Mesh & Brave American Women A Tribute

This morning I thought about the wonderful women I turn to whenever I am either overwhelmed or I don’t know how to help someone who is struggled with pain from mesh complications.  I knew I had to pay tribute to those who have openly spoken out against what has happened to women because of the use of medical mesh.

I should say first that I have had just one complaint hailed at me since doing this blog.  I was reprimanded that I did not have medical background and should not give out any medical advice.  I will state once again as I have many times before, that I DO NOT HAVE ANY MEDICAL BACKGROUND and have never pretended to have had any.  All I am is an ordinary woman who woke up to a world of pain and complications from a surgery that was supposed to be simple and non invasive.  So how do I help other women when I don’t have any medical background?  First I answer the emails and comments and listen over the phone to these women.  Then when I don’t know how to help them, I turn to one of the women who jumps in whenever I have a question or I can’t get to every woman who needs attention.

Medical.  Actually Denise is like a mentor to me.  There are times when I get stuck, especially when it comes to the very young women whose lives have ‘ended’ far too early.  They don’t know who to turn or understand what has happened to them.  Their lives are in pieces and yet they still have to take care of young children.  Some do have husbands whereas others don’t.  Some are so badly injured by mesh that they live on pain meds.  This can cause so many other problems.  Children can be taken away if anyone states to the authorities they are not a fit parent when under the influence of pain medication.  So I turn to Denise.  She often takes over, spending countless hours on the phone trying to get them help or to understand their symptoms.  She teaches them about their bodies so that they understand where the pain is coming from and how to handle.

Denise doesn’t just help me.  She still suffers from the damage mesh caused to her own body while raising a family.  She has been fighting to help all women who suffer this way and she has gone to the FDA meetings, stood up and told them what is going on with the women of our country.  Here you can ‘meet’ Denise and understand more about what is happening to women with mesh complications.  She did a wonderful job of explaining how this affects us and what happens once mesh is in our bodies.

Organizing this blog.  Deb stepped in as my mesh removal surgery grew closer.  Then she took over while I was down after my surgery by guiding women to the blogs that could help them deal with their complications.  As my blog grew, the information was not easy to find.  I am not proficient when it comes to blogs.  I just write and then when I hear from a woman who needed help, I would find the link/links and email them to her.  When Deb offered to help me because of her own background as manager and administer at a large college, my daughter was thrilled.  This had always been her job but life took over.  Before I was mesh injured, we had been building a house together.  Now she does it all alone and there is no time for things I need to help other women.  Life still has to go on for us even though I am down and out.

So Deb stepped in.  She sorted my blogs into categories and set it up so that those categories could be easily found.  And she did all this while working full time, and raising her own family while suffering daily with her own mesh injuries.  Life is a struggle for her but without going to work she would lose her insurance.  Fortunately she will also be having mesh removal surgery in January 2013 by Dr. Raz at UCLA.  Who is Deb?  You can read her story here

Women with infections.  Lisa understands that although you may not have erosion or crippling affects of mesh complications, infections can be deadly.  She had to fight to get her insurance to allow her to go out to UCLA  and you can read what she did on the following link.  Lisa jumps in when women tell me about the swelling in their stomachs and the constant use of antibiotics that take them down a road of agony.  She tells them that yes, it is the mesh, even though their doctors are telling them it isn’t.  She hears their voices and allows them to get out the frustrations of what they are going through.  Meet Lisa.

Fund Raising.  Bev did this for a member of her own family and raised enough money to get the surgery and treatment needed for cancer.  So when she offered to help women understand what they could do for themselves to raise the funds to go out to UCLA, I was gratified.  Bev will undergo mesh removal on the 13th of this month.  She is grateful to finally do so because her life is that of being house bound and she feels lucky to have a good husband and family.  This is Bev.

Caring and Nurturing.  This is the way I describe Pat.  She has been through hell and back and yet she still takes time to answer emails I send to her and lets women know they are not alone.  Pat was an athlete.  Then her life went downhill and she lived in a world of agony.  Meet Pat.

Medical Mesh News Desk reports on cases where both men and women have been injured because of various medical implants.  Jane does a bang up job for someone who does not suffer herself.  This is Jane

Jane also wrote my story.  I wanted to give my face as a woman who did not know where to turn so I banged my thoughts and frustrations out onto a keyboard.  They say if you build it they will come.  They did.  This is me.

There are others of course who remain behind the scenes.  Some are struggling with their own long term mesh injuries and are trying to get to the point of mesh removal.  Many don’t have insurance.  Some can barely work to keep theirs.  They get up each morning and do whatever it takes to pull themselves out of a giant dark hole.  And yet they still offer to help.

So my thanks goes out to all those women who help me in the background and yet ask for nothing.  They are wonderful and caring women who do not want to see this happening to other women.  I appreciate them very much and they deserve to be paid tribute to.


  1. Lisa Pashenee

    Linda Kilpatrick, all the thanks goes to you! You are the catalyst of information and help, that has given us all the avenues of information, to get out of the world of mesh.

    As far as everyone helping, in times of disaster, people come together to help others. After going through this nightmare of mesh, I doubt any of us will ever forget our pain and our anger burns strong. I would do anything to help someone. I wish we all lived closer. It takes a village.

  2. Beverly Martiniano

    Lisa, I totally agree with everything you said. Linda you are a crusader and have done so much to help so many people. I know you have been such an inspiration and support to me. I read the blogs and talk to women and my heart goes out to so many. It many times says to me, I am one of the lucky ones, as not suffered from infection and many of the other side effects. But I so want to be able to help these women get to the right doctors to be helped. We need huge fund raisers to be able to do this. I know Linda is working hard on this also. Linda you have brought so many of us together and continue to do so, for that you are my guardian angel. Please know anything I can do to help, I am here.

  3. patricia buchanan

    Dear Linda,
    May the healing begin for you. Please take time for yourself first and foremost. Thank you for all you do.

  4. Jane Akre


    Thank you for your tribute. What a super group of healers! It is an honor to get to know each of you. You all deserve the best and through your pain you pay it forward… Incredible. Thank you for being shining examples of the strength of the human spirit.!

    Jane A.

  5. DJ

    Linda, thank you so much for your unexpected and kind words.
    Hopefully, others see real ladies banded together in support of each other and women everywhere. That’s the reason we do what we do.
    Blessings to you for everything you do to help others in crisis and need and for your blog that gets the word out about the truth regarding TVM complications, and gives hope to those needing it through information and the experiences of those who have been there/done that.
    Best wishes for your continued healing even as it looks as if you may need to remain patient with your leg for now.

  6. dc

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m truly honored to be listed in this group of wonderful women, and to have any small part of your wonderful blog that has helped, and will help, countless women suffering from mesh complications. You have shared your experiences, feelings, and knowledge and in the process created a wonderful resource for so many other women who are literally desperate for help and understanding. Often, your words, this blog, is the first place they stumble upon where they finally feel validated. In addition, you take the time yourself to talk to them…to listen….. and to try to connect them with others who help them. You genuinely care and it shows. Unfortunately these desperate women just keep coming, don’t they? It is infuriating that so many are suffering such serious life altering complications from a simple thing like mesh, and so little is being done about it. Thank goodness that you created this blog in the first place, and that there are women like you, and the others on your tribute list, that want to help, and really trying to make a difference.

    I mostly think of you as a friend now, Linda… . a friend I’m very fortunate to have and again I feel honored – honored to be able to count you amongst my friends. You are the kind of person that makes the world a better place just be being in it! (((HUGS)))

  7. lavalinda

    Thank you all so much. The world needs to understand that behind one door there are usually a group of strong brave women.
    Yesterday, Bev sent me this and it is so true about all women. We never know how strong we are until someone tries to bend our branches.

    One Flaw In Women


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