Dear Doctors

When you put a mesh sling into a woman, you do it once. Then we regret it over and over again, year in and year out. When you see a woman in your office, you see only the medical side. But we are human. We trust you because the world tells us to trust our doctors. When we walk into your office, we don’t see God. We see a doctor who is there to help us. When you turn on us because of no fault of our own, of course we will cry. We are not depressed when we cry. It is a defence mechanism when we are in pain and we don’t know why and you act like we have emotional issues. No, we know when something is not right and you won’t listen to us..

What happened to the old days when doctors were the pillar of their community? What happened to the times gone by when they honored the words “Do no harm”. That is what thousands of women are wondering right now around the world. And they are asking you “Why did you do this to me? Yes you. The doctor who tells us that this surgery is minimally invasive. It will take fifteen minutes and all will be well. If that is true then why do we suffer so? Why are many of us laying in bed in agony? Crippled and alone? Slowly dying over many years when you refuse to believe mesh slings can do this to us?

I smiled when a doctor told me a few days ago that Dr. Raz taught him that ‘Surgery is marriage’. You don’t abandon them when there is a problem. You fix it. Those are words of wisdom that few surgeons obey. We have been betrayed by our doctors and abandoned by many.

The hardest part of this for all of us is that many more women will suffer. They will lose their families, jobs and homes because of mesh. They will have to fight a system that does not help us when we are sick. When will you listen to us?

We’ve all heard the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  Well it is broke.  We are broken and it is time to fix this problem.

Mesh slings cause far more complications than are ever told to the world. No it is not a few, it is substantial. We all say no more of this. It is time for you to wake up. Stop using mesh!


  1. Keidre

    Please help me find a doctor in or near my state that could help me. I am a 35 year old wife and mother of 5 and I have been in pain since I had my bladder sling put in during my hysterectomy. If I sit or stand for more than 20 mins pains and numbness shoots down my legs and into my back and the pulling in my groin that seems to never disappear. I have am currently taking nuerontin and been in PT for two mths plus with very little relief. I can not take anymore. I am tired of being look at like I’m some pill seeking addict in er’s and being treated as if it’s just in my head because the Drs. tell me well it’s not the mesh. I am angry, frustrated, hurt, afraid, and anxious but I am not crazy. My days are now filled with more tears than smiles. I am basically watching life past me by and I fill it’s nothing I can do.

    1. lavalinda

      Keidre I wish I could do what you ask but I am afraid there are few who can remove your mesh successfully and many who will injure you further. Please read this blog.
      This link will take you to many links so that you understand the journey it takes to remove mesh and how important it is to go to the right doctor.

    2. Angels123

      Please listen to what Linda is telling you in those blogs so that you can get help and have the chance to return to be a mother to your children. What she is telling you is true and is the only answer for even a chance to have pain relief. I have been there. I was only 40 when I had my two implant surgeries. I have lost 3 years of my kids life. I refuse to lose any more. I had my removal surgery in January and I’m on my way to getting my life back. It will never be the same but if it can be more functional it means that much more life I can use to raise my kids. Don’t let this mesh get the best of you! You can lose yourself to your condition easily…refuse to let it happen for u. You are too young and have too much to do yet to lay down and let what these doctors have done to you ruin your life. Take control and follow what those of us who have been there have figured out for all the rest of you! Just do it no matter what it takes!

  2. Keidre

    Sorry I’m two years post sling

  3. Steve

    I a m looking for a support group for men who have wives or women in there lives who are dealing with the mesh issues. If there is someone out there with suggestions I am open .

    1. lavalinda

      Steve support groups are open to men and women because men learn as women write. I don’t recommend any of them because I am not on them. You can go to this site to find one and see what you think. There are good things and bad to these support groups so think for yourself.


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