Prostate Cancer & Male Bladder Slings

Three months ago I had full mesh removal by Dr. Raz at UCLA and for the most part I am doing extremely well. I will be going back for a second surgery in a couple of months for my incontinence issue and will have a sling put in using my own tissue. I continue working on my right leg nerve damage by thinking ‘outside the box’ with my treatment. Only time will tell if what I am doing will help me come back from the damage that was done before I had this sling removal surgery. I can tell you that Dr. Raz’s skills at removing it out of my nerves and muscles were amazing and I did not receive any more damage from the removal surgery itself. I am very grateful. To make it clear, ‘removal’ means complete removal which also includes the arms or sometimes called the anchors. There are few surgeons in the world who have the skills to remove them and while they are left in you, you will continue to suffer from pain. I warn you that the wrong surgeon, who may say he/she has those skills but are using you as a practice run, could very well make you a complete cripple and doom you to a life of pain meds and laying in bed. Look to the left and you will see a link for the doctors at UCLA and how to contact them and I will include that link below. I must once again reiterate that I do not receive any monies or compensation from information I give here to help others. I write and share here because I was raised to do the right thing.

Today’s blog is about searching for men who will share their experience from having a bladder sling and found themselves with complications. You can leave comments without exposing who you are just by using a first name or nickname if you wish. Or perhaps this blog will attract the wife of a man who is so concerned because of his downward spiral in health after prostrate surgery. Men have searched here for the women in their lives and I am hoping women will do the same for their men. If you do not know if you/your husband had an implanted sling at the surgery time, please get your hospital records from that day and check. Most women did not know and I have a feeling that there are men who do not know either. Be aware that your doctor does not keep those records of the sling implant name and number. I will include a blog link I wrote about where to find it in your hospital records at the bottom of this blog. Please, if you do have complications, report it to the FDA. You will be helping many more men in the future.

As I search for someone who wrote about men’s sling complications, everything that was written by doctors or mesh manufacturers states the complication rate is very low. It is the same for women, BUT there are thousands of us who suffer and they are not simple and small complications. Infections are just one example but you will find many more here in the various blogs I have written. I have no doubt that men suffer most of these complications that we do. I have never listed them because they are so vast and many and I would hate to leave a single one out. Everything written by company’s states that any complications are small and are ‘managed’ complications. We women know this is NOT true. I have no doubt that men are not ‘managing’ them either.

When my two hours of research this morning took me through a maze of lawyer’s links and links to doctors offering to put slings in men and how the surgery is done, I was so warn out and I had nothing to show for that time. The same thing happened over two years ago when I began searching for bladder sling complications in women. Nothing came up. That is why I originally began this blog for women. I did not know what to do and had no one to ask except the insertion doctor who told me I must have had the leg issues before I had the implant. I was very angry at that point and decided to find out if I was the only woman who suffered the way I did. This is exactly what I am doing now for men. Pain, loneliness and depression go hand in hand for many people who live in pain from sling complications. I was not one of them. I am a fixer and a doer. I wanted to know the truth and share my truth. Now it is time to try to help men and I hope someone finds this blog and feels the same.

The short comment sent to my blog by one man spurred me into action to begin this hunt for other sufferers. He stated he was having continuous infections after having a sling implant and would like advice. I sent him Dr. Raz email address but now I also want to tell men who are having infections continuously that they can be dangerous because you will reach a point when antibiotics no longer work. Men’s and women’s internal workings may be different but the result of the bladder not emptying can cause serious infections. When I first had the implant put in me I had continuous infections and could not urinate because of it. Nine weeks of catheter use and a bladder that looked like it would never perform again sent me crashing into deep despair. I did not know what to do.

A second partial removal surgery was performed after nine weeks which was basically a small section in the center of the sling was removed. I spent more weeks doing self cath, suffered from bladder spasms and basically felt so low, I could not have gone any lower. I finally got my bladder working again. My daughter turned to researching to help me and she came up with a herb called marshmallow root which is inexpensive and WORKED to stop the continuous infections until the day the implant was removed from my body. I will include my ‘tests before surgery’ blog so that you can read how important this had been to my staying well for two years and seven months. So until you can have your mesh removed, you have to try other things to hopefully ward off these infections and protect your kidneys. The other side of not emptying your bladder is kidney stones. I am going to give you a list of blogs I have written that could help you stay well long enough until you have your sling removed.

This blog will explain what tests are performed the day before removal surgery at UCLA and what happened to me when I had to stop taking marshmallow root because of the upcoming surgery.

This blog will explain my surgery so that you understand how good this doctor is and what he had to do to remove the mesh.

This blog will tell you all about marshmallow root and how it helped me. Many women are taking it. I did not take any antibiotics until just before surgery and you can read why in the last link.

Infections can lead to so much more.

To understand the type of sling you have and how it is attached to your body is very important because of the arms.

You should also understand what the most important test is that can tell where the mesh is before it is removed.

This is where you will find information about your sling and how to report to the FDA You will also need this information to get the help you need.

The man who contacted me said he had an AMS sling and this will explain a bit about that particular type. Be aware that all bladder sling for women are under scrutiny and/or have lawsuits against them. A.M.S. men’s sling detail write-up

A final note to any man or his wife/partner. Women have been treated very badly by the doctors who put the implant in them. You truly have to believe in yourself and move on to a doctor who does believe you and can remove the sling safely.


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  2. Gary Beller

    I too have been suffering from a sling install. My life is forever changed for the worse. This Coloplast Virtue Sling is a nightmare. Nothing has gone right. It doesn’t work in fact has made me worse as far as leakage. I have pain in my scrotum and groin. And has taken my already compromised sexual function to virtually non-existence. Horrible product!!!


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