Paying Cash for Surgery

I have spent almost three years reaching out to women about everything and everything to do with bladder sling surgery. Because of this, I have been rewarded and so have you. I have been rewarded by being told where to go to for the best outcome of having my mesh sling removed. However, I want to make it clear that I have NEVER been rewarded financially in any way, shape or form because of this blog or anything else. Very recently someone publically stated that ‘women who refer new patients to UCLA receive payment’. I was upset and insulted by this and I made it clear that this is not true. It was also said that Dr. Raz was only interested in money. Once again you should understand that he works for an institution and receives a salary based on his years of experience. He CANNOT be financially influenced by any cash payment. Therefore if you think you are ‘special’, you will be quite disappointed if you think money can take care of your issues.

Look around on this blog. Do you see a button for donation? Do you see advertisements? Do you see adverts for lawyers? No! I live by my own principals in life and that means I have a conscience. To me to take money to help women because of this blog would be like blood money. So if you state this about me or any other woman who spends countless hours helping me, then you will feel my wrath. WE DO NOT TAKE ANY MONEY OR OTHER REWARDS. To pursue such rumors can have a terrible affect. It makes me want to quit doing this. So please do not do this, and if you hear anyone tell you this, back me up. We are decent women who are mesh injured and we do not want other women hurt like we are. That is the facts. I lived in pain for 2 years 7 months until Medicare began the month I turned sixty-five, June of 2012. If I was taking any money, would I have waited that long? Plus if I was receiving any money from this blog would I really be allowed to say and tell the things I do? No, I wouldn’t. I speak out from my own heart and conscience and I am not controlled by anything or anyone. That is what this great country was built on. Freedom of speech.

Now let’s get down to financial business. How much does it cost to go out to UCLA and pay cash for removal surgery? Because women are not only going from this country, they are crossing the globe to get help. We all know that the wrong surgeon can give you a lifetime of surgeries that will take you down into a life of ill-health. There are plenty of stories as of late about women who have gone through ten to twenty-two surgeries and still have mesh in them and I do not need to keep repeating them here. All you have to do is Google it. There are many women who live in other countries and can speak or read English well and they too are searching for answers. They too wonder how on earth to get well and what it would cost if they could raise some cash. So lucky for me I do have Canadian friends who have done just that. They are the pioneers to help you.

They told me that UCLA requires $30.000.00 U.S. cash up front. I do not know if they accept credit cards so you need to contact them and ask. No one knows what YOUR surgery will require to get you back on the road to wellness until it is performed so I imagine they have a ‘guessimate’. In other words they have a rough idea. Now I do know two women who did this and one had her surgery a week after I did, last October 2012. She has received a refund payment for money that was not used, although I do not know how much. The other had her surgery early December and she is waiting to hear if she will receive any refund because her surgery was more extensive and involved other repairs that were not done in the surgery she originally had and was promised. So the answer is, there is not an exact amount that you will pay, but there is a basis to begin.

Do you have to go twice if you pay cash? Those of us who have Medicare, Medicaid or Insurance have to go once for consult and go back for surgery. Some insurance companies insist on once for consult, once for tests and then they will let you know if they will pay for surgery. However you can fight this because now there is enough information out there to say that mesh is causing terrible side effects. It is up to you to do the fighting, but it will save you money in travel costs. If you pay cash, I have been told you can go out there, see a surgeon and get surgery at the same time. Remember it will have to be coordinated and it will take a few days of staying in a hotel before and after removal. That too will add cost.

I have written a blog to help women understand that you can begin raising money to get the help you need and I will give you the link once again. But I want to tell you something. If you are so angry about what has happened to you and have shut yourself off from the world, then you need to change tactics. If you don’t ask you will not receive. It’s that simple. If your church won’t help you, then change churches. Be humble. Ask nicely and don’t demand anything. Let your own community know what you are going through. Get in touch with your local news media, radio station and anywhere that it can be publically announced. You can do all this from your own bed. Stop being embarrassed. Not only will you help yourself you will help other women by speaking out. No, speaking out WILL NOT AFFECT your case. Never mention your case, the doctor who put it in you or the hospital. Stick to the facts of your injury and why you have to raise money to go to UCLA. You will also help other mesh injured women in the future because no one realizes that mesh is ALMOST impossible to remove and doctors must tell women this terrible fact BEFORE they out it in them. On the bottom of the last blog I gave a link. Use other stories about women who have been through countless surgeries with doctors who do not have the skills. Make notes before you do anything and keep to those notes. This is the blog about raising money. Be aware that if you don’t have any money then you may be eligible for some of the things I have written about.

If you do raise any funds then MAKE SURE YOU USE IT FOR THIS SURGERY. If you take this money and use it for anything else, then you are hurting others because no one will take us seriously, nor will they donate.


I did research before writing this blog and of course there are many links where you can borrow against any annuity or settlement. Although I may do this blog without any financially game, it is rare. Most people do have an agenda and are seeking ways to make money from your misery. So don’t just jump and sign away anything you may receive at a later date. You may need more medical care later and you cannot allow someone else to take away that cushion.


I did find an article about paying cash for surgery and how to find out what the costs will be before you go. If we have learned anything about what has happened to us, it is that getting help is not simple and we have to work hard. I am sorry that life is like this, but no one seems to care about what is happening to women nor are they interested in helping. That is the facts.


Before I end this blog I do want to say one more thing. ANY court case you have could take up to ten years before settlement. If you are thinking you can wait, then you should know you may become worse and travelling very difficult. Yes, $30.000 is a huge amount of money but if you only look at the big picture you will never get started. What if you made $50, this week and $50 next week? That is $100 that you didn’t have last week. But, do not use it for anything else BUT your surgery.


If you live in Canada then you can contact the ladies who are fighting to get their government to take notice of their plight.

This is what one of the Canadian woman’s friends are doing to help her get the surgery she needs. You could do the same.


If you live in the U.K.


If you live in New Zealand and need help.  .  also on facebook as meshdownunder.



  1. Tracey

    Linda: I have no doubts about your motive for this blob and I am very thankful for you and all the time/phone calls/emails/research/tears and love you have put into caring for the rest of us with mesh problems. I would have gone to a doctor who didn’t know anything about mesh for a partial removal if it were not for this blog. Now I wait my turn for Dr. Raz and I thank the Lord for giving you the strength to run this blog. Thank you Linda!!!!!!!!

  2. jane akre

    Hi Linda-

    For anyone who would even for one second doubt your sincerity~ How Dare You !!! Are you so cynical you cannot see a person who is putting it on the line out of selfless motives? Obviously she is not enriching herself and Linda don’t even bother with folks who are so negative.

    Being skeptical is one thing but in the absence of any evidence and just basing it on your own outlook on the world is quite sad. My two cents.

  3. sandra drummond

    Linda, the majority of us know that you are doing this out of genuine concern for women. I have been very impressed with your blog and that the fact that you don,t promote legal services. Please don’t be swayed by the naysayers. We all love and respect you.

  4. Mary blanks

    It is sad that anyone would think that about you Linda. I know how much you sacrifice of yourself for us! I know that if it wasn’t not for you , Jane , and a few more the other Linda I would be dead. You answered my calls ( and I was truly lost) . To be told that something was going to kill me and there was absolutely no hope for me makes me forever grateful for all you’ve shared with me. Stay strong and encouraged we need you guys. I think it’s wonderful that after Jane was kinda like a voice crying in the wilderness , others are finally hearing. She hung in there thank you Jane !

  5. Shirley Ryan

    Linda when I saw this post today I cried. You have helped so many women in so many wonderful was. I followed for 6 months before I had to contact you to thank you for your sincere love and compassion. After a part removal I have been so sick and because of you I am going to Calf very soon. Yes because of you I will be another life saved. You were also my lifeline and made me realize what I needed to do and my horrific symptoms are very real. You are helping doing Gods work by touching and informing us. Don’t let evil shut down something so strong and lifesaving. Follow your heart and continue to be who you are. You have been a light at the end if a very dark tunnel. Keep the light burning. We love you.

  6. Eileen lewis

    Thank You for this site. I am having some problems with this surgery had it done twice by the same surgeon at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. I’m on Medicaid with HMO just saw a urogyn doctor who said he didn’t think it was the slings giving me my problem and wanted me to go to pain mgmnt. He did not visibly see any erosion. I would like to know if you know any doctors in Cleveland Ohio that do mess removal or any hospital in my area have one of those translabial ultrasound machines. Please email me back any questions or answers.

    1. lavalinda

      I will contact you Eileen.

      1. Teresa Johnson

        Thank you.

  7. jane lackey

    I had a mid urethral sling via transobturator approach and have had urine retention problems since surgery please let me know if you are aware of anyone who has a good reputation of mid urethral sling removal Doctor who did surgery is advising just cutting the sling in the center and leaving the rest inside. I live in the Houston Texas.

    1. lavalinda

      Jane I live outside of Houston and I listened to women from all over Texas before I decided to travel out to UCLA to Dr. Raz. Women told me of continuous pain and doctors here could not remove the anchors.


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