The Importance of Magnesium & Potassium

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since my fascia sling surgery and during my recovery I have been trying to make a couple of phone calls a day to check up on women. I can’t check up on every woman or I would never sleep so I have to choose. Most that I spoke to are women who had removal at UCLA and I wanted to know how they are both in mind and spirit. The UCLA urologists are doing a study on the medical side of the after results of mesh removal and I don’t need to do that. However I am more concerned with how women are doing spiritually and handling any pain that they are left with. Nerve damage being the most consistent irritation that remains for many women long after removal is the one thing that is difficult to handle and it takes both mind and spirit to overcome this awful result of bladder sling mesh.

I spoke to the lady who had mesh in her for twelve years without knowing that mesh was the cause. It has been almost a year and I knew her nerve damage issue would never go away. The one thing that struck me about her is her strong will to live regardless of her pain. She has decided to try the Interstim implant to see if she can get off some of the pain meds. I know a few women have had to do this as a last resort because their damage is extensive and I did write a blog after researching. This is that blog and I want you to know that there is a good support system link if you choose to do this.

We laughed, spoke of family and life and she told me how grateful she is to do small things that she thought she would never be able to do again. I have never heard her scream and yell about how angry she is. She told me it didn’t do anyone any good and she needed her energy for positive thoughts.

I also spoke to another lady who was close to dying when she found me. Her road back to health has also been fraught with struggle and pain, but she is so much better because she is now working on a good supplement health plan. A couple of days later she was in the hospital with her potassium dropped to the danger point. Fortunately she is okay and will now get the help she needs. Her words came back to me a couple of days later when I received a note from another woman who had mesh removal not too long ago and she is set to have fascia sling surgery in July. She asked me how I handled the big bag of the catheter when I travelled home. I told her I would call her.

First to answer that question to all of you. I have a long cotton tie belt from a skirt that I tie around my waist and then tie the string part of the catheter with the ends and form a bow. I have a long full black skirt that hides it and I do not have to worry about emptying the leg bag at the most inconvenient moment. There is nothing worse than when they turn on the seatbelt sign when you are flying and you know the bag is full and you can’t go to the toilet to empty it. So I find it easier to plan when to empty it and not worry. Also if you are in a lot of pain after surgery, you do not have to get up and down too much. This happened to me with this last surgery.

When I called to tell her about how I handled the catheter, her voice was filled with pain. Her nerve damage is extensive in her leg and she can barely stand let alone walk. She told me her husband who also has serious health issues, had to help her and drive her back and forth to many doctors appointments. She had just had tests and they came back with dangerously low potassium levels. I heard a giant red flag and looked it up because both of these women remain on pain medication. If you have been taking pain meds for a long time you may want to get your potassium levels checked.

Both women told me that a couple of days before they had extreme fatigue and could barely get up and do anything. One is age fifty-six and one age sixty, so they should not be this way if everything is normal. I have never once felt this way but I have been on a good supplement plan for a long time which includes normal things and others such as chelated magnesium. My daughter found out the importance of magnesium a long time ago when she had a severe drug reaction and I followed with another from a different drug. We have both taken magnesium without fail ever since.

I don’t want women to go through all the hell of removal and reconstruction only to find themselves without energy and a feeling of total non well being, so I decided to research and let you check up on your own situation before you become ill. If you suspect extreme low potassium this is serious and hospitalization may be needed to bring it back up. But try not to let yourself get that low. If you remain on pain meds for nerve damage, please find out that you having enough of these two important minerals in your body. It can make the difference of life and death. I hope these links will help you. Please stay well…………….

One last thing. I noted when speaking to women over this past two weeks how many have leg injury in either leg. It makes me wonder who minds THAT store. To think of thousands of women who are left to live out their lives with nerve injury is reprehensible. This includes me. It is quite sad that it still goes on. Yes I do hear from new women all the time. Women who had a sling put into them within the last three months. No, it never ends.

What is potassium?

Potassium is one of the primaryelectrolytes (crucial chemicals for cell function), and is concentrated within the cells of the body. Only 2% of the body’s total potassium is available in the serum. Small changes in the serum levels of potassium can affect body function. One of the more important functions of potassium to maintain the electrical activity of the cells in the body. Cells with high electrical activity (for example,

Normally you get what you need from food, but when you are in so much pain you often do not want to eat and you don’t eat enough. This may help you understand the food source.

Why is potassium so important for your body?


This link will tell you why we need these supplements.


Even if you eat right, you may need more than you think. This is a good explanation.


If you suspect your minerals may be low, this will tell you about a blood test.



  1. BatyaSarah

    Can potassium magnisium supplement be taken the weak prior to surgery?? Thank you for sharing I do notice a difference when I take my cal mag vit d supplement but have never had one for potassium.

    1. lavalinda

      I do not know who is deficient and who it not, but when I learn from other women I write and hope it helps someone.

    2. lavalinda

      Any time you take supplements, they tell you to stop taking them 2 weeks prior to surgery.


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