Mesh Removal & A Pathway to a New Beginning

This morning an email came in that was good news and news of hope.  These do not happen often so I had to share part of it with you.  The lady who wrote to me this morning, found me back in April and left her story in the comments of my blog Mesh Destroys Lives, April 8th 2012.  When she read the information here and also what I sent to her via email, she made an appointment with Dr. Raz.  This woman had suffered for eleven years and had numerous tests and things done to her without success and mesh was never blamed.  Her husband who also has his own physical ailments, put a bed in the back of a van and drove her three days each way from Oklahoma to UCLA in California for her first consultation.  It was a hard trip for both of them, but that is how determined they are to get her the help she needs.  She shared the difficulties of the trip and what they went through with me and of course they both had to rest once they got back home.And now next month they will make that long journey back there for her removal surgery October 18th, one week after me.  She will share the same removal date with another lovely lady who I have also been in contact with for awhile.  She too made the decision to go to Dr. Raz and also will make a long journey driving from Canada to California.  She told me it will take them three days each way.  Her husband at the wheel, she will be laying in the back seat to make the trip.  Fortunately she has family in L.A. and will have that wonderful comfort once she arrives.  Through me, these to ladies have ‘met’ and talked over the phone.  The lady’s family offered to let the other the other couple to park their motor home at their place and offered them the use of a car to travel to and fro to UCLA.  I was quite amazed at this and I think this renews my faith in human nature.  They are wonderful to do this.

Now these two ladies will have each other for understand their condition and fears and their husband’s will have each other through a difficult time while their wives have surgery.  That is priceless.

I too will meet other ladies before my surgery October 11th, who are going to Dr. Raz for their first consultation.  It will be very nice to sit and talk with women who found my blog and made the difficult decision to start a new journey.

This is part of the email I received this morning.

Thanks SO MUCH Linda I will forward this to my husband, (I had wished them well in my reply) he has talked to the lady who offered to allow us to park by their home and was amazed and delighted to get the offer. He was spazzing out where to park, where to get a car etc. not doing me much good on keeping calm! HA!  He was VERY grateful not to have to worry about those details now.  Which makes it much easier on me!

Sept. 16th this week was the 3rd anniversary of my Dad passing away in his apartment by our house. I was really bummed that day and hurting because of it-then the day after I had to do all the tests etc. at the Doctor, they all came out ok etc. the EKG said borderline abnormal and they gave me nothing to get my heart up just hooked me up to the wires, I sure hope Dr. Raz is not real picky about that my Dr. said he will be sure to get the info to him and ask him to see if he wants me to go to a Cardiologist. He said he does not see any problems and many, many people have borderline abnormal.

But I have NEVER had heart problems before, my blood pressure is fine an with ALL the operations I have had you would think someone would have said something by now. I just want the go ahead like you to get it done! Next day-Yesterday was our oldest granddaughter’s 6th birthday, I was hurting so MUCH from the day before and my daughter did not expect us to come over anyway with all the kids etc. She is bringing her by tomorrow for her birthday things from us. She is like a ray of SUNSHINE in our lives. My husband is going to a psychiatrist for counseling for himself by himself next week. A good thing to do since our regular doctor prescribes him an antidepressant and it never hurts anyone to get some self awareness. I do myself every 3-6 months for my meds.

I think I got it across to our family doctor that if this surgery just makes it so the PAIN meds work I would be delighted. Until my 3rd or 4th one I can do NOTHING and it is late again. So the day of getting up early to do all the tests and my husband had a few done too did me IN! Something is not going well when you have to take the 3rd or 4th pain pill to get ANY relief at all and then it JUST takes the edge off barely.  Thanks SO much and I’m pulling for you and praying for you to have a great outcome.  Thanks again,

And now from me.  I truly wish to share much more with you about mine and other’s journeys to a new pathway of hope.  How we have lived has been difficult, but how we choose to love from now on is far more important.  It is time for healing.

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