Mesh a Difference in a Year

Today was my daughter’s birthday just four days before Christmas and I sat thinking today how different one can feel in a single year’s time. Last Christmas I wrote a blog on Christmas Eve because I wondered how I was going to make it until June this year when at last I would be eligible for Medicare. Turning sixty-five would have otherwise been a different matter altogether, but because of the mesh in my body; it had become very important to get it out of me. That is why I feel such compassion for the women of the world who do not have a way to have it all removed, whether it be insurance as here in the U.S. or doctors trained to do it right the first time. I will forever be grateful to the women who shared their stories with me so that I had the tools to know what the right way was and who were good surgeons verses bad and in turn I could share that information with you.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and all the women who suffer because of mesh could be well again and the world of mesh madness would end. However, I fear it will take a long time for the voices of injured women to be heard and we still have a huge uphill battle to fight. I think back at how long it took before the world recognized the seriousness of breast cancer and how there was not any name for the issue that is now readily accepted as fibromyalgia and I do wonder why a celebrity has not spoken about this and has not joined our plight. We need someone like this to raise awareness and money to help women who have lost everything because of this terrible product. Is this such an embarrassing problem and therefore no one is willing to speak of it? I think not. If the women in African countries who have female issues because of terrible childbirth difficulties and poor human rights can be spoken of so easily, then what is so different here in our country. It is time someone who has some kind of clout finds their voice so that this can change for every woman in the world, both rich and poor. That is my dearest wish for the year 2013.

I am in such a vastly different place than I was at this time last year. For so long, I often wondered was it possible to hang in through day in and day out of nonstop pain. But somehow I did. I do know how hard it is for many women because I try to help them through those times. Regardless of how hard it is, you have to keep hoping for that ray of light. You may feel that the pain is so severe and you cannot make it through yet another night, but you can. Concentrate on something or someone you love. You don’t have to make it through one day at a time, sometimes you have to make it through one hour and then another. There will be joy once again if you can hold onto hope. I know this is true.

I know I am lucky to be mesh free this Christmas and I am working hard to bring back a life I once had. You can do it too. I know you can!

This was the blog I wrote on last Christmas Eve.

I have not done many of the things that most people do at Christmas this year because I am only ten weeks from my mesh removal surgery and still have a way to go. I am taking it easy and will allow my body time to heal. Plus I no longer feel the need these days to shop or do many of those things we all take for granted. I have learned that the small things in life are so much more important. I am back working on designing again and refurbishing some of my older Christmas decorations to make them new again. Those are the things that give me joy now. I hope those of you who read this blog will find something that gives you joy this holiday season.

I wish you joy this holiday whatever your religion and hope for the coming New Year.

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  1. Sara

    Do you know of any other doctors, other than Dr. Raz, who do full mesh removal? I am hoping for some options in D.C., or Virginia if possible, as I do not know if my insurance will cover elsewhere, but would like to hear all options? It sounds like there are not many doctors experienced with full mesh removal.


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