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Do you believe in magic? You may not think you do, but every day when you open that prescription bottle, you are expected to believe in magic. We have been so inundated with adverts from drug manufacturers that it is easy to believe that if you take that magic pill, then whoosh, you will be well. A magic wand will wash over you and your pain and problems will be gone. For the most part it will UNLESS you happen to be one of those ‘rare’ cases that mostly get buried under a pile of TV advertisement. Yes, we have all heard or read the fine print on those ads. You know “Could cause death” or “rarely has been known to cause death” and other shocking revelations. Of course we never put ourselves in that place because ‘it will never happen to me’.

So what happens when we see the new ads on TV., the lawyers ads that pop up every time when the …….hits the fan. However you may not realize that by that time there have been hundreds perhaps thousands of reports about that drug that you are not aware of. Only when a few unlucky ‘rare’ folks have died will it be beneficial and financially feasible to begin to hunt for all those other unlucky, ‘rare’ individuals. Only by then they were not so rare after all.

I have been so lucky in my life, having rarely been sick at all. Until this ill fated surgery in March 2010, I had never had a surgery before in my life. I went through menopause without issues. No female problems, no heart ailments, nothing. How great is that? I also noted in the latter years that my entire seven brothers and sisters (five girls) have been the same. We must have pretty good genes. However, in later years when visiting doctors for simple ailments and magic pills were handed out, boy did that change. Each of us have experienced those ‘rare’ side effects but to different drugs. So I wonder………………
Are we just an odd family or do we communicate better about these rare side effects? With six girls and two boys there is probably more communication than if there had been six boys and two girls. So our sharing of information has made us realize that those magi pills may not be good for any of us. So we also share our remedies to try to get through these reactions. We have also noted our daughters have experienced those ‘rare’ side effects as well as ourselves.

I have shared here many times that I have not done well with prescription drugs, in fact some have taken me down and I wondered how to return. The worse was in 2008 when I went down so far after a bout with intestinal angioedema. My stomach swelled up like a bloated whale. I had a splitting headache and I was in absolute agony with my stomach. I felt like someone was churning a knife inside of me and everything was pushing out of my body. You cannot understand unless it happens to you. After a week it passed. I did not connect it to the drug for some time. I went about my life and it came back again. I lay on the couch for a few days at a time, which I can assure you is not me. I am an energetic person who was always busy and worked hard. Did I question my doctor about this drug? Yes of course I did. She did not think it was the drug at all. Now doesn’t that sound familiar to all us mesh women? So I took it for three months. Three months of agonizing bouts that left me wondering what was going on with my body.

My daughter came to the rescue. She had just gone through her own ‘rare’ reaction to a different drug and had had to fight her way back from an awful situation. She began researching my drug and yes it could cause intestinal angioedema. I came off it immediately but by then I was pretty sick. My daughter then found me a few ‘magic’ herbs and supplements to take to get me back onto my feet. She had put together her own supplement plan to come back from he own serious side effects and was finally getting back onto her own feet. So I began a regiment of supplements and a couple of herbs and I finally got back to the person I once was.

You know you never do these things unless you are backed into a corner with nowhere to go. You either give up and suffer the consequences or you come out fighting. We just happen to be the type of women who come out fighting. So as we began to take these things, we just hoped for the magic to happen. What did we have to lose? We were already a mess and prescription drugs would have made us more of a mess. It was time to give something different a try. This is not something that doctors would agree with of course because they believe in their own magic. They will fight every step of the way to keep their beliefs and make you feel small and stupid. After all they went to school for eight years and they know how to fix you. Actually they know what the drug companies tell them they should know. That they have the best magic potion in the world for every ailment.

It is not that I do not believe in doctors and any prescription drugs. They have their place. But what I do believe in is my own reactions. If I am writhing in bed in serious pain that I did not have before the drug, then it IS the drug. I do not want to hear “Just keep taking it”. Or indifference when you state this happened to you. Or worse yet, here’s another drug to counteract that dug.

So after these things happened to both me and my daughter, I no longer buy into their form of magic and decided if there were going to be any mistakes made with my health issues, then I would be the one to make them. This was affirmed with this awful bladder sling surgery.

Yesterday I received yet another note from a woman who told me she believed that the herb marshmallow root, was helping her. The bloated stomach that many women have with infections after mesh, was gone. Magic! How does it work? I truly do not know, but I began reading more as I rested. First I was astounded at the great forums where people who suffer with endless problems, now promote this herb. What a different since 2008 when I barely found any article. Why is this? Because people are saying that doctors magic is not helping or causing them other serious issues and they are at their wits end. So it is time to try other things and find your own magic.

As I read through many articles on the Internet, I came across a good explanation of why this plants property will work. This will help you with the basics. I realized while reading just how many issues it can help with.


  • Marshmallow root contains mucilate, a substance that becomes slippery when wet. This trait gives the marshmallow plant the ability to treat irritation in the mouth, throat and stomach.

Cold Symptoms

  • Marshmallow plants are traditionally used to relieve coughs, sore throats and chapped skin.


  • Marshmallow extracts are used to treat skin inflammation, including eczema and psoriasis. Internal inflammation issues, including mouth ulcers, peptic ulcers and colitis, can be treated with marshmallow.

Digestion Issues

  • Diarrhea and indigestion can be treated with marshmallow root.

Weight Loss

  • Because marshmallow root swells when mixed with fluids, ingesting it as a diet supplement causes the stomach to feel fuller.


  • A marshmallow root can be peeled and given to infants to chew on. This reduces the pain and irritation associated with teething.

Now here is more interesting articles for you to read.
A few months ago I came upon this site with an explanation of how they used it in times gone by. I found it very interesting and I hope you will too.

Now this site really surprised me because back in 2008, there was no such thing. Of course while reading I did wonder if many of these people’s symptoms are because of bladder sling mesh. You can read and see what you think.

You can buy marshmallow root in many forms. I take it in capsules every day but if you prefer drinking teas here is a video of tea making with marshmallow root

When you tell someone you are taking marshmallow root to help you get back onto your feet they look at you very strange. They think you are eating a bag of marshmallows. What is amazing about this root it was the original ingredient when making marshmallows. They should probably have stuck to it and it may have helped more people. So when I found this sit of a woman’s adventures in making actual marshmallows with it, it made me smile.

When I found this blog I really liked this woman’s vim and vigor and fun in approaching how to use this herb.

This woman likes to make infusions and she has an interesting way to approach this herb.

I had to smile about this site with recipes for hair. When my daughter was very small I actually went to school to be a beautician. I wanted to do something for myself and learn something new so thought it was a good time to go back to school as I could choose my hours to work around her young life. I had great in-laws who loved having her with them for three hours or so, and it worked out well. It was never something I chose to do as a career, just something I wanted to learn. From that day forward my husband and my daughter never went outside our house for a hair cut so I guess it paid off big time. The one thing I did learn was that what makes your hair look shiny and good is more about the stuff you put inside your body rather than on your hair. However, you can get some nice effects that make you feel good. My daughter was always very tender headed and I always used detangler on her hair when she was young so I related to this woman’s article.

So do you believe in magic? Well I can tell you this much. I found my magic in marshmallow root and without it I am not sure where I would have been by the time I had mesh removal surgery. So yes I believe in the magic of marshmallow root……………….

I began writing about this back in 2011 while I waited to go for removal surgery.

I also wrote about what happened when I had to stop taking it just before this surgery.

As always pay close attention to your body when you take anything new. Don’t introduce more than one new supplement at a time. This way you will know what is going on and which one it is if you have a problem. Please remember that whatever you take will not be a cure. You need to get the mesh out before you can begin to heal. Just do what it takes to hold off other symptoms while you wait for your surgery. Life will get better………

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