Is Mesh the Price of Gold

There are so many women struggling hour by hour, trying to find the money to get out to UCLA for a consult and then removal surgery and what it makes you realize is this. That mesh is worth far more money than gold! It begins with the manufacturers who make these small pieces of mesh that cost upwards of two thousand on your top of your original surgery bill. One woman told me it was on her bill for $2,500.00. I cannot believe that this small piece of open weave mesh weighs any more than one ounce and I just Googled to find that one ounce of gold on January 24th 2013 was worth $1,667.00. When you think of all the costs of removing the mesh and the health costs of continual treatment for mesh complications, a small piece of mesh is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. These treatments can go on upwards of ten to forty years for some women because it was put into them when they were very young. Knowing this, would it not make sense that our government and the FDA would outlaw this awful product? Yes to you and me, the sufferers of these products it would, but not to those you continue to make money from our declining health and our pain. Believe me there are many of them who wait in line.

I just received my first statements for my removal surgery costs. Fortunately I made sure that I bought the best insurance supplement I could so that I would not be crying every time the mailman delivered my mail. It is shocking how much each test costs and how much money our government is billed. Do I feel bad about that? No I do not. They should never allow implant products to be used if they are not sound and safe. These products have been proven that they are doing terrible things to our bodies and they should STOP allowing these products on the market.

I can tell you that I do not begrudge UCLA and their surgeons one penny of what they receive. The surgeons receive a salary of which they EARN. Until I went out there for help, I never felt that way about anyone in the medical field. I was shown compassion from the word go. I was believed. I was not told “You must have had these problems before the sling was put into you”. I was not told “Here you need antidepressant pills”. I was offered help and I was given hope.

Many of you have expressed you cannot go out to UCLA for treatment. I have said before that you are worth the best treatment possible. You have to believe it to make it happen for you. I can’t do that for you and neither can anyone else. I have learned recently from one woman who has Medicaid in her State that she had to gather the money together for her first consult and of course expenses. She did whatever she could and she went there. With the diagnosis given by Dr. Raz that it needed to come out, she gave them her State Medicaid card and they took it from there. She will now have full mesh removal by Dr. Raz before too long. So the answer to anyone who says “I can’t go”, is this. Beg for help from anyone you know. I already wrote a blog to help you with this, but you have to decide if you are worth saving. I can’t do it for you.

Remember this. You are worth more than the price of gold to more people than the mesh manufacturers. Those people are your family.




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  1. nadine

    Yes we are worth than gold and priceless and the belief that a kit of mesh with tools and a piece of polyurithan is small but so expensive and damaging is unbelievable to me, I suffer daily like so many others but mine was immediate and now I have 6cm of mesh foatting around still inside of me and no doctor seems to think this is a problem. HOW IS IT NOT? I cath everyday and can feel it inside the wall of my urithra sending jolts of crippling pain all over my body. There is now mesh somewhere in my rectum making it almost impossible to go number two as well and next week a doctor will do a simple endoscopy and colonoscopy to see what new issues I have because now I get nasia all the time throw up and cant poop. The mesh is tearing me up and destroying everything from the inside out and the hunt for doctors is getting to be too much for me because they never listen and only tell me stuff I allready know and no one blames the mesh or cares its still in bits and pieces inside me. I have lost everything and only won a small victory of now getting only 437 dollers from supplement security which isnt even enough to live in my own home when my son is returned. I do get to keep my medicaid but only for Virginia. This entire ordeal has been going on since June of last year and I am sick to death of it and sick in general as well. I no longer know what to do or where to go and have been accepted to a all over Pain Management clinic that will do shots write non narcotics and send me to pain psycologist and refarls to the doctor who writes the only pain medicine that helps a little and each day that goes by my pain gets worse. I am now only sleeping 4 to 5 hours a night and not straight at once. It is horrific and I pray for all of us and hope one day this mesh will be taken off the market and never again used in someone but that probably never will happen. So for me, the search continues and life gets worse and worse. NEVER let any doctor insert you with mesh!!!!!


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