Mesh Can Kill Your Bladder

I sit here numb.  How can a young woman’s life be taken away from her in so short a time.  On June 6th this year, a thirty-one year old woman had a partial hysterectomy and a sling.  That was the end of life as she knew it…..

With no partner in her life and a three year old child to care for, somehow she has to continue on without the use of her bladder.  They told her it is dead…..  She had two more surgeries and the original surgeon has told her he removed it all.  How would she know for sure. 

She is on State medical without a normal future other young women take for granted.  Her pain is so bad from nerve damage that she needs pain meds to relieve the pain.  This is the face of the American woman.  How could this happen…..

I am very sad…………..


  1. lavalinda

    If you believe this is the only woman I have heard from that this has happened to, believe again. This happens more than you would think.


    Ladies, this makes me want to SCREAM ……………… PLEASE make sure you know EXACTLY what the Doctor is going to do to you and have it in writing, if he won’t do it then RUN FOR THE HILLS. Believe me I trusted my gyno of 30 yrs. that he could do a COMPLETE bladder sling removal and he lead me to believe he did just that, but guess what after I DEMANDED an answer ……………….. he lied to me…………………….he only done a partial bladder sling removal as an out patient. Then that lead up to scar tissue removal from the ureo. I have an appointment with Dr. Raz in LA on Sept. 5, 2012, to have the rest of the sling removed. I thank God every day that I came across this blog and for Linda K. and Linda H.

  3. Kathleen

    It is unacceptable that women are treated this way. I don’t understand why this issue is not taken more seriously! Hopefully I can talk to her soon. It is just so unfair.

  4. Christie

    Wow! I am so thankful that I didn’t let my doctor who put this horrible mesh in to begin with do a second surgery… I started doing research as soon as I started having complications ten days after surgery and found this wonderful website of women helping women. You have been so , so helpful with the information u are putting out there for others to see. I found the name of a wonderful doctor…. Dr.RAZ at ucla medical center… So thank u from the bottom of my heart. !!! I had my oringal surgery April 9th 2012 and I’ve gone in for my consult and then testing and I’m having this horrible thing removed nov. 26th of this year. I know my life will be forever changed as I once knew it before I had my tvt-o put in but if I can stop one person or help one person then it will make it a little easier to live with.
    Thank u
    God bless


    I am spreading these terrible news in my country.
    Thank you all


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