What are YOUR Mesh Complications

I do receive many emails and comments from other women that I personally do not have the answers. They want to know if other women have experienced some of the symptoms that they have since the mesh implant. It is because of this that I decided to write this blog. Women need validation that their symptoms have been experienced by other women and I am happy to help.

We have all pretty much figured out that there is a good reason for all of this. Our immune systems break down once mesh is in our bodies. The people most aware of this are the urologists at UCLA. They are now comprising a list of questions that they are asking women when they go for consult. These surgeons are being overwhelmed with many, many women who have to get the mesh out before it takes away their lives. Mesh does this slowly but with great conviction. I know it takes years for most, but for the unlucky few they react quickly and they have to work faster to try to reverse the damage.

I read this recently from one woman and this tells you how much attention they are paying to all of us. We are becoming a giant study under one roof.

This is what she wrote. “I met with Dr. Raz at UCLA this week, and here is a partial list of adverse events that can be caused by mesh: rashes, hair loss, compromised eyesight, swollen extremities, pain, fatigue, asthma and sinus issues, forgetfulness, (i.e. memory loss) and swelling of extremities. This is a partial list, because I can’t remember everything he asked me right now, and write them done as they pop in my head. Dr. Raz said DO NOT have a partial excision. It is best to take the entire piece of mesh out at one time. He said that for those of us who have had a partial excision, it is like looking for shrapnel, but he can get it out!”
Good news for everyone who has had a partial removal before they make it out to UCLA. I was one of them.

First of all to understand how to protect yourself as best as possible, you also have to understand how your immune system works. It is as important as your heart, lungs, brain and of course your excretory system. If you cannot remove the waste in your body you have a serious issue and of course this involves many of the issues that we all suffer from. This is a good start to get ready for, or continue on with the battle and it pays to read and understand. http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/human-biology/immune-system1.htm

As you know I truly believe that helping myself has kept me from going downhill too much and I do this with many supplements and have posted many blogs about this subject. Dealing with the bug I have now, I am doubling the probiotic because of the amount of antibiotics I am taking. I know it is up to me to try to stay as well as possible to get back my health and fight what is happening to me. It does not matter how much I write about on this subject, it is up to you to help yourself through this and research what is best for you. No one likes to take a pile of supplements of course. I do not either. But………I do it anyway.

The purpose of this blog is to inform and share. If you will leave short factual comments here, listing your side effects I will make sure this blog gets to the right people and it would be appreciated by so many women. Do not leave long stories. Write your symptoms only.

First, a woman in England has asked me if I know anyone who has this infection. She is fighting a rare bacteria and she needs our help. This is what she wrote to me.
“I have just been diagnosed with the ACIDOVORANS Infection. I want to ask if anyone has had this bug after surgery. This was picked up in my urine sample and I only found out yesterday evening. My symptoms are dizziness, low blood pressure and fast pulse, feeling nausea and my bladder could not hold any urine. Plus pain in the back which I think is the kidneys. Also permanent headache and waking up through the night with my heart pulse pounding. This is a nightmare. My own GP has not even heard of it. I have been onto the hospital in London and asked for histology and pathology reports and asked that the consultant who operated on me contact me. The urology nurses said that they have never heard of it either. I told her well you wouldn’t because it’s that rare.”
Please, if this has happened to you, I will put you in contact with her.

This morning I received an email from another woman who recently had her mesh removed. She has done well but this surprised her.
“I just came back from the dentist with a mouth full of cavities. I NEVER get cavities and have had very regular dental care. I was supposed to have a check up just before my surgery, but they didn’t want to clean my teeth etc. with the infection. Turned out that was smart. I wonder if other women have had dental issues connected with mesh as a secondary problem. I know women have problems during pregnancy, but that has to do with so much nutrition going to the baby. Still, it is curious.”

She makes a very VALID point. Leave teeth cleaning alone while you have any infection in your body. Now it is up to you to leave your symptoms here in comments. It could help MANY women realize they are not alone in this.

Any journey is hard when you don’t understand what is going on in your body. Please tell us what is going on in your journey…………….


  1. Paula

    I have had a constant yeast infection for years since the mesh was put in in 2009. On top of that, the urinalysis’ they take often find a large amount of blood in them. My urine is often cloudy. Yeast has spread to other parts of my body and I have to often take diflucan which never relieves it fully. I have dizzyness, lightheadedness to the point that I haven’t driven in about 3 months or more. I have abdominal cramps that remind me of mild labor—they also extend to my thighs. My right leg spasms nearly everynight when I go to bed and will last 2-4 hours with a spasm about every minute or two. I have developed breast cancer and I am convinced it is from the nonylphenol which mimics estrogen. My cancer was cancer driven and I had a mastectomy this last February 27. I have memory issues, hearing issues, and site issues. My memory is foggy as well as thoughts. My hearing is compromised in that I can’t hear as well but also, sometimes I hear the person talking but can’t comprehend what they are saying. My eyesite has gotten worse this past year. My opthamologist couldn’t believe the difference in one year. I also developed Macro Degradation (sp?). I have trembling constantly. Sometimes I can’t get the fork to my mouth. If I close my eyes and try to touch my nose, I miss most all the time. I have headaches off an on. Insomnia is terrible especially with the leg spasms. If I do get to sleep prior to leg spasms starting, I usually either don’t realize they are going on or they don’t happen. I don’t know which. I am beginning to have a hard time swallowing at times. I have a rash now that is growing on the left side of my body…the same side as the mastectomy. It doesn’t itch or hurt … just grows, is red and welted at times. Docs conflict on what it is but am going to a dermatologist next week. I am fatigues ALL the time. I can’t seem to get enough rest even though I don’t often get up until noon most days. I haven’t had sexual relations with my hubby for about 3 years now. It hurts too much. It hurts to have a pelvic exam. I sometimes have excruciating pain when I urinate. It doubles me up. The mesh is eroded through the vaginal canal and Dr. Raz suspects it may have eroded into the urethra. I have trouble starting a stream when I urinate. Because of the mesh, I cannot have chemo for the cancer because of the infection and the problem with chemo lowering your immunity. I have had unusual heart palpitations and heart racing episodes. I often vomit even when there is nothing in my stomach. I have hair loss and aging to my skin almost overnight! My skin on my arms is very thin. My face has developed wrinkles I didn’t have one day and then the next I did. I am sure there are other symptoms that I can’t think of right now. Hope this helps.

    1. lavalinda

      So many women are going through so many complications and I hope your words will let others know that these are probably side effects of mesh. Many women have reported a vast array of symptoms. Than you for sharing this Paula.

  2. Brenda Boling

    what happens if you do not have the mesh removed? I am so confused that I don’t know. I hear all the stories about after the removal and I have alot of the problemss associated with the mesh. How long do you have to use the coloscopy bag afterwards? ai am sure it varies from person to person but does anyone have any answers? especially about leaving it in and the effects on your body. Thank you, I hope someone can help. Brenda

    1. lavalinda

      Brenda, unless you had had terrible complications already and already have a colposcopy bag, you won’t have one at all. You will have a catheter while the swelling goes down. I had it in 1 week after removal. It depends on many things. Unfortunately everyone does get worse if you are already having mesh complications. Some people last awhile while others go down quickly. If you have any health issues, it often works against you.


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