose your own path because only you know what drugs you are on and how you feel. I am not advocating any product, simply writing about how I have come back from very bad times.

The last surgery would have been much easier had it not been for reconstruction and removal of scar tissue, so when I first realized I had a more serious infection, I had to rethink how to get well. I was not on any prescription drugs at all except for the antibiotics, so I did not have to worry about side effects of various drugs verses my plan. You should always check everything you take against what you plan to try. It was because I had concern for my immune system, not only did I add more probiotics and now take four a day to combat antibiotics to try to avoid those pesky yeast infections, but I also added what I call my triple three.

I had been taking the first one, marshmallow root since the day I came back to the hotel after my surgery was over, because I know what this herb has done for me in the past. It also helps with inflammation. When I found out I had an infection after this surgery but did not know what kind, I added the second one, astragalus root. I discovered how amazing this root was when I had an infection after the sling was put into me, one that the antibiotics were not touching. So I began taking it with my other supplements and marshmallow root. When I found out I had a serious infection I knew I needed to fight back to keep my immune system strong. I then added reishi mushroom to my daily regiment and I will continue on this path for the next year.

You can read up about these products on the following links.

As always, please check about side effects especially when you are taking prescription drugs. I am not advocating you to do any of this, simple telling you what I do.

You may wonder how I remember what to take and when to take it. Most of my supplements should be taken with food. So back in 2008 when I had a serious drug reaction to a prescription drug, my daughter found this dispenser. I can pull out the day I am using and know exactly where I am at any time of the day and I can pop it into my purse when I go out for a longer time. When I eat meals I take them with a drink. I do this three times a day.

Yes it is a chore. Yes it costs money. My daughter shops for the best deal and vitacost has really good offers with buy one get one half off and free shipping. However, I am going to tell you that because of what I take, my blood pressure is excellent without prescription drugs. Pretty good for someone my age who is overweight. I intend to stay as well as possible until the day I can get back to walking better and living my life. The reason I am taking more supplements right now is because I have added other B vitamins to try to help my nerve damage issue. It does work and I do not take any pain medications. My plan is one I put together for my issues from mesh complications. Many are normal supplements but I don’t just take them as a one a day, because I need more right now. I am happy with my choices and never worry about what anyone else things. This is my body and my life. I am energetic and feel well when I do my plan of action. You will have to figure out yours and I wish you well. If you want to know what else I take, click back to the last blog. The links are there.

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