Mesh, Kidney Stones & Serious infections.

I am seriously frustrated at the amount of women who live in terrible pain because of mesh slings.  I cannot tell you how many women I have cried with over the phone.  Women who apologize to me for crying when they need not do so, because they are at their wits end.  This happened again this morning.

What you should understand is that many, many women have or had careers.  Made excellent money, raised families often on their own and were living their lives.  Then the symptoms of bladder sling mesh begin and they traipse from doctor to doctor.  Emergency room to Emergency room and they are told the same thing as the poor women of this country.  All you want is drugs.  Here is some antibiotics, now go home.  They are never told the truth.  “Mesh is causing your symptoms and you must got to a qualified surgeon who can remove it completely”.  Why don’t they say this you may ask?  It is because they do not know how to remove the mesh and it is not made to be removed.  So to them there is no answer.  You may think this cannot happen to you but it can.  It happens to intelligent women every day and they don’t know what to do.

So what do you do if you are in this position.  You woke up this morning and there is blood in your bed.  You are in absolutely agony and you don’t know if you will make it to work today but you have to.  You have to feed your family.  Keep a roof over your head and keep that all important insurance to try to get help.  Every trip you make to the emergency room you still have to pay out more money regardless of those high your insurance premiums.  You are paying for doctor visit after doctor visit.  Prescription after prescription for antibiotics that no longer work, so they switch you to a new one.  So what do you do now?  Stop the roller coaster and get off.  Call UCLA and make an appointment with one of the three competent Urologists who know how to remove all the mesh.  Not just snip off what is eroding if they can see it.  Every partial removal surgery you have will lead to more erosion.  More scar tissue.   These doctors at UCLA can change your life.  Do they pay me to tell you this.  Hell no!  Why I am telling you this is because I have spent two years listening to thousands of women.  Hearing their pain and losing their jobs and sometimes their family.  You have to say “No more!”  You have to ask your church, neighbor, work mates and anyone who will listen to help you raise the funds to get out there.  Make the appointment first then raise the money.  Then pay it back when you can or help someone else in your situation.

This morning a vibrant woman with her life ahead of her called me crying.  She had been on the way to the emergency room yet again.  But she knew the outcome would be the same.  More bills and no answers.  Someone telling her all she wants is drugs, when she refuses to be on narcotics because she knows what they an do.  So she is struggling with terrible pain from kidney stones yet again.  And you know what is so surprising about this woman?  She is an R.N.  And she is one of many who has contacted me.  You may think when you go into an emergency room that these nurses cannot possibly understand the terrible pain you are going through and yet many can.

I called her on her phone at her request because I knew she was very upset.  She pulled the car over to talk to me and she burst into tears.  I cried too but I could not allow myself to let it come through.  I had to calm her and give her hope.  She had already decided to turn around and go home, knowing it would be more of the same.  I knew she was in a State far from California but I asked her could she go to UCLA.  She said yes, she would do anything.  She was at a crossroad of hell or help.  She took help.  You must too before your career has gone.  Before you lose your insurance and you become another statistic.  Another poor woman who is on disability, fighting to get help but ready to give up your life because you live in so much pain.  Don’t get to that point.  Get help NOW.

I asked a wonderful friend who is a nurse practitioner for advice to help this woman who had first emailed me a couple of weeks ago.  Kidney stones were constant.  UTI’s rampant and the pain and agony was taking over her life.  She was being told it was not the mesh by every doctor she went to.  This was my friend’s answer to my email

It IS the mesh even though they don’t SEE it eroding! The urinary symptoms, freq UTI’s- constant feeling of needing to void, kidney stones, etc.

You and I KNOW the mesh causes these symptoms even though it’s not SEEN eroding through the bladder, urethra, or vaginal wall (yet)… It’s too tight or is in some way interfering with her ability to void leading to retention, infections, and stones. Mesh close to or in the urethral wall (w/o eroding through) would also cause these symptoms. CLASSIC mesh complication symptoms!

The lady who needs the help was finally given a date of October 10th to do a cystoscopy and that is a month to wait in such pain.  My friend continued with this.

Why in the world is she needing to wait until OCT 10TH for the cysto to be done?!!! That’s more than a month away!!! Why aren’t they doing one in the office or at least getting her on the OR schedule faster?!! That’s a crime in my book. Very poor medical care in my nursing opinion. She should not have to be suffering like this until that cysto is done! She also needs to have blood work done to see it anything is showing elevated WBC’s (systemic infection) or kidney trouble. She really needs to have one of Dr Raz’s translabial ultrasounds!

So if you are reading this, please take action no.  Call UCLA.

I did some research this morning and found this information that will allow you to believe that your symptoms are due to your bladder sling.

Bladder stones generally begin when your bladder doesn’t empty completely. The urine that’s left in your bladder can form crystals that eventually become bladder stones. In most cases, an underlying condition affects your bladder’s ability to empty completely.

The most common conditions that cause bladder stones include:

  • Damaged nerves (neurogenic bladder). Normally, nerves carry messages from your brain to your bladder muscles, directing your bladder muscles to tighten or release. If these nerves are damaged — from a stroke, spinal cord injury or other health problem — your bladder may not empty completely.
  • Weakened bladder wall. Bladder diverticula are weakened areas in the bladder wall that bulge outward in pouches, and allow urine to collect.

Other conditions that can cause bladder stones include:

  • Inflammation. Bladder stones can develop if your bladder becomes inflamed. Urinary tract infections and radiation therapy to your pelvic area can both cause bladder inflammation.
  • Medical devices. Occasionally, catheters — slender tubes inserted through the urethra to help urine drain from your bladder — can cause bladder stones. So can objects that accidentally migrate to your bladder, such as a contraceptive device or stent. Mineral crystals, which later become stones, tend to form on the surface of these devices.
  • Kidney stones. Stones that form in your kidneys are not the same as bladder stones. They develop in different ways and often for different reasons. But small kidney stones occasionally travel down the urethra into your bladder and if not expelled, can grow into bladder stones.

Now take action to save your future.  Your career.  Stop worrying about finding a doctor who will tell you it is the mesh.  That is wasted energy.  Take action NOW!

I wrote a blog on August the 28th with how to contact these wonderful doctors at UCLA.  The blog is titled ‘So Much Hope for Mesh Removal‘.  I hope you will go to it and make that appointment today.

If you are one of the women who has lost your insurance and career, there is something you can do that will cost you very little money until you get help.  I wrote a blog on May 1st 2012 titled Bladder Slings and UTI infections to tell you about a product that has saved my life this past two and a half years.  Please do something to help yourself.  You deserve it.


  1. Doris B

    I am going to see my Doctor again tomorrow and i have one simple question for him when is the pain going to stop and when can i have my life back

  2. dc

    Hi Doris,
    Unless you’re going to Dr. Raz, or another expert at dealing with mesh complications, you’re not likely to get a good response, unfortunately. =( I will hope that you do get some relief and help. If you do not, please know that there ARE some doctors and people out there who will help.

    You might want to read:

    Questions to ask BEFORE Mesh Removal (


    Please let us know how you make out.

  3. lataine

    I to am going throw this same crap staying sick done had my bladder sling fixed supposedly 2 they said they did anyway that’s been almost 9 yrs ago still to this day have hell hurting recurring uti’s or bladder infection kidney stone they always telling me I have blood in my pee no one will help after they find out I have the bladder sling

    1. lavalinda

      lataine if you can make it out to UCLA to the urologists, they will help you. See my post about Dr. Raz and his associates.

  4. Sondra Cessna

    I had the bladder sling surgery 6 yrs ago, and for the last 2 yrs my hips and legs have been hurting terribly! Recently, 3 weeks ago, my lower back where my kidneys sit has been hurting and I feel like I’m having gall bladder issues. I do not have trouble urinating butt always feel on the verge of having UTI. Could this be from the sling?? My gyno says they didn’t use the brand being recalled and she knows how to do the procedure so these symptoms are not from the sling. HELP with any advice!!

    1. lavalinda

      Sondra yes it can be. Kidney signs are because the sling has either always been to tight or when it shrinks or shifts, it causes these terrible issues. We have gone over this so many times, that it matters not the brand it is the MESH. Please don’t listen to her any more. Go out to UCLA and have a consult. The link is at the right side. Don’t wait until you have kidney disease. You need to go to someone who will say it IS the mesh, not play games and send you for many tests or do surgeries you do not need. Start reading and learn.

  5. Rosalinda

    I had urinary incontinence in 2010. I had surgery in Nov 2010 been having problems that same year I had kidney surgery and now this month I have gone the same week for severe pain in my back coming to the front I was told that I have 2 kidney stones one ont the left and right plus I have an infection and I could end up having kidney failure I am very scared and I just want to get well. I didn’t know a mesh could make you have kidney stones the pain is unbearable and just don’t know what else to do. Please help if any one else knows what else I can do.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Rosalinda what is wrong with you is very common after mesh slings, so my advice is get out to UCLA as soon as possible or you could have permanent kidney damage.

  6. S

    May I ask a question regarding kidney stones and a bladder sling? I had a bladder sling back in 2006. I don’t have any problems other than in 2016, I had kidney stones which required outpatient surgery. Would this surgery interfere, break or tear the bladder sling mesh? I have started to experience more frequent need to hit the restroom and find it more difficult to completely empty. I wonder if my bladder sling was damaged during the surgery to remove the kidney stones. Can you comment? Thank you!

    1. Linda (Post author)

      S. Mesh slings are really strong and will not tear or break. They literally have to be cut. It could be complications setting in, but I am not a doctor and tests need to be run to find out. With kidney stone chances if I were you, I would take marshmallow root capsules daily. Never miss it.


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