Mesh Fibromyalgia & Low Energy

One of the things so many women have shared with me is their multiple complication symptoms due to mesh.  Many have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and other immune disorders.  When I think back and remember how hard women had to work to get doctors to believe that their symptoms were not phantom or those of a hypochondriac, but they were real, it is not much different to what we are all going through now.    Not only that but these women cannot get out of bed and live the lives they once had.  As I listen to women with mesh complications I realize how many have immune disorders of which this is one.  Many more women have other immune disorders and some have shared with me that everything changed for them after full mesh removal and they finally got their lives to where they could get up out of bed and live again.   Full mesh removal is the only way to work on your future.  That means all mesh and the arms/anchors have to be removed.  I have written blogs about why partial removals will leave you ill and I suggest first read everything first and then find that surgeon who can remove it all.  You will find all of that here and I do not want to reiterate over and over.

So what do you do now while you wait for removal surgery?  Well first I will tell you I am not a medical professional and everything I write on this blog comes from two years of listening to women on the phone and they shared their stories with me.  Without them, I would know nothing and could not share with you.  So if you feel like you have no energy and cannot get out of bed, you may be diagnosed with depression when something could help you without more prescription drugs.  Everything I’ve done for myself has been about surviving two and a half years with mesh complications and no insurance.  And I have survived that time without narcotics or other damaging drugs.

The reason I am sharing this product with you is because of what has happened recently with one of my sisters.  Eighteen months ago she had a breast removed because of a non genetic form of breast cancer.  The drug they put her on took her down so low over a period of a year and she is now only a shadow of her former self.  Muscle damage and pain and she now walks with a stick and barely gets around.  She told her doctor who of course did not believe it was the drug until she was so bad and it was vastly apparent.  Then she switched her to a different medication.  Regardless, she was so bad after all this and had no energy at all and her voice on the phone told me she was in trouble.  So I shared with her what another of our sisters did to come back from a serious bad reaction to a cholesterol drug twelve years ago.  She too could not get off the couch and was in terrible shape.  She barely scrambled enough energy to research and this is the product she took.  NADH.  She has been taking 10 mg tablets a day for one month and when I talked to her two days ago I had to tell her she sounded so much better.  She said it will be a long haul to get her pain under control but she is working on it too with supplements, but she now has energy and this has helped her enormously and she no longer feels depressed.

You should also know that the sister who took it twelve years ago was/is a qualified nutritional therapist and she was determined to make a come back.  She took 10mg a day for one year, then 5 a day for another year.  There is no cure for this so if you get stressed or something else happens such as a journey, you will have to take it again for a period to bounce back.  She does exactly that.

So I gathered links to help you understand what NADH is.  Just read everything and whatever you do pay attention to how you feel completely.  Only you understand your body.  Not me and not any medical professional.  I wish you better health. explanation of what it is and possible side affects.

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  1. Sheryl Objartel

    I had mesh bladder sling surgery about 15 yrs ago and began having trouble with my low back, including pain, muscle and nerve pain. This pain is now severe at times and is in my groin with what feels like menstrual cramps. (I had a total abdominal hysterectomy several yrs before that). No one can seem to figure out what is wrong. I began experiencing severe and chronic muscle pain in other areas and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have severe difficulties with making it to the restroom in time. The Doctor that performed this surgery said nothing was wrong and recently put me on vesicare, which has helped some…I still have accidents, but I have more time before the “big gush” arrives. He did ask me if I had spoken with an attorney over this and I said yes out of depiration. Should I have this thing removed?

    1. lavalinda

      Of course I am not a doctor and cannot answer your question, but my advice is to seek the answer from Dr. Raz at UCLA. On October 18th, one week after my own removal surgery by him, he will remove the mesh from a woman who has been suffering for eleven years. You did not say how old you are, but you deserve a better life. He is the ONLY doctor I would trust after the mesh has been in you so very long. I will send you his email address.

  2. melissa

    Sorry yesterday I left a message put I mess up email address. Please leave information about the sling mesh and fibromylia. I will be seeing my Dr tomorrow. Would like to go in with some information ready for him just in case. Have low left side and hip pain for 3 weeks now. It is killing me. Have had complete hestorecty ( misspelled) . Has to be something causes it. Thanks for any help you can give me. Melissa

  3. DebCNY

    Hi Melissa,
    I’m afraid Linda, the owner of this blog, has been out of town for her own medical issues. How did your appointment go?

    I did find this information on her blog here by using the search at the top of the page, if it helps:


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