Long Term Mesh in Your Body

This is a story of hope.  Please continue reading.

In three days I will head out for UCLA in California.  Next Thursday I will have my bladder sling removed after two years and seven months of pain and agony.  Truly I need a rest from this blog because the emails and the comments never end and no one who doesn’t have mesh in their body, cares.  My daughter informed me yesterday that I am a non-profit without pay, because new women come in every day.  I try to get back with every one of them with a personal note and a link to a blog here on their particular subject to help them.  Or I ask someone who understands the medical field for help so that I can pass it on to them.

New women who have had slings put in within the last three months are constant and they did not know what has been going on with the rest of us.  Even with all the TV ads.  Why you may ask?  Their doctors have told them that they do not put the bad mesh in and what they are using is a good mesh. Where is the FDA in all of this?  Why are they not taking a stand to see this does not continue to happen.  Then there are the women who believed that they were fine and not like the rest of us.  They were going along in their lives the way they always have.  Five years or more have gone by and they feel safe.  Then the bomb drops.  Pain, infection and no answers.  There have been so many of them I cannot count.  And I know what is wrong.  The mesh has gathered enough bacteria over the years to kill them.  If you are one of those women, please read this blog.  Scream at the top of your voice to be heard.  You will slowly die if you do not.  http://meshangels.com/2012/07/mesh-internal-clostridium-infection  You deserve to live.

If you do not believe me then here is proof.  I wrote this blog one morning back in March of this year when I was feeling very down.  I was reading one after the other of emails from women who were extremely sick.  I asked a friend mesh sufferer who is also in the medical field what was going on.  It was because of her that I wrote the blog above after this.  When I read a very short email from this woman I knew what was wrong.  Up until that point I had only heard it described by other women who had been to Dr. Raz at UCLA as deep tissue infection.  This is the blog I wrote that day when I felt so sad for women.  http://meshangels.com/2012/03/mesh-can-kill-you  Who is this woman you may ask?  Most want to stay anonymous, but this woman almost lost her life and wound up doing her story to try to help other women.   I talked to her on the phone the day I got her short email and asked her if she could travel.  She said somehow she would go anywhere and do whatever it took.  She did.  Her story turned out well.  Dr. Raz took care of her and although she will never live a completely normal life again, she is alive and back working on her own business.  She was one of the long term mesh people I am talking about.  It had been in her body almost nine years.

Since then there have been many others and the length of time they have been suffering is endless.  I just wrote a blog about another who will have mesh removal by Dr. Raz a week after me.  It has been in her body twelve years.  This is that blog and you can read her comments following my words.  http://meshangels.com/2012/09/twelve-years-of-mesh-hell-now-a-light-of-power

So don’t think because it has been awhile you are safe.  If infections begin and nothing is working to clear it, take action NOW!  I don’t want any woman to die because of this.  You have to take charge of your health and get the help you need.

For more stories like this woman’s please go to ‘Mesh Medical Device News Desk‘ (http://meshmedicaldevicenewsdesk.com).


  1. beverly p

    I had bladder sling surgery on july 9 2012 to repair a fallen bladder. I am now having some pain in my vagina that is very confusing. burning sensation,itching,almost like a yeast infection but no discharge or redness usually seen with that. it is worse if i have sat for a while,or if i have been standing or walking a lot . i have noticed pain is better if i am not wearing clothes that are constricting.sometimes it is almost as if i cant stand for clothing to touch me in that area.do i need to schedule an appointment with my dr.?

    1. lavalinda

      Beverly, your song is one I have heard so many times before and I can sing it loudly. I am very sad for you. Even with all the TV ads, women come here all the time who are stuggling with very recent implant surgeies and they are not doing well. I hope you will get answers from your doctor but sadly is is rare that any of us have had any from our own doctors. In fact I don’t remember anyone being told “it needs to come out”. Please make an appointment at UCLA. There are three surgeons who know what they are doing and you can get in sooner with either of the two women. Don’t go on so long you cannot gather the strength to travel. I could not stand clothes either from the very beginning of my surgery. Your symptoms will not get any better, only worse. You deserve a better life.

  2. dc

    Hi Beverly. Did this just start happening or has it been going on since July? Either way, sounds like something I would go to my OB for, yes… and/or the person who did the surgery… although, if you read through here, you will see a lot of women don’t have much luck dealing with the same doc who did the surgery… but, still, probably where you should start.


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