Mesh Removal & Healing

My journey through healing.
I woke up early this morning thinking about a conversation I had yesterday with a feisty lady who lives in Tennessee.  Helen first contacted me after she had had a sling put in after a hysterectomy and she was in agony.  The agony was so intense and yet her mesh insertion doctor ignored her pleas for help.  “You just need to heal”.  “It’s normal and it will get better”.  Those and more meaningless sentences are the same all over the world when a woman says “Something is wrong”.

Yesterday she told me she loved me.  I felt warm and humbled.  She said “Until I stumbled across your blog I was at my wits end and no one cared.  I was trying to take care of a sick husband and struggling with extreme pain without any help.  You came to my rescue when I most needed it.”

This woman does not have a lot of money and her insurance only pays 80% of any procedure.  She was already in debt from the hysterectomy surgery she had had, but when I told her the only place I knew for sure that she could get the help she needed was UCLA, she said “Thank you.  Somehow I will get there” and she did.  She had mesh removal last month and is now recovering.  Next she will go back to have the incontinence taken care of by Dr. Raz without using mesh.

She told me how angry she is.  “Before surgery I used a small panty liner for those odd times of sneezing.  Now after removal I am pouring and have no other choice but to go back and get it taken care of.”  She now trusts no one else but UCLA to fix her.  Even if there is hardship financially or leaving her sick husband, she will make that trek across the country once again to make sure there won’t be any more mesh placed inside her body.   I know exactly how she feels.  I don’t trust anyone else either and if I have to make that trek again, I will do it.  I will find the money.   No one else but Dr. Raz is going to touch me again.

She also told me she wants to get the word out to other women.  She said it is the only way she can deal with her anger.  She is fighting mad.  She cannot work now and only time will tell how she will heal.  Then she said she will do something to let the world know how wrong this is.  I listened to her voice and I knew she was one of the warriors.  She won’t disappear into the sunset quietly and let this happen to other women.

This morning I am amazed at how quickly my body is healing.  I used a good cream on the incision to keep the wound from drying too quickly and to let it remain supple.  It worked.   It looks really good and the pain when getting up and down is lessening every day.  The pain in my vagina is lessening too and I am beginning to do Kegel excesses in hopes the incontinence will stop without surgery.  I can only try.

It is amazing to think that it has only been eleven days and I have not taken one pain killer since this surgery.   It is also amazing to think that I, a sixty-five year old woman could be doing so well after such a surgery.  I remind myself every morning, “Thank God for Dr. Raz”.  No, I don’t get one penny for telling you this.  I am just so grateful; I want you and all the women of the world to have the same experience of mesh removal as I have had.  I know thousands are suffering the way I was.  I have to get strong enough so that I can try harder to change things and help more women to go down the same path of healing.

I don’t think Dr. Raz knows how we women feel who are being helped by him.  Words are not enough to describe our gratitude.  Without his help we go further downhill.  Then his amazing skilled surgical hands brings us back to life.  With him help we feel empowered to help more women.   And so we will……..

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