Mesh Anal Fissure & Healing

As always my endeavor for this blog is to give women answers to questions that no one wants to talk about. You know, those highly personal and embarrassing things that one hates to discuss, even with those closest to us. I recently had a lady who sent me a note saying the surgery by Dr. Raz had helped her so much and she was doing well, but she had one continuing problem. A fissure. I had no clue what a fissure was so of course I looked it up. You can find links at the bottom of this blog that I thought explained many things about this issue. As always I tell you outright that I am NOT a medical professional at all and everything you take or try should be researched thoroughly.

This lady I know very well and she has done everything right to get her health back. Rather than rely on any prescription drugs, she has fought her way back to better health with many supplements. Life is getting better for her and she has enjoyed the birth of two new grandchildren since she had removal by Dr. Raz at UCLA. She is now trying to get back the physical strength she once had and is taking long walks and would love to ride her bike again. But….this one issue has been making her life difficult. Hence sharing it with me tyo let out her frustration. The one thing she said was she wanted to avoid more surgery at all costs and the fissure interfered with her health progress and she had tried many things to heal it.

That evening my daughter was reading an article about Colloidal Silver while viewing her laptop. She had been searching for a way to heal something small that seemed to elude every other treatment, so I asked her to see if it could help with an anal fissure. She did find a link and sent it to my email so that I could offer this information to the lady when I was next on line. As always I had no clue if it would work or not, but I knew she was ready to try anything rather than surgery. I sent it to her the next day.

A couple of weeks later I heard back from her. This was her message of hope.

“I actually have some good news. I think the colloidal silver is working on my fissure. I was lucky enough to find some on sale at my local health store and have been using it topically for almost 2 weeks. I haven’t had any bleeding for about a week! I have a routine that I use a poor man’s bidet which consists of a squeeze bottle of warm water to clean after bm, then I pat dry. Rubbing with tp was just impossible and made things worse. So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been applying the colloidal silver to a cotton square then to my anus (god, nothing’s sacred anymore) squeezing a little of it inside also. I had been using nitro glycerin that the doc had prescribed but it wasn’t helping and giving me horrible headaches instantly which is a common side effect. I don’t know how many other mesh women suffer from this problem. Supposedly it’s common after surgeries such as the rectocele and also the mesh had involved my colon so much. I also have added (thanks to the web site you sent me) something called “Everybody’s Fiber” It has all sorts of stuff in it including Marshmallow Root. I bought it off Amazon and it’s keeping me regular as rain with less straining that aggravates the fissure. Geez, the things we get excited about these days. I’m not going to call it cured yet, but I’ll go for a long test walk soon.
With Spring here I’m looking forward to getting out more and the difference is like night and day between now and before my first removal surgery only a year and a half ago when I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the day. I remember Dr. Raz asking me if I was ready for the surgery when he came in to check on my pre op prep. I told him that as much as I wanted the mesh out I was a little nervous. He said “Let me take care of your body. Your job is to calm your mind” You know it made me feel so much better. I just knew from that moment that everything would be OK.”

There are so many times when we hit a wall in our recover and it does pay to think outside the box. You can read these blogs to understand more.
Colloidal Silver saturated on a cotton facial pad and left on as long as possible is also soothing and healing.


  1. Debbye

    I left you a messge about 5 or 6 six days ago.I have not heard back from you. Please aswer my questions I am getting desperate. thanks

    1. lavalinda

      Debbye, I have been in hospital and have issues of my own. I do not remember seeing them because I receive so many.


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