Mesh the Canadian Fight for Wellness

I received sad news from the Canadian women who have fought so hard and bravely to get their government to send them to UCLA in California so that they get FULL mesh removal to begin a new life.  They were turned down flat by their government.

Many have been sick for so long and they have to wait months to over a year to seek attention from a ‘qualified’ doctor.  Often they are told the same as the American, British, Australian and New Zealand women, that their suffering for so many years has nothing to do with the mesh implant in their bodies.

I met two of these women when I met my own trek to UCLA in October this year for mesh removal by Dr. Raz.  Two lovely upstanding women who want their lives back.  They told me of another young woman who is also fighting for better care and complete removal and they joined forces together to fight for justice.  You can see the report here.

They did everything right.  They spent months getting together every bit of information together that they could find and shared it with me.  They were valiant in their effort and although they did not get the justice they so deserved, as far as we women around the world are concerned, we believe that they won their battle.  There are no losers when it comes to the brave women who stand up and yell out loudly “Mesh is doing far more damage than good”.

Now Canadian women who can, take out a second mortgage on their homes are forced into debt from a product that they were not told had complications that are detrimental to their health.  Other Canadian women who cannot take out a mortgage are forced into a life of partial removal after partial removal while their health declines over years.  Their government, ours and others around the world should be ashamed!

I am saddened by the result of them being turned down flat by their government, but then again, it is business as usual.  Women do not matter.  However, women are the backbone of the world and they will not be quiet for long.  Wake up world………..  No more will we sit back and be injured and watch the continuing injury to new women who will be told “We got rid of that mesh”.  “We now have new mesh that will not hurt you”.  Ladies, if you find this blog and you have been told this fact, it is a LIE.  All types and manufacturers of mesh are causing serious and often life time complications.  I know.  I live this way too.

Thank you ladies in Canada.  I have been with you all the way and I applaud your efforts.  You did the best you could to people who do not care what happens to you.  I am sad for you but elated that you made such an effort to try to change things.  This MUST be duly noted.  Your bravery will be noticed around the world.  Thank you for doing this.

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