Mesh & my Six Weeks Post Op

It is strange to think that my six weeks post op from full mesh removal falls on Thanksgiving Day but it is truly a time for me to feel thankful that all the mesh is gone from my body.  However, so many women are contacting me this week and I wish they could feel that same freedom.  They are still be strangled and injured by a product that truly should be removed from the market.  Then they are at the mercy of doctors who have had no training in putting it in or removing it and often do more damage trying , than leaving it alone.

As always around any holiday, the comments and emails are more prevalent.  Women are more desperate to find answers because holiday times rely on women’s skills, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Injured women some how have to get up and out of bed to make sure everything is done to give their families a good time.  Holidays are memory times and all women know there is a lot of pressure when you are well, so can you imagine what it is like for a woman who is very sick from mesh complications?  I know most people cannot because in their mind, what could be wrong from a simple surgery like the one used on women with incontinent issues.

I know to most minds it is surreal to imagine the terrible pain inflicted by a mesh implant that makes every moment either awake or sleep, a torture device.  As you move, it moves against you.  It shrinks, hardens, pulls and twists at your organs and tissues. When surgeons put it in the wrong area because this is a ‘blind procedure’, meaning they cannot see where it is going as they pass a very large needle under your bladder, between nerves and muscles, it can do irreparable damage.

Did you know that any OBGYN can do this procedure?  There are no requirements to understand the complexity of this surgery.  Doctors either go to a seminar and are told how to do this or they watch videos.  And they also watch videos on how to remove it from our delicate tissues and organs.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for the FEW skilled surgeons who can remove every bit of it from our bodies and I hope they will continue helping women through this terrible time.  But there are not enough of them.  There are far more doctors who will injure and maim women because they are arrogant and believe they clever enough to do this without the skills needed.

When I read this comment that came in this morning it made my blood boil.

I had a hysterectomy. And a bladder sling in 2008. Since then, I had to get it removed and had to have 2 more surgeries. I have been have really bad lower back pain and it goes down my legs. The pain is really bad and it seems to be getting worse everyday. Is there anyone that has had this after. Also where they took my tissue to fix the hole in my bladder is very painful. They took the tissue from the left side of my labia. Which is also causing severe pain. I can’t seem to get any help for the pain or help fixing the pain. Is this happening to other women or am I just falling apart? I am only 40. And the doctors make me feel like I should not be having any pain, so to them I am not. They just did a scan on me and I go to a doctor tomorrow. But I am so scared that it is not going to show what is going on. Any help will be so appreciated. Because of this we have lost everything.

The sad and terrible truth is, it was undoubtedly not ALL removed or she would not be in such serious condition and the pain gets worse every day.  We cannot stop the damage done by mesh before it is removed, especially over a long period. However when a woman has been told she is having removal surgery but she does not understand what removal means, she will have many surgeries and be injured more.  Please look to the right side of this blog and click on the link that states Questions to ask before mesh removal.  Print those questions out and take them with you to an appointment with any doctor who says he can remove it.  Ask them the questions and look him/her in the eye when they answer.  You may not want to know the truth but you will know the truth by their actions, not just by their words.

There is also a link to explain what a translabial ultrasound is.  Read it and ask if your doctor has this test?  Do they understand how to read it?  If they don’t/can’t, start searching for a way to get to a doctor who does understand and can help you.  Click on the link for doctors at UCLA.  Then read the post Mesh Removal & No Money.  Perhaps you can raise enough to get you out to UCLA for the tests you need.

This Thanksgiving I give thanks for the help that I have had by doctors and friends, to begin a new life on a path of wellness.  Even after full removal it is a slow road back if you have been seriously injured like I have, but there is hope.  There is a way to stop the downward spiral of mesh complications while it remains in your body.

My Thanksgiving will be quiet this year with me resting often and enjoying my time with my daughter.  I will spent part of that time preparing a simple meal that we will eat together.  I cannot spend too much time on my feet cooking mounds of food that we will not eat, but I can cook something we will both enjoy.  I can give thanks and think of a better year next year at Thanksgiving and Christmas because the mesh is now gone from my body and I have hope for healing.

I want this for every woman in the world.  I don’t want women to be continually injured by this terrible mesh implant product and no one cares.  That is my Thanksgiving wish for all women……….


  1. Carmel Berry

    Happy Thanksgiving XXX thanks for your update! I just wanted to mention that I had the ultrasound and MRI and they could both be read ‘remotely’ ie.. the doctor discussing the digital files and reporting it did not have to be in my town. I wondered if it is possible that the good folks at UCLA could offer this service so women didn’t have to travel just for the test. OR maybe Dr Hans Deitz in Australia could recommend people he has trained internationally… just a thought. xxx

    1. lavalinda

      I am going to send you Dr. Raz email address. He will send any doctor the instructions of how to read these tests for mesh. Whether they are experienced though will be a different matter. I imagine the person who does the test also has to have the experience in how to take it. I think it would be great if your doctor would work with Dr. Raz to solve problems, especially now that there is an epidemic of women needing help with mesh complications all around the world.

  2. Still Suffering

    Pray too for people like me who have made multiple trips to Dr. Raz and still he is unable to help with the pain. I have this now over four years, multiple surgeries by him and he is unable to get rid of this horrible pudendal nerve pain. I want to be like other patients that have great results, but no. Now I have to hope in his Interstim device placement to give me quality of life. God help him to help me. I had such hopes, but again, I am sadly not alone. The thought of another implant frightens me so much, but I just need a break from this constant pain . I need a life, please, for this pain to stop. I am so tired. I’ve already been to a pudendal nerve specialist in my home town and his treatment is not recommended by Dr. Raz. It is truly terrible to be in my shoes. But I am grateful he is still trying to help me and my husband loves and supports me and I have real friends. Maybe there is still hope. Thanks for listening! And yes, when you recover, continue to help other women if you can. You have done so much for them. Your site is amazing!

    1. lavalinda

      Pudendendal nerve is the worse because you cannot sit with any comfort. I wish I could offer you something else, but I don’t know of anything. You are one of the reasons that we have to fight so hard to get this stuff OFF the market. It does more harm to women’s lives than good. I TRULY feel for you and hope at some time there will be a better answer.


    Dear Linda ,
    how are you ? I

  4. lavalinda

    Claudia. I am sorry you cannot come over to the best surgeon in the world and I will give you Dr. Raz email in a personal email. He travels all over the world and only he can answer your questions. Understand what any doctor means by mesh removal is a huge part of this journey. Most mean they will remove only what they can find easily. There are few doctors who can remove it completely and do little damage other that what the mesh has already done to you. I do know horror stories of many women whose doctor decided to ‘try’ to remove it. I hope you have a good doctor in your country who is a great urologist.
    This serious issue with pain is often because of deep infection which is from bacterior deep inside the mesh. Women have terrible stomach pain and say they look pregnant. I asked Dr. Raz myself was there anything that any woman can take to ease the sypmtoms because antibiotics are not working. He said no. Only removing all the mesh will help them.
    I am doing very well. I do not live on pain meds. I am at peace with the knowledge that I no longer have any mesh in my body, nor the anchors that held it in place. I wish this for you and all women.


    Thank you


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