Mesh & Multiple Sclerosis

You cannot keep a blog like this without the fact that on many days you wonder will you have heard it all at some point.  The answer is no, I do not think I ever will.

A few days ago I got a catch up call from a friend of over forty years who lives in Canada.  We knew each other when our husband’s worked on offshore drilling rigs in Trinidad and our children were small.  We have both gone through many things in our lives and at times we call the other one and share our struggles and our happiness.  My life has been so much easier than hers because she has Multiple Sclerosis and over the years it has made her life very painful and difficult.  However, her spirit though at times beaten down, returns because of the woman she is and she gets back up and keeps on going.

The gist of our conversation was about our lives in general over the past few months, our children and other normal things.  She had written to me a few months ago asking me to try to explain to another M.S sufferer she knew, what a sling could do to this friend if she had it done.  I tried, but the lady did it anyway.  My friend was very upset because she did not want any woman to live in pain the way me and thousands of others do, but I explained to her that she did her best.  She along with me offered up informed information but at the end of the day this is all any of us can do.  Adults have the right to choose and do as they please.  My job is not to demand anything.  All I do is pass on information from thousands of women who want the world to know.

Two days later I received this email from another M.S sufferer who did not understand what was going in her body.

“I’m so glad I found your blog today. I had an abdominal hysterectomy approximately 2 years ago. I also had a mesh sling for incontinence. I’ve had problems from the start. First of all, I believe the mesh was too tight because I wet all over myself when I urinate. When I called to talk to the surgeon with my concerns, but I was only allowed to speak with his nurse. She said there was no way to adjust it, and I would just have to hope that after the swelling subsided that my stream would be normal. That never happened. I don’t want to go back to see him EVER, because he disregarded my wishes from the start. I consider him a butcher. My incontinence is much worse. I went from having minor stress incontinence to much more sever problems. The sling was a huge mistake. I’ve developed pain in my lower back and my left side. I have pain during intercourse. It’s now uncomfortable for my husband as well. I feel like I have a constant low grade infection. My MS has progressed quite a lot in the last 2 years after being stable for 10 years, and I fear that I’ll be in a wheelchair soon if I don’t get this mesh out of my body. Thank you for writing your blog and giving so many desperate women hope.”

I did some research to share with any M.S sufferer and here are the following links.

I could not find any recommendation for a sling to be used because of incontinence.  In fact, knowing what I do know from the friend of mine, it would be the last thing that should be done.  If you have M.S, please learn as much as possible about your condition before you have any surgery for hysterectomy or incontinence.  I hate to hear any woman suffer even more along with M.S.  I know this is not something you should take lightly.  You have so much to cope with already and do not need any more.  I feel for this woman because now she has to climb two mountains.  M.S is a long tern high mountain and so are complications arising from bladder sling surgery.  Please be aware of this.


  1. rachel gladwin

    thanks for this info. I have Primary Progressive MS and my bladder is driving me crazy. My mother is urging me to have the mesh fitted (she has had the op and is pleased with it; however she’s 80 and has had 4 children. I have not had kids and think that having PPMS at 57 with painful spasms and loss of mobility, I’m not looking for additional problems. Thanks very much indeed!

    1. lavalinda

      Rachel knowing what I know this could be the end of you. You have to weigh everything to make any decision.

  2. Lety

    Hey i had the mesh put in and it deteriorated inside of me cost a lot of complications they remove what they could i cannot have intimacy with my husband on my nerves are damaged I got a battery put in to tell my brain I need to use the bathroom and now I think I have MS so as a doctor says my nerves are all damaged if you don’t have to put the mesh don’t do it there’s other ways


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