It’s about Mesh Whoopi

Dear Whoopi, I love your crazy name and I have always enjoyed watching you in movies and on TV. I just watched you on the Katie Couric Show last night, but a couple of days late because of what I do. I help women who are seriously injured by a medical product they call bladder sling mesh.

If you are living in another country and are unaware of Whoopi’s adverts, here is a link to watch one.  The first advert is a knock off so please go to the real one, which is the second one.

I don’t get to watch anything on time anymore because of endless phone calls and emails from women who are suffering, so I try to catch up when there is a lull. You see medical mesh is destroying lives and families. Breaking up relationships, ending careers and worse yet, many young children have only known sick mothers. Even worse yet, women are dying from the symptoms of long term mesh in their bodies.

You see, they put bladder slings in women routinely when a hysterectomy is performed. Women as young as twenty-one years old have contacted me and they live in agony. In fact my blog has the most hits and comments on this particular blog.

You may wonder why I am writing to you. It is because I remember how funny you were in the Poise adverts on TV. At that time, mesh was still in my body and I envied women who used a simple pad instead of living in agony. I finally had my mesh completely removed by Dr. Raz of UCLA last October 11th. I was crippled by mesh and did not sleep at night because of pain.
Although I still have issues, at least now I can sleep and the pain from nerve injuries has gone down to tolerable. That is four months after it was removed by a doctor who knows what he is doing. I am writing to you, not because of me, but because there is a huge need to help those who cannot afford to go out there. Many have been seriously injured by doctors doing what they call ‘revisions’. They trim off mesh hanging out of women’s bodies and then leave them to it. Or they pull the mesh away from nerves and muscles and do seriously permanent damage. That is the legacy of mesh.

I have tried hard to get the word out in the hopes that there could be a fund set up to help women with expenses. We also need a house in Los Angeles set up for women who need to recover longer than a few days and do not have the funds to stay that length of time. Many fly home when they should not and doctors on their home end treat them with distain because they did not stay in their own State to have surgery. Even though those doctors do not have the expertise to remove it all.

It is ludicrous and barbaric what is happening to women all over the world because of mesh and regardless of how hard I try, no one seems to care. Women are being injured in the worse possible way and their sexuality destroyed because of these products. Every mesh company has lawsuits against them, but it takes years for those cases to be settled and very little will go to the long term injured woman. In the meantime, many wait and hope. While waiting they leak fecal matter in their systems causing serious infections. Infections that cannot be treated with antibiotics because they become immune. Infections so deep within the mesh, that no antibiotic can kill them. In the words of one wise doctor, the mesh has to come out. No just a bit of it but all of it.

Some women do not know what is wrong for years and by the time they find my blog they are close to dying. But they can be saved. Please read this blog to understand what it is like for two women.

I know celebrities jump on board and help children and animals. They do a wonderful job in raising funds and awareness where it is most needed. But no one understands the need for grown women so have help in getting the medical treatment they really need.

Whoopi, I am going to drop this blog link on the Katie Couric Show site and I hope someone will have the compassion to make sure that you receive it. I don’t know what else to do at this point and I keep reaching for a life line for women.

Thank you for reading this.

Because I care.

Linda Kilpatrick.




  1. a meshed-up nurse

    Dear Linda, Thank you for writing this to Whoopi (and Katie) in the hope of securing help for those seriously injured by mesh and seeking a better, less painful life. As a mesh injured nurse, I KNOW you are desperately searching for any help for the many seriously mesh harmed ladies who contact you in a daily basis. I pray that Whoopi and Katie, who has done much for colon cancer awareness, will hear your pleas and the pleas of so many others for awareness and possibly financial or other help to heal from this horrible travesty to women. I pray that they will look into our situation and try to learn more about it so they can help bring awareness to many in PREVENTION of others being harmed in the same way. Many women go to see Dr Raz and associates at UCLA because they are some of the very few surgeons in the entire USA who are able to safely remove mesh from the very deep pelvis. Many doctors put transvaginal mesh (TVM) in but have no clue how to manage its complications or to remove all of it if need be. These doctors do not believe that vaginal (and other organ) mesh erosion is that serious of a complication. Even the OB-GYN Panel said, at the FDA’s meeting in Sept 2010, that complications from mesh used for stress urinary incontinence (SUI), including vaginal mesh erosion, is a “manageable” compliction- NOT!- IMO! TVM is on the market because of the FDA’s faulty 510(k) “clearance”- NOT “approval” process and has had warnings placed on it in 2008, and then upgraded in 2011, by the FDA. Even the Institute of Medicine (IOM), Public Citizen, and the Special Senate Committee on Aging arm of Congress has investigated this defective medical device issue.
    PLEASE, Whoopi and Katie, HEAR OUR VOICES!
    Thank you!

  2. a meshed-up nurse

    The FDA’s meeting with the OB-GYN Panel was Sept 2011, not 2010 as I accidentally wrote…

  3. Mesh survivor

    What is mesh? Women that have stress incontinence, that leak urine when coughing or sneezing, or POP, pelvic organ prolapse, which can happen later in life or as a complication of childbirth years later.

    I had 13 bladder infections in 9 months. I was having a foreign body response and I could have died. Mesh was never properly approved.

    I was shocked that doctors lie, that they were not trained to remove the mesh because it was supposed to be permanent, and that the only qualified place in the country with no complaints was UCLA urology dept., with 3 doctor: Dr. Raz, Dr. Kim, and the doctor who saved my life, Dr. Larissa Rodriguez. I am now fully healed.

    I have talked to many women looking to make their way to ucla. Some can’t walk. One husband drove his wife across the country laying down. All of us wanted to die from the pain, and many are suicidal, as the doctors won’t acknowledge the problem or refer them out of their insurance to ucla, because of money. The doctors would rather give you meds, and let women die, so they don’t get in trouble for referring out. It is all about money!

    We have lost our jobs because of mesh. We have lost our family. We usually are limited on funds. If there was a house by ucla that women could recooperate in, that have travelled in from out of state, that would really help women. Right now, after surgery, they are on a catheter for a week, and have to limp on a plane the day they are discharged, unless they can afford the hotel for a week.

    70,000 women a year get mesh. There are thousands of us injured now, with many more to come. We have domestic violence shelters. Now we need a mesh house. Women are dying, and ucla is their last hope, but some can not afford the $120 a night hotel. Such a pittance…I hope someone is listening. If I have the money someday, I would buy a house. Right now, women want to die from the pain, and that is unacceptable. The oath of “do no harm” by doctors has been broken. I will never trust another doctor again. It’s all about money!

  4. Kelly Hutchison

    i am a mesh, i want to do something for other women so the can offered to get the help they need to get this out of them…. maybe a concert or something. i am not sure where to beginl I have had 15 surgeries,, and ware a colostomy bag. I get really tired and life i not the same, but i want to help others….so, please anyone wanting to help me. to help othes please let me know….

    1. lavalinda

      We are trying to help women so that they do not end up with a colostomy bag. Many women have when it should not have happened. It is all about skill where mesh is concerned. If you read about Sharon, this would have happened to her too. Dr. Raz could not believe any surgeon would do this to a woman. This is so WRONG!

  5. Liz

    I too am a mesh victim, my life as I knew it ended 4 years ago when I had my first round of mesh place during a hysterectomy, when the erosion started, the doctor placed more mesh in. I was still unaware of the complications of the mesh, he kept telling me that I was the only one having these issues. I fought with my ins. co. finally had to go through a federal appeal just to see a surgeon to have this removed as not many doctors say that they can. Only to have two partial removals, that caused severe pudendal and sacral nerve damage. All the while my healthy husband is silently suffering trying to be strong for me, then one day his bowel ruptures,and he almost died, all caused by “stress related diverticulitis” after 6 surgeries he is finally on the mend. We have lost everything, our home our savings, our relationship, our old lives… all because the FDA fast tracked this mesh without any clinical trials, and women were never told the true risks, and still we are told untruths, with each new doctor that we reach out to for help. I am sure that there is not much more that can be done for me, but if there is a way to help the others and get this truth out to women BEFORE they are told that Mesh is the way to go, Please see it in your heart to help, you, Whoopi are in a better position to get the word out, than we can do with FB pages and blogs. Thank you for your time. A friend, Liz

    1. lavalinda

      Liz I cannot tell you how awful I feel about this both for you and your husband. Yes it financially devastates all of us and then we are looked upon as wanting money. No one understands that we won’t get anywhere near enough for our future care. Look at all the women who were in the first round of lawsuits. They have had continual sugeries and many have lost their homes as well as family. That is why this blog has been so important to women because no one knows where to turn and who to see. If it had not been for others who found me, I would have wound up severely injured by inept doctors who swear they can remove it. Only a lucky few of us have been able to go out to UCLA but we too are injured. Women need help yes but they also need to be recognised as badly injured. We all wonder why no on has that kind of courage. We hope Whoopi and the ladies of The View will speak out for us.

  6. Kathy

    I think we all need to unite and contact all state law officials, state medical boards and any other public official that will listen.
    I have suffered in my own pain since 2007. I got the message loud and clear that I could never get my doctor to help me. Now, all these years later as I am unable to walk most of the time without horrible pain…. I have had enough and am fired up. Enough is enough. Help us ! We are hurting so much. It is a crime that slings are still being implanted into women. Stop now !


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