New Year No Mesh

If I could be granted three wishes for the women of the world I would use all three to wish that they be mesh free. I do know the realism of that of course but I cannot help wishing to heal these women.

Lately there has been an influx of women who leave comments or email me who are having awful complications as many as seven years after mesh was implanted in them. Most never knew what was in them but because they were no longer incontinent, they believed in the product because they believed they were home free. You have to believe it is the mesh doing this because you will be told it is not and offered every kind of test who will verify what your doctor has told you. To change your own thinking you have to understand that you could die if you do not get a proper trained diagnosis and GET IT OUT. Every month you wait for that next test appointment, you are in further danger. Why because the type of infections mesh gives women do not show up on these tests or dipstick in the office. You have to take control of your own situation and find a doctor who will send tests off to a lab for proper evaluation.

UPDATE;  I emailed Dr. Raz to understand a bit more about the type of infections that were inside the mesh, while in our bodies.  I also wanted to know what antibiotics women could take if they had this infection.  I do not email this highly busy surgeon unless I am very worried about a woman who has contacted me.  There have been many lately with long term mesh complications and infections and I want to help them.  This was his answer.

“There is not a specific bacteria since is a chronic ulcer and infection when the mesh in exposed. No antibiotics will cure an infected mesh.  The mesh should be out.” 

So now you know that this is serious, please get help!”

I have never experienced some of what has happened to other women and yet have been told the symptoms by many. You have been diagnosed with one UTI infection after another within a few months, perhaps years after mesh was implanted. Given antibiotics and yet it comes back again. IF your urine is sent off to a lab it will give the correct results of what type of infection you are dealing with, but most personal physicians don’t do this. Therefore the wrong antibiotic won’t do the job and the right one given over and over again will make you immune to it. But the right antibiotic over and over again will do you more harm than good. To understand the consequences of not getting the right help soon enough you need to read this.

Then there are other infections that won’t show up with these tests. They are the infections that begin deep inside the mesh over prolonged years of it in your body. Bacteria will grow in the mesh and infections of the worse kind will begin. Let’s say you may have not been feeling completely well over a period of time. Perhaps tired, out of sorts and a visit to a doctor does not give you an answer. They may hand you an antidepressant and send you on your way. So you carry on. Then you begin noticing a smell and no matter what you try, it does not go away. When it gets so severe you begin to smell like rotting meat. You find stains in your underwear and it is often brown in color. You may see red blood. All of this is dismissed by every specialist you have seen who tells you they cannot find anything wrong. Your stomach hurts like crazy. You are swelling up and look as if you are pregnant. More tests, no answers. That is what women with mesh complications are up against. That and so much more. These infections can and will kill you slowly over years. Don’t let it happen to you.

What do you do. First if you have no insurance at all and have been ill so long you’ve lost your job and have nothing, then get a State patient advocate who will believe what you are saying. Put patient advocate in Google and your State and start going through them. Many want money but others are free. If one does not work out don’t give up, find one that will listen to you and believe you. Get them to help fast track you to State disability if you have not already done so. Then fast track you to full Medicare so that you can choose who you go to. Don’t think negative. The only person you can trust in is you. Think positive and then take action.

I was raised by a mother who always said “The Lord helps those who will help themselves”. She never took no for an answer. She wrote letters to authorities when she needed help later in life. She stood up for us as children and taught us how to stand up for ourselves. I am very grateful for that upbringing even though it was often highly disciplined. At least I know I must get up and do something. She always told us that sitting there praying was not going to cut it. You had to do whatever it took to help yourself. I know this is not what many women want to hear but it is true. You must reach out. Ask others for help. Get on the phone and do something. Write letters. I know this is embarrassing, but you will help so many other women when you find the courage to speak out and your empowerment will be theirs to help themselves. I know what we have all been told. “Shut up and wait”. That message will kill you. I know it will and therefore I refuse to shut up. You cannot wait years and yes it will be years before you receive any compensation and it may not be enough to tackle all the serious complications that will come out of waiting too long. Don’t wait. I have written a blog about how to raise money. I’ll provide the link here once again.

I wish there was a magic wand to help you but there isn’t. First you must believe in you. You must love yourself enough to do something to help yourself. No more poor me. When you take action others will believe and respect you and a few will step in to help. If you stay behind closed doors no one will hear you. Never lose hope. Never take no for an answer. You deserve to live a better life. Now grant yourself a New Year’s wish. Do something now so that you do not die a slow death.


  1. Anita

    Just had a laparoscopy a week ago. Doctor said he is not taking out the mesh because it’s still in place and is not being recalled. Had the mesh implanted in 2009, been having problems ever since. He did say my colon and other organs
    were attached to the abdominal wall. I want the mesh out, how can I find a doctor that will listen to me. I’m tired of the pain.

    1. lavalinda

      There has been very little mesh from any company that has been recalled, however, he should read how many women are suing many companies. You cannot sue without proving that mesh is causing your issues which is why most doctors refuse to help women. Give him this information. Look up in google The United States District Court Southern District of West Virginia. Scroll down. There are five mesh companies who are being sued on this site alone. Click on each one and read the names and this is not all of the women. Something does not have to be recalled to be known as devastating to women’s health and lives. Frankly, change doctor. Read this blog You deserve to live a decent life, not die alone in terrible pain.

    2. Angela Sackett

      Anita…I agree with Linda. I don’t know a doc who puts these in who will take them out. Other docs don’t know how to get them out because they don’t put them in because of the complications. I would seek out another doctors opinion. I had doctors who knew I had faulty mesh in that was eroding my bladder and rectum yet would not admit it. I was actually told by one doc who put mesh in that I had irritable bowel syndrome and recommended psychiatric meds. I credit this site and Linda with helping me find the doctor who gave me my life back. I just had complete removal and reconstructive surgery in Los Angeles with Dr. Raz. Even though the damage was extensive this dear sweet angel doctor found a way to not only remove it but reconstruct me. He is the only doc I have found who is skilled enough to remove it and then to reconstruct afterward. Find your way to him so you can get your life back.

  2. nadine

    Hello Linda my friend and helper of so much. You have told bits of my story here before but now let me say something to this blog….YOU ARE CORRECT!!! But sometimes these things happen to some of us very fast with these infections and the remaining mesh shredding up inside you causing so much damage and no doctor saying it it just that, THE MESH. You get infection after infection and soon are immune to ten antibiotics and still it grows worse, soon the courts take your child because of this situation and medicine so needed for suffering and agony you live in daily and nightly from pain that seems to be everywhere. I sit here and am attempting to not take any medicine this am for a while to see just how bad it has gotten in 7 months and I tell you it is horrific but i must continue to give some women an idea of what happens when they are left with pieces of mesh inside of them. Unfortunatly my past is rocky so my body reacts to things quickly and it can go from bad to worse very fast and mesh has made it to be a true fact. I had a removal done and 2 other surgeries all within 5 weeks which most are horrified to hear that a doctor would do but it was done because he wantted not only to save himself but the product that brings him his pay check. So now back to what happens. I now have infections in my kidneies bladder liver stomach intestines rectum and colon. To give you a picture of this dire situation i need a colonoscopy and an endoscopy now because my bladder died instantly when mesh was inserted and the foul never removed my IUD when he did the prolapse surgeries and inserted the mesh causing yet another faulty device to cause me more damage. I am left to suffer with these things and though i have found a few doctors to give me what little hope remains I still suffer on a daily basises and must now at 32 park in handicap places and be on pain meds all my life. The worst is to know i will die eventually with all that is happening all at once and a chance it has now come to cancer on the overies as well which was never there before. To have no hope and to know you will die one day without your only sorce of comfort your tiny child is the worst of it all and so I say to all of you, GET IT OUT AND GET IT OUT NOW IF YOU CAN!!! You must or it will become bad as it has for me in the small matter of this the seventh month but most of you have more time than I. So listen to linda she knows what she is talking about and its a shame to know so much and have so many reach out to her it breaks her heart each day and mine for lack of being able to help other than a few words on a page but i hope this helps you.


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