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When I opened my eyes this morning my first thoughts were about a phone conversation I had with a woman last night. What the power of a blog can do never ceases to amaze me and it makes me continue this journey to give the message of hope. There is hope that mesh can be removed and you can have a better life. However, to find that hope you have to find the strength within yourself to fight this battle.

This lady found me around Christmas through one of my blogs. She told me she was in pain and was searching the web to try to find out what to do. When she found my blog, she sent me an email and I answered. I gave her Dr. Raz email and other information and hoped for her a better future. That is the power of a blog. Last night she called me and it must have been very late where she lives in Slovakia. Yes, Eastern Europe. I am familiar with this country as a name only because one of my cousins in England married a Slovakian girl and they moved there to be near her family. She told me she had lived in Houston for twenty-two years and had had a bladder sling put in at the same time as a hysterectomy was performed. What she did not know was that she could wind up seriously ill because of it. She had also had a partial ex-plant in Houston by another doctor a few months later and that did not help at all. Now she tries to live her life and raise her four children while living in agony. This is so WRONG!

What I am amazed at is the power of women. They dig deep to find the strength to help themselves and their family. They not only hope for a better future but they strive to make it happen. She wanted me to know that she has an appointment with Dr. Raz in March and although she was worried, she knew it was a step in the right direction. I applaud what she has done. I know the flight from England to Houston is nine hours, although I don’t know how long it will take from Slovakia to Los Angeles. I am sure it will not be a one stop hop and it will be a difficult and painful journey for her. But she will do it because she wants to have a better life and enjoy her husband and children again.

I sent her as much information as I can to help her through the upcoming ordeal and hope her journey will not be too painful. I suggested that after surgery she stay in LA to recuperate fully because doctors in her country do not understand mesh complications. Hopefully she and her husband will find someone who will help them.

The mesh journey is a long and painful journey. Women fly in to UCLA from around the world to try to have a better life and a better future. Without hope they have nothing. With hope they have a world of possibilities. That is the message of this blog.


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  1. Vicky

    I so hope she makes it here. I’m so fortunate that I live in LA less than 3 miles from UCLA.. So at least I dont have to travel after my surgery. I’m so thankful to Linda for starting these blogs otherwish I would not have known about Dr. Raz and Rodriguez.


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