The Mess of Mesh

What a mess this is! What a mess has been made with bladder slings in the past and what a mess they will continue to make in the future. I get so frustrated at the sadness that comes with these awful products and the destruction of so many women’s lives. I feel that frustration and sadness because I know it will never end.

Dr. Raz informed me a few days ago that he has added more surgery dates to try to help with the flow of women to UCLA. He is one of the few who are trying to clean up the giant mess that mesh manufacturers continue to make with their products. This man should be enjoying the fruits of his labor, but instead he is spending countless hours trying to fix terrible problems caused by medical mesh. Trying to give women the hope and will to live by doing the best job he can to clean up a giant and never ending mess. Not only that, he is trying to take years of destruction to a woman’s body and the mess other doctors have made when they ‘try’ to remove it and they do not have the experience to do so. What women want to yell at the mesh manufacturing world is this. “IF IT IS THAT HARD TO REMOVE AND THAT COMPLICATED, THEN WHY ARE YOU PUTTING THESE PRODUCTS IN US? WHY ARE YOU NOT WARNING US THAT THIS CAN HAPPEN and our lives will become a giant mess?”

There are so many of you who are now trying to get help at UCLA and because of this it is taking longer to get appointments. Some of you have sent me emails that you cannot get call backs from the offices. I understand how you feel. I hope that things will improve as they figure out how to take care of the volume. In the meantime, don’t give up! Keep calling. You have waited in so much pain and you deserve a better future. You have fought your way through a mass of “It is not the mesh. Here is an antidepressant pill, you need mental health” and so much more. Rude and non compassionate doctors who do not care about the pain you are in. You’ve done all that so don’t give up now. Life can get better than how you are living now.

Fight and you will regain your life. Yell to the world that this has happened to you. Don’t be silent. How else will women know in the future that this is wrong? You can be part of the solution, not the problem. Fight for yourselves and fight for others.

Let’s face it. This is a giant mesh mess!

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  1. Marlena Himes

    I am truly grateful for your dedication to helping save the lives of us mesh sufferers. This blogsite has renewed my sanity and has validated everything I have been going thru…thinking that I am crazy, hypochondriac, and has given me hard core proof to show all those nay sayers that my lifestyle has changed due to other reasons. I am a 33 year old woman, divorced with 4 kids that carries the entire weight of the world on my shoulders, alone. I cannot wait to play outside with my kids again, ride bicycles and my dirtbike again. Most importantly, I want to share that I have found at least 2 surgeons at the University of Washington Urogynecology dept in Seattle, Washington (206-598-4294) that have extensive and intensive removal experience. I have had mesh for 18 months. I finally have a surgical consult with a reputable doctor that believes me Feb 28, 2013. I will always pray for your continued strength as the Lord continuesly guides you thru this journey you have so selflessly accepted.
    Forever and Always, Marlena Himes


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