Mesh & the Immune System

One of the saddest things for me is that so many women who come forward and talk about the amount of infections they have sustained over the past few months is their doctors do not send them for full mesh removal out to UCLA.  I wonder if they do not have the expertise, why wouldn’t they want to make sure these women will not die from infections?  One lady told me yesterday that her doctor has already done two partial erosion removals and her infections are out of control and antibiotics no longer work.  I had to inform her that she could die from this issue because once antibiotics stop working and the Center for Disease Control has said this is a major problem, your doctor must inform you that you are now on precarious and deadly grounds.  Yet these doctors continue on the same path, without offering any help to the women who are severely ill because of mesh.  Frankly for me this is deplorable. 

Mesh can harbor no end of dangerous infections and I have been saying to women please go on probiotics and GET THE MESH COMPLETELY REMOVED, before it kills you.  Because a nurse practioner friend informed me of this infection, I have written another blog about the serious issues of internal clostridium infections with mesh and I will repost the link at the bottom of this blog.  Today though I want to make you realize how serious this infection is, so I looked up deaths associated with this infection and you will be shocked!  Here is the link.

So what can you do now while waiting for removal?  First make an appointment at UCLA with one of the doctors.  There is a link at the right hand side of this blog.  Then while waiting, take the best probiotic you can find to try to help stave off this infection and replenish the gut. 

Your immune system.  Once you have had full mesh removal, your body will take a long time to come back to good health and you need to help yourself get better.  You can’t just rely on food.  Many women have told me they don’t have any appetite, even after removal.  So they don’t eat enough.  Please regardless of taste or how you feel, make eating small meals a priority. 

A couple of days ago I was trying to find out about how long mesh had been on the market, for women who said they had it in them as many as twenty years ago and they were ill.  So I reached out to Dr. Raz to understand how long it has been around and wrote the blog before this one.  While searching for information I came across a lady who owns a company called The Leaf Lady.  She has written an extensive history on mesh and complications and although she states facts taken from studies about the percentage of complications which are very low and we all know it is not so, her explanation of types of complications that arise is very good.  So I reached out to her and asked her what women could take to enhance their immune system after mesh removal.  She replied with the following.

“If I was to choose one herbal product for immune strengthening it would be astragalus.”

Gayle otherwise known as the ‘leaf lady’ jolted my memory about how I came back in 2008 from a serious complication from a drug I took for high BP.  At the time I was sick and went to a local doctor who really ignored my sickness, concentration on my ‘high’ BP, which I found out later really wasn’t high enough to zone in on.  So I was given a drug from the family of Ace Inhibitors that immediately had me on the couch with terrible stomach pain.  When I complained it was ignored and I was told the med was working and I was fine.  Three months later I was going downhill fast with weekly bouts of stomach swelling and pain issues.  It was then that my daughter stepped in and did research.  I would find out later that I had a rare reaction to this drug called intestinal angioedema.  No I had never had any intestinal problems in my life before, so I flew to England and asked questions and had tests, but first stopped taking the drug immediately.  Yes, angioedema was the issue and no I did not need the BP drug at all.  So with my daughter’s help, she researched and came up with a supplement plan to bring me back to good health.  Astragalus was one of the products and I took it for a year.

So if you have mesh removal after having so many infections and you are still not back to your old self you can enlist Gayle’s help in finding a plan that will work for you.  You can read about her immune system plan here or you can email her

So please take infections seriously.  They CAN kill you.  To read about the clostridium infection, go to this blog.

DO NOT DIE BECAUSE OF MESH COMPLICATIONS.  Work hard and fight for better health both to have full mesh removal first, then work on a new health plan.  You are worth it.


  1. no one cares

    After fighting this mesh and infections non stop for 4 years, I am so weak, I was lied to by doctors last month, that will not answer my questions, a self exam after they said it was partially removed that was protruding out, they lied and more have lied and no matter who you get on the phone doctors , nurses, hospital they do not give a d, about what women are going through, we are still their guinea pigs and dying from infections , immune system so low, . I am dying, and if I continue to lose strength as I have as every year goes by, this damn mesh and greddy damn doctors and nurses and attorneys and evil people that know we have to continue for the rest of our life if you want to call this what i am living life, I CALL IT HELL. DAMN THEIR EVIL GREEDY SOUL, i GIVE THEM CREDIT FOR A SOUL, SINCE THEY SEE US AS NO MORE THAN ANIMALS WITHOUT A SOUL, BUT DAMN THEIR EVIL SOUL, THE ATTORNEYS JUST RICH MONEY HUNGRY LIKE MEDICAL AND CHEMICAL COMPANIES, , DAMN THEIR EVIL GREEDY LYING SOULS TO HELL.

    1. lavalinda

      I do know how you feel. I feel your anger and your sadness. That is why I do this every day. It is to stop this from happening to others. You can only understand when you walk in a mesh woman’s shoes.

  2. Carrol North

    I had a mesh sling vaginally inserted in 2003. I recovered from the surgery quite well but over the last 6 years I have had recurring bladder infections. My doctor just keeps prescribing antibiotics and they seem to be becoming less and less effective. Since reading this website I am becoming quite alarmed and I am uncertain where I should go from here.

    1. lavalinda

      Carol if you live in the USA, go and see Dr. Raz at UCLA. Do it before you become very ill.


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