Mesh Infections & Probiotics

I am well aware that as more women undertake full mesh removal surgery that many have dealt with more than one mesh in their bodies and the consequences of these meshes can hurt them very much.  Especially those who had mesh wrapped around their colons and it eroded through and the waste in their bodies leaked out into their system.  Over the long haul, these complications do so much damage and these women have a tougher time of getting back to better health even after it has all been removed.

So I am grateful to have found someone who has so much knowledge in all things natural, herbal and supplements.  I accidentally found this lady a few days ago when researching how long mesh had been around and came across her article on the subject.  She was warning about the dangers of mesh and I was quite impressed with her vast knowledge.  So I emailed her that day, sent her my blog and from then on she has been helping me help you in more ways than one.  It will take me awhile to get the blogs written, but this is the first one.

One lady contacted me recently to ask me if I would write further on probiotics because there were so many on the market and she just was not sure what to choose.  So because of the amount of women suffering from terrible infections from mesh, I asked Gayle otherwise known as the Leaf Lady, did she have a good article to post for you to read.  She did not, but kindly and generously wrote one for women who are suffering both before and after bladder sling surgery.

Please realize that taking an antibiotic as ordered by your doctor for a period of time after removal surgery, should not be ignored.  For me Cipro was out because any drug from this family of drugs could be detrimental for my health and you should read all side effects of this drug to understand if you wish to take it or not.  Remember, we are now in control of our health and must decide what we will or will not take because we have already been through so much hell.  Therefore you need to READ EVERYTHING and look at those side effects seriously because for most of us, mesh has been a terrible attack on our immune systems.  Then if you do not wish to take it, ask for a different type of antibiotic prescription.  Remember.  You will now decided for yourself what you will or will not put into your body.

I took a prescription antibiotic drug for one week after surgery as ordered by Dr. Raz but I knew this drug did not help me after the sling was put in me origianlly, so I took my marshmallow root with me to begin again after my surgery.  I took it in-between the antibiotic times, always being sure nothing I took at any time clashed with the other.  I asked Gayle what she thought of marshmallow root because of how it helped me through all that time I waited to have removal surgery.  This is what she sent back to me.  Be sure you go there to read what else she said.  It will truly make you a believer.

This was her reply.  I really like Marshmallow root.  I have an article here  It is tremendously anti inflammatory.  I can supply the extract and capsules, also the organic herb for making tea.

So please ladies.  I understand that most of us are so broke because of mesh complications, but if you cannot find what you need, go to this lady because she wrote this article at no charge to me.  She will also do personal consultations.

Now here is her article.

Probiotic Primer

By Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, MH, NP, ND

 This article was written expressly for Bladder Sling Surgery

 A major part of your immune system is in your gut. Using antibiotics seem to reduce immune system activity as a result of killing off the normal gut bacteria. This can also lead to the development of secondary infection.

In this scenario, changes in types of antibiotics often occur and this can lead to the new “super-infections”. In the 1990s your could find medical journal articles noting this issue and the suggestion to recommending the use of health promoting flora along with antibiotic drugs. Food the most part this did not take hold in mainstream medicine at that time, and only now is it slowly changing.

Bifidobacteria was first isolated from a breast-fed infant by Henry Tissier who worked at the Pasteur Institute. Tissier found that bifidobacteria are dominant in the gut flora of breast fed babies and he observed clinical benefits from treating diarrhea in infants with bifidobacteria.

In 1935 certain strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus were found to be very active when implanted in the human digestive tract. Trials were carried out using this organism, and encouraging results were obtained especially in the relief of chronic constipation.

The term “probiotics” was first introduced in 1953 by Werner Kollath. In contrast to antibiotics, probiotics were defined as microbially derived factors that stimulate the growth of other microorganisms. In 1989, Roy Fuller suggested a definition of probiotics that has been widely used: “A live microbial feed supplement which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance”.

Experiments into the potential health effects of supplemental probiotics include the molecular biology and genomics of Lactobacillus in immune function, cancer, and antibiotic-associated diarrhea, travelers’ diarrhea, pediatric diarrhea,IBD and IBS.

People thought to be lactose intolerant can tolerate ingestion of certain active strains may help people tolerate lactose than they would otherwise be able to do.

In 2010 a study suggested that probiotics, by introducing “good” bacteria into the gut, may help maintain immune system activity, which in turn helps the body react more quickly to new infections.

Bifidus may help bloating along with pain and discomfort. Acidophilus has been shown to reduce the side effects of antibiotic therapy. When used as a mixed formula, acidophilus and bifidus have shown to be helpful in cases of C. difficile. Some antibiotics are fluoride based and in this case, based on my experience, a different approach may be necessary along with probiotics.

If you experience difficulty digesting carbohydrates you may want to avoid products containing “prebiotics”. This may be an ingredient such as ‘inulin’.

Fibers can also be of help, however I do not encourage wheat bran as it can lead to anemia. Pectin, cellulose, hemicelluose, lignans, gums, and mucilage along with probiotics help promote the growth of good intestinal flora.

Oat bran has one of the highest concentrations of fiber. Oat bran also contains gums and mucilages. Rice bran is very high in fiber and contains sterols that reduce IL-6. Rice bran also contains 74 antioxidants and sterols, fats that reduce IL-6.

 A new probiotic called Bifa 15 contains microencapsulated B. Longum designed to get past the stomach acids and reach the colon. This product deserves special watching as acetic acid will produce a very hostile environment to HIV, Candida and most other infections of the large intestines. Researchers have also found that B Longum increases IgA, an immunoglobulin that improves mucosal immunity.

For the vast majority of people the supermarket variety of “probiotic” products are not effective and they are expensive.

Using a high quality probiotic complex made with Acidophilus and Bifidus is where you need to start. Acidophilus works mainly in the large intestine, Bifidus is more active in the small intestine. By combining Acidophilus with organic whey powder you will be able to move toward a healthier colon as the combination works to help kill of unhealthy bacteria and also candida. Adding Bifidus is a plus.

In severe situations you may need to choose a product with more strains of healthy flora. I have used a product several times that contains 100 different cultures.

The more cultures in a product the more costly it will be. Additionally, such commercial brands develop a strain and patent it with a unique name but this does not guarantee the best or any result. The supermarket products do this for the commercial marketplace, and they are costly.

Adding fermented foods such as home made yoghurt (simple to make), fresh sauerkraut, organic apple cider vinegar drink, tempeh, miso, kimchee, kefir, etc. will be very beneficial to your gut and your immune status.

Make sure you take the time to read labels on the products you are purchasing. Start with a good to high quality product that you find in the refrigerated section at your store containing both acidophilus and bifidus in at least 1-2.5 million count. Some products say they do not need refrigeration however I always recommend this.

 One acidophilus product I like is from Kroeger Herb Company. It is called Taurin-Dophilus and it is a combination of the amino acid taurine, acidophilus cultures, and freeze dried prune. The food base from prune is a plus. I have found it very beneficial and it is a product that does need need refrigeration so it is good for people who travel. I believe the simple approach often offers more benefit.

If you purchase yoghurt or kefir drinks make sure they do not contain carrageenan. This is a toxic thickener and it can in some instances make it difficult to keep your immune system healthy.

Copyright 2012 Health Forensics.

So whether you are waiting for removal or are recovering, please look at what you can do to get your health back.  Remember that you are worth it.

If you would like Gayle to help you, you can fill out the form at this link.

Remember while reading any article Gayle has written this lady is now helping us out of the goodness of her own heart.  Send her an email while there, thanking her for her time and knowledge.


  1. DebC

    Great information! Thank you!!

  2. Jane Akre

    Thank you Linda and Gayle- Great information!

  3. teresa hughes

    i would like to thank you both for your time and great effort in helping us ladies with mesh bladder p;roblems.

    I find it very interesting and will certainly be looking into this for help. My immune system is so run down after taking one antibiotic after another there does not seem to be no end.

    Thank you both.

    Teresa Hughes

  4. lavalinda

    I do know that mesh destroys our immune systems and it is a giant fight to begin to feel better. I hope this helps many women.

  5. Barbara

    It seems just when I’m looking for specific information, there it is! I’m so thankful to have found your website. God bless you in your continued efforts in help women (and men) everywhere. Thank you to Gayle also. It is comforting to find women wanted to help others. Blessings, Barb~

  6. Mary Wakefield

    Has anyone addressed lymphedema? Mesh removal caused lymphedema in my leg and abdomen. Lymphedema is really hard to treat and it never goes away. When you look at the lymphatic system, you will see that the area where mesh is implanted is rich in lymph nodes. So many women are suffering from leg pain and abdominal swelling. It seems like they don’t know or understand that they have lymphedema. Apparently their doctors aren’t telling them. It wasn’t on the list of problems from either the implant or removal surgery. I’m wondering if all of the women who are complaining about abdominal swelling have lymphedema and it is going untreated as a result. You can get physical therapy to re-route the fluid, you can wear compression garments to help with the swelling (make sure a lymphedema physical therapist approves the garment – it can’t be too tight or have elastic in the wrong place) , and you should not wear tight, constricting clothes with waist bands, elastic, etc. Too much exercise, or the wrong type of exercise/activities can worsen the swelling. For me, sitting causes the lymph fluid to pool up. Lymphedema is very painful and it can cause nerve compression when the swelling is bad. It is disfiguring. Some days you look like you are 5 months pregnant. You can see it. If your leg is swelling up and your abdomen is swelling, look at the skin. It will look marshmellowy and puffy. You will see puffy bumps of fluid in the skin. I kind of looks like cellulite only bigger and puffier lumps. For some reason doctors have a hard time diagnosing lymphedema. I spend an entire day at the ER after my mesh removal surgery. My leg was swollen and so painful I couldn’t walk. They checked me for a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) but didn’t tell me that I had lymphedema. My primary doc told me I had swelling from the surgery. When the swelling wouldn’t go away, I figured it out. It was then confirmed my my surgeon, my primary doc and my physical therapist. Once I knew what I had, I started lymphedema therapy. Abdominal lymphedema is the most stubborn one to treat. The sad news is that lymphedema never goes away. Mesh leaves its mark. Can’t live with it and living with the aftermath of mesh removal is living hell.

    1. lavalinda

      Mary, I have sent you a personal email and it also went to a mesh injured nurse practitioner who has medical knowledge. I needed a little more information from you and I will let everyone know what my nurse friend has to say.

      1. Tammy Adams

        Please let me know what you find out on this subject since my mesh removal I developed lymphedema also so bad I can’t walk some days can’t wear shoes ,certain clothing ect ect this stuff is nothing to sneeze at .As if all the other side effects I have from it being put in and 10 months later taken out then starts the pain from all of it ,pelvic pain,groin pain leg n hip pain I have been through it all and to every doctor under the sun and now researching my self finding out all my symptoms very well are related to this mesh ordeal but like I stated I now have lymphedema for which will be a lifetime of heartache and limitations

        1. lavalinda

          Tammy many women go through the same thing until every bit is out including the anchors. I don’t know your situation but you may want to find out if it has all been removed.

          1. Tammy

            The doctor that put it in took it out I have used him 20 yrs so you think i ,need a second opinion outside that office ,,thanks

          2. lavalinda

            Yes and if he is a really good and caring doctor he will understand that you are trying to regain your health. Talk to him and see how he reacts. Hopefully he is a good guy who will react favorably.

        2. Tammy adams

          Has there been any new developments in linking the mesh to lymphedema ? I can’t get anywhere with doctors here I’m so frustrated it’s beyond rediculous have done everything the few doctors have told me to and I’m still swelled it will not go away this can’t be healthy I know it’s not good mentally ,I do wraps on my legs ,compression hose is out due to fibro,and none fit ,waited 3 months on insurance to decide if they were paying for a lymphedema pump ,they refused so I paid for it hoping it would help I’m on it 2 hours a day still swelled the only time my swelling has let up is when I have been put to sleep for a procedure ,had nerve block done and hand surgery both times my legs n feet went down for 2 weeks I’m so confused as to what to do to get it to go down do I keep going to doctor after doctor ,is there home remedies I can do what or where to turn now I so want my life back

      2. Bianca

        Can someone please contact me, I’m going crazy with all this side effects and don’t know what to do

        1. Linda (Post author)

          Bianca it is very difficult for me to contact every woman so instead I have written a blog to show how to find the information you need to know.

  7. Julie

    I am awaiting mesh removal and have recently found this wonderful website. Thank you Linda and Gayle, your words and advice are very much appreciated. I will seek out and purchase marshmallow root as I also suffer with the dreaded UTI’s and I have just been down to the health food store and got a good probiotic called GI Natrual by Nature’s Plus, which the assistant assured me is very good, so I hope it is!

    Julie x

    1. lavalinda

      Julie It is such hard work waiting and suffering while you wait, but when we take control and do the best we can to stay well, then waiting is not quite so bad. Not taking control keeps us on edge and wondering how to help ourselves. It is a journey none of us planned and it is long and hard.

  8. peg

    Reading what others are saying and suffering through this mesh, so many questions to me still not answered.

    I want to know where this mesh is made , in what country? or are they made in the U.S.A.? Are there other chemicals maybe in that mesh that causes the on gong infections that never go away? Doctors will not answer my questions , have they answered any other womens for us to understand years of pain and suffering from this mesh that was suppose to help us get back out lives with bladder problems not take our lives away.
    I do not understand why it has been so hard for women to get doctors and nurses to even tell us that we had mesh eroding inside and truth about what they find out to ease our minds , information that we had a right to know.

    I LIKE OTHERS REMEMBER SO WELL, WITHIN THE YEAR AFTER MY SURGERY, WHAT HAPPENED FIRST, PAIN SO SEVERE IT TOOK ME OFF MY FEET, THAT WOULD LAST SO LONG, Then infections starting up more severe for months, still no help from doctors or nurses noone telling me anything. 2 years passed finally I found out, I am not married so time took a toll.

    i found this web site, so many women suffering similar pain and infections, wanting to know, THIS SITE WAS A BLESSING TO ME, THAT LINDA STARTED. women talking about what helped, , knowing each one also had anger, feeling lied to by medical, and more. home remedies that help us stay off anti biotics, , sharing infomation that helped.

    I told a law person before I found this web site, aren’t there any women’s groups any where where we can talk about what helps, I needed to know what other women may have found out and tried that would help me too.
    women need to know as soon as they have this surgery, so many still are having it ,and still mesh is causing suffering to them, First signs , get it out before it grows into other parts of body. more damage . DO NOT LET JUST ANY DOCTOR TRY TO REMOVE THE MESH, LIKE LINDA SAID DR RAZ, HAS KNOWLEDGE TO REMOVE IT. NOT ALL DO.
    Those urologist that were truthful with me, as 1 doctor said and told me the truth, I do not have the knowledge to remove or get the mesh protruding out in you. I did appreciate them being truthful with me.

    The women find out more on this web site than from doctors, and ways that help, Thank you linda for starting this web site for women suffering with the mesh.

    1. lavalinda

      Peg even Dr. Raz cannot guarantee you will be better after he removes it. If the damage has been done already then he can only do his best to help you the best way possible. I have written blogs about the immune system and it is important to take a lot of supplements because you cannot fight infection if your immune system is compromised.

  9. peg

    Does all clear up after the mesh has been completely removed? no infections? I know there has got to be more damage, but does pain go away too?

    I know after he doctor tried to get what was protruding, I am weaker and and it is still protruding out. NO ANSWERS ! i WAS MORE THAN ANGRY.

    1. lavalinda

      Not necessarily. Whatever surgery has been done could compromise you beyond any help, but we go out there to try to get better than we are. Until all the mesh is gone it will continue to erode once it has begun. Simply trimming it does not help.

  10. Rebecca Branson

    Hi Linda. I was wondering what would be the best option in order to build up my immune system before surgery? I have been supplementing with vit C, marshmallow root, magnesium and trying to juice greens everyday. Also taking probiotics and a multivitamin. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also, do you use essential oils? Thanks so much for your blog and input. You are making such a difference. Becky

    1. lavalinda

      Rebecca I cant recommend anything but can tell you what I take and this blog will take you to the links and you can decide for yourself. You are doing a pretty good job of helping yourself and with luck you will remain well.

  11. Mechel Keel

    I have has a bladder sling put in 2004 and had complications from day1.Went years with bad pain n hard painful peroids that left me demobilized for at least 2 days,with pains meds & heating pads for relief.Now i finally i thought found a Dr to look at my pain and said i needed a hysterectomy in 2011.. Said once i was in surgery found nothing but scar tissue.Now its 2013 and nothing is better ,still have all this agonising pains still,having cramping constantly,discharge,swelled up in my abdomen.Back on pain medicine for relief n heating pads.I beleive this implant needs to be taking out and am having a real hard time finding a Dr.who will take me serious.One Uroligist look at my records and wouldnt even see me and wanted to refer me out.I beleive he knows somethings wrong..?? Need advice or Dr,and Lawyer ,i am miserable and want relief.Any recommedations would be appreciated. Ty in advance.I live in Michigan so i need a Dr in this state also.


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