The Price of a Translabial Ultrasound

My special thanks go to a wonderful Canadian woman who wants to make the world a better place for those who are tortured by mesh complications.  Marika, I hope you are now on the way to a new and better life.  You will help many women because you are such a warrior on the front of the War on Mesh.

Many women around this country are faced with a common problem.  They tell me that their doctor refuses to admit that mesh is the culprit that has sent them into a downward spiral of serious health complications.  They constantly email me to find out how other women have managed to get a case together so that they can have some money to have their mesh removed, when their doctor refuses to say it is the mesh.  As you know, this blog is not a legal blog.  I do not answer legal questions nor promote lawyers.  It is a place where women can get free information and decide for themselves which path they want to take to move forward with their lives.  It is a blog of hope.

Only because it is a money situation am I writing this blog.  Money is the only way that many women will be able to fly to a doctor that can help them by removing all the mesh.  Without that hope, they lay in bed at night praying to die to take away their pain.  Therefore this information could be invaluable to these women who do not have insurance and give them hope. 

I titled it ‘the price of a translabial ultrasound’ because yes it is about cost.  In October, Marika flew down from Canada for consult with Dr. Raz and to have the translabial ultrasound done at the same time.   For her the cost was more than the price of this test.  It gave her peace of mind.  She had known all along that she had serious complications from the mesh sling that was in her body, but she wanted to know what had happened and she wanted it all removed in one surgery.  In Canada she could not get either done with any doctor in her country.  She and other women who live in their Province fought hard to prove to their Government that things had to change.  They need trained technicians who can use this test so that surgeons know where the mesh is and what damage it is causing before they attempt to remove it.

Marika had mesh removal by Dr. Raz almost two weeks ago.  She stayed in the UCLA area until she felt well enough to fly home and I had a lovely phone conversation with her two nights ago.  Sore but happy it was over, she told me that although it meant borrowing a large sum of money to go to UCLA, she could not imagine living in that kind of pain for the rest of her life.  Then she told me how inexpensive the translabial ultrasound was and of her conversation with Dr. Raz this week when she went back to him to make sure all was well before flying home.  The test cost her $288.00 dollars, which she felt gave her not just a picture of the damage that was done to her body, but hope that she could have a better life and a better future.

During her office visit with Dr. Raz this past Wednesday she asked him  if her government would send technicians to UCLA to be trained, would they do it?  He said of course they would.  He explained why this ultrasound was such an important tool for any surgeon.  Now Marika will fight hard to make sure every Canadian woman will have the same chance at a better future that she has, WITHOUT mortgaging their homes.

Before I end this blog I want you to know that I have been told that there are other doctors around the country who can remove all the mesh.  You may wonder if I know about another doctor, why would I not put up a blog listing them.  Here is why.  I have stayed in contact with women who have gone to these doctors for a year or more.  They want to help you as much as I do, but there have been issues.  As I listened to women I have learned which questions to ask that are very important.  One of them is of course does their doctor have this test.  Does he/she have a trained technician who can give the test to  ensure the best advantages and can the doctor read the test properly so that they can use the tool affectively during the surgery. 

Then there is something even more important.  I ask how long did the surgeon take to do their surgery?  Why is that so important?  It is because many women’s health has been so compromised and their immune system is at the point of zero, that you have to ask this question.  When you undergo a surgery that is as serious as this, you must know the doctor’s skill level.  You will be under anesthesia for a length of time and how long is highly important if you are not completely healthy.  Many women are extremely sick by the time they have surgery and their health is often worsened by a series of partial removals. 

So I will tell you the answer I had from one woman.  Her first surgery took seven hours.  The surgeon was honest and told her he thought he got it all but one arm was embedded and he would have had to cut into her to remove it.  He decided to leave it alone because he hoped she would be fine.  He is obviously a good doctor who wanted to help his patient.  I waited for three months and then I called to check on her.  She told me she was still sick and in pain.  I knew she did not want another surgery, but she agreed in time she had to find out why.  When she went back he agreed it had to be removed.  This surgery took another five hours and he did remove it and a ball of mesh he had missed the first time. 

I really and truly believe this surgeon is a good person who wants to help women, however, I was so concerned that surgery time was twelve hours.  I know that many women who contact me cannot take that length of surgery and stand that much of the drugs used during that time.   So forgive me for not making a list and posting it here.  I am trying to use caution.  I know MANY women who have undergone surgery at UCLA and most surgeries never go longer that three hours.  I know for a fact that Dr. Raz will not compromise your life and keep you under too long, even if he cannot get it all the first time because you have more than one mesh in your body.  Too much is too much!  That is the simple answer.

So now you can ask your doctor what the price of a translabial ultrasound is?  They will send you for useless tests that cost thousands of dollars and put you through endless worry when they could have a technician trained at UCLA and learn to read the test for your benefit and peace of mine.  But then again…….that would be admitting that the mesh IS responsible for your serious illness.  I wish more doctors would do the right thing and I am very sad that they do not.

So once again you must find out as much as possible before you undertake removal surgery.  Look to the right side of this blog.  There is a link that will take you to a list of questions you must ask your doctor before you agree to any surgery.  Do not think a piece of paper you had him/her sign will ensure that mesh will not be used yet again during your surgery.  I wrote a blog about this and it is important for you to read.

I want you to know something important.  I do not profess to have all the answers.  I do not have any medical background or knowledge but I do have others who help me, who do have that kind of knowledge.  I am simply a woman who has been given a tool to share with you.  I listen to hundreds of women and I write what they share with me. Now you must choose your path of life because no one can do it for you.


  1. Ruth

    Linda, you have written another superb blog posting–spelling the facts out plainly and exactly. This is another post that will help countless women. There are not many who could put things so clearly as you have here.

  2. Carmel Berry

    I recently had a gynemesh explant surgery (22 days ago). I was in the operation table for exactly 3 hours and 10 minutes. I opted for an epidural so I was conscious and able to make any decisions if necessary during surgery. The surgeon was highly focused on the ‘job’ the entire time, there wasn’t any chit chat or music or cuppa breaks for any of the OR staff. The other benefit of the epidural was that I was not sick, or groggy or anything afterwards and the epi wore off slowly so was able to manage pain with pump pretty well.

  3. lavalinda

    Thank you Ruth. It isn’t easy when you are passionate, but sometimes that works too. Carmel, was your mesh removed by laser?

  4. Andrea

    I have had my mesh and all the complications associated with it, for over 25 years. I have tried to get my medical records without success. Just when I wanted to give up….. I found your site. Thank you Linda. Big “virtual” Hug! Andrea-Oklahoma

    1. lavalinda

      A am so glad it helped and now I hope you can get the help you need.


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