Rivers of Mesh Tears

Once again I listened over the phone to the cries of a young woman in crisis all because of MESH!  I hate the word.  It is the thirty-one year old woman whose bladder is dead because of mesh sling surgery.  How can it happen I continue to ask myself.  How can our tears be so ignored.  Tears of the thousands of women suffering because of this surgery.  Tears as their doctors ignore their pleas of pain.  Tears of the loss of their lives as they knew it.  Of their womanhood.

Is the world so unjust.  Is humanity so completely devoid of caring about these issues?  If we were cute little babies or puppies, we would get the attention we need to change things, but we are not.  If we were brutally raped, someone would pay attention and yet the world does not realize, that mesh can leave our bodies mutilated.  The ONLY chance we have is to get to the caring and qualified doctors at UCLA who are trained to remove all the mesh with the least amount of nerve damage.  The more we have partial removal surgeries, the less chance we have of recovery to a somewhat decent life.  That is why I keep this blog.  That is why when I feel I cannot take any more and want to run from this, I have to remember that the women out there want to know that someone cares about them enough to listen.  This morning as I dealt with her pain and the pain of another woman over the phone I thought about all the tears that flow because of this.  I had to write.

The Tears Keep on Flowing

How can this keep on happening
A world of utter pain
Why do we keep on suffering
With little we can gain

Why no one cares I ask myself
The endless stream of tears
Each drop becomes a river
That flows through many years

Who cares about the warnings
Who cares about our cries
Who sees beyond this moment
The never ending lies

How many more will suffer
I’m sad for those who will
They’ll lose their jobs and families
No answers why they’re ill

There are days I want to scream
There’s nowhere else to go
The tears of pain and suffering
The rivers overflow


  1. Kathleen

    why bad things happen to good people will be the question never fully explained. all I know is good can come out of bad and that is why your blog is so important. hopefully someday this issue will get the attention it deserves. in the meantime, please don’t lose hope that things can change. i know it is just not happening soon enough!

  2. Kathy

    One day I hope this river of women will dry up and this will be just a bad memory for us all. god leads us to people we need. He gave you the talent and understanding to help these mesh injured who are in such need not only of medical help. But mental and emotional too!

    It is a tough job for sure, And takes a certain kind of person. I see all the beautiful things you post, and all the creative things you make. That balances out the ugly a bit. Please take care of yourself.

    Ive said it before, I’m not much of a leader, but if you need anything and I can help.please let me know.

  3. lavalinda

    One day I hope it will too, but when women contact me because of complications from a surgery just last month, it seems as if it never will. I just don’t know why there is not a celebrity that this has happened to that is not yelling to change things. There must be at least one. Vanity makes women have plastic surgery and of course if you have any incontinence issues, I am sure they do this too, with or without the knowledge that it is a mesh that is used. Unless the surgeons for the stars do it the way it should be done. Without mesh.


    I agree with you 100% vanity of a celebrity will make one of them that needs it have it done and we surely will be hearing about it, along with the media and all the other journalists. Then I guarantee you something will be done. Because then we meshees WILL have a spokes person for us that they will listen to. Keep the faith Linda, I am.

  5. Kathy

    A couple weeks ago, someone posted that roseanne Barr tweeter her bladder sling was crap, and she’s peeing all over herself.

    She sounded very unhappy. And lord knows she’s not afraid to scream from the rooftops.maybe we need to tweet her!


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