Bladder Slings & I.B.S

Last night I received a comment from yet another lady who told me that after numerous tests and constant health issues without answers, she has been diagnosed with I.B.S.   She told me she thinks it is the diagnosis of choice when a doctor runs out of tests and ideas.  This lady said she had a mesh sling implant put into her body ten years ago and lately she is having many more health issues including kidney problems and her cries are falling on deaf ears.   She has been passed from one specialist to another without any definitive answers.  This has become very normal for me to hear, which also makes me very sad.

I have heard this same story over and over again and I feel very bad for these women because it is not just about their suffering.  They could have what Dr. Raz has called deep tissue infection and it can be very dangerous.  I am not a health care professional but many of my mesh friend sufferers are, so when I get stuck with an answer to help women, I call upon them and ask what should I say to help other women.  I did just that a few weeks ago when I realized how prevalent it had become when women kept telling me the same thing.  I.B.S, and other similar illnesses like this became a mantra of sorts, so I first had to ask why.  Then I wrote a blog and this is the link.  Please read it and learn what natural product to take to try to make it through until you have your sling removed.  It could be a matter of life and death

Once again I want to thank the ladies who have this knowledge and want to help others while suffering themselves.  Without them I could not write any of this information here.

The problem with mesh in our bodies is that our symptoms are so varied.  Sometimes it is because of the length of time it has been in our bodies and sometimes it is the sling type.  The mesh material harbors infection and as time goes on it can cause these women to suffer greatly and their symptoms mirror the symptoms of these other diseases.  I have written about women who contacted me after being opened up by other surgeons and then sent home because the surgeon said they could do nothing.  One woman in particular I wrote about here in this blog, “Mesh can KILL YOU” (

I can now give you news of hope after this woman had removal surgery by Dr. Raz.  She had a rough time for awhile because she was in extremely bad condition, but she made it through surgery and she is now back home and running her full time business.  It makes me very thankful that Dr. Raz is there and I wish all women could go to him for help.  I know this is not possible, but you can arm yourself with knowledge and show your doctor the information to get the help you badly need.  You should be aware that most are not educated about mesh complications because it is not their field, but you need to explain what you believe is wrong, when all else has failed.  IT IS THE MESH!  I wish you the greatest of luck.

I always try to add a link that you can read that will help you understand why other illnesses can mimic mesh complications.  Here is one explaining these internal disorders.  I hope it will help you, “Irritable bowel syndrome”:


  1. Sherry

    I had total hysterectomy in 2007….cervix was removed also….they thought I had cancer so I was cut up and down and not side to side not to mention ended up with staph and was reopen and put on wound vac….was horrific!! I now have this golfball side knot in left groin and it hurts if I cough or strain…and I pee myself at least once a day too.. and having some trouble holding bowels…so what I want to know as my doc said she would make a sling for my bladder… does that mean they used mesh??
    Thank you

    1. lavalinda

      Only she can answer that and you need to ask her. There are other ways to make a sling using your own tissues and you need to find out if she is that competent and how much experience she has. If you read the next story down from this you will know why it is important for you to know now and make your own choices. The lady I wrote about had cancer and she wound up in a terrible mess because of mesh. If your doctor cannot do it ask her who does.

  2. Linda

    Thank you so much. You responded to me many months ago and told me about Dr. Raz. I had been to Cleveland twice and to Mcgee Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh,PA. Of course nothing is wrong….I’m suffering from depression”No sh**” Drs. how do u live with yourselves….shame on all of you. I can’t get back all the times I missed with my children….They are my life….and because of this mesh I feel like a bad Mom. My oldest is gong to college next year(what wil I do with out her) she has had to grow up quickly….and picks up the chores that most days I can’t do…..never ever complained. She is an amazing 17 year old. She deserves an award. My youngest 12 just sits and withdraws and checks on me when I finally go to sleep to make sure I’m still breathing. No chlid should ever have to do that for a parent that is 42 years old….I WILL beat this….I’m waiting on the call from Dr. Raz for my appointment date….I went in late August.
    They told me then not to expect a call for atleast 2 months..They are very nice. Just to hear somebody say “That mesh has to come out..or you will not get better” Thank You so much for your information and your incredible strength my prayers are with you my sweet friend…Thinking of you,Linda.

    1. lavalinda

      I know making the decision to go to UCLA is not easy both money and leaving your family, but we do everything we can to give them back their Mom. I will be thinking about you.

  3. Tessa

    I had bladder sling surgery about 6 years ago, and for about the last couple of years now, I’ve developed a spastic colon, which was diagnosed by my doctor after having a colonoscopy and endoscopy about 1 year ago. I asked him if my bladder sling implant could possibly be a cause or contribute to the IBS, and he said it’s a possibility because the slings are usually attached to part of the bowel wall. If I could know for sure that the sling is causing my problems, then I would have it removed. I think I would rather have the incontinency, than all of the miserable cramping, on and off again diarrhea, embarassing gas, etc. And, if there is another reason for my problem, then I would really like to know what it is, so I could get it fixed.

    1. lavalinda

      Yes, yes, yes it could and it has for so many women. Mesh migrates and attaches itself to other areas it is not supposed to be. I know a woman who is about to have her ninth surgery for this in ten years. Please make sure you go to someone who can do complete removal safely.

  4. Christina1

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