Mesh & Internal Clostridium Infection

I have been talking to women with mesh complications now for two years and yet I still gain knowledge from them every day.  Knowledge that I pass on to you to ensure your well being.  This time it is about an infection that I did not understand nor have a name until very recent.  I am so grateful for the knowledge of these wonderful women who share their terrible experiences regarding mesh complications.  This is how it began.

Over time, I receive so many emails or comments here on my blog but one in particular was so poignant.  It was only a few months ago and yet to me it seems a lifetime.  For this woman I am sure today it feels as if she has been given a new life.  It was a one sentence email that had my hair standing on end.  For some reason I knew it was terribly serious.  This woman said “Please help me, I am going to die”.  She included her cell phone number.

I stared at it and immediately picked up the phone.  She did not answer so I left a message.  Later that day she returned my call.  Her voice was of a woman broken.  A woman in terrible pain.  I listened to the pain stressed voice on the other end while she told me her story.  The gist of it is, she had just been in a hospital to have mesh removal after having it in her body for 9 years.  When the surgeon opened her up he found a mess.  An infection so bad, all he did was close her up and send her home to die.  Shocking!  The only thing good that came out of this was that a different doctor who she did not know or had a name, came into her room and told her why they could not do anything for her.  He said it was because they did not know what to do.  This doctor offered her no hope at all but at least he told her the truth.  All she was told was to get her affairs in order.  Hence her email to me after she found my blog.

When I listened to her I knew that Dr Raz at UCLA had talked about something he called deep tissue infection.  I did not understand what it was but I told this woman that somehow she had to get to him.  I was afraid for her life because I do understand that opening someone up with severe infection is not a good thing.  Did it spread further due to this, I do not know.  I am not a doctor nor a nurse, nor have I had any medical training so I cannot say.

I did not want her to just believe me once I had told her this. I enlisted a trusted friend who also helps me to call her and tell her about her mesh removal and Dr Raz and yes he would help her. This distressed woman lives in Pensylvania and Dr Raz is in California. Why would anyone want to fly or drive thousands of miles to see him? Because she did not want to die. My friends phone conversation also gave credence to this man and what I was telling her. No I do not do this alone. I have the best help in the world.

I can tell you this, that this woman had removal by Doctor Raz on May 30th.  She came close to death and stayed longer in the hospital but she is alive and has a new lease on life because of his expertise.  Most doctors would turn her away.  She would be a liability for any doctor or hospital, but I know for a fact Dr Raz stood by her and helped her.  She told this helper friend of mine, that she owes her life to him.

So what is this infection and why are so many women with long term mesh complications afflicted with such a terrible infection?  Because of another wonderful women who is in the medical field, I have a name for you to understand and change what is happening to you.  At the bottom I included links for you to read.  Don’t just read them, read more.  You have a name now and all you have to do is Google it.  Where does it come from?  The answer is simple.  Overuse and continuing use of antibiotics.  Go to those links and they are self explanatory.

So now that you know about this infection what can you do to help yourself.  If you have a sling and you have non-stop UTI infections, you will be offered antibiotic after antibiotic.  The doctor will not know what else to do for you.  I was told I would have to stay on them forever.  To me that was NOT an option.  With my daughters help I found my own remedy.  I wrote a blog about it, but I want you to know and completely understand that what I do may not work for you.  I am trying to help you find your own way and take charge of your health.  At the bottom of this blog I will give you a link to the blog I wrote.  Before I do you need to read the following email I received from the woman WITH medical background and who is also a woman who has gone through mesh complications herself.  This is it.

“I have a friend who had a horrible clostridium infection because she’d been on antibiotics for over a year! She had an area on her abdomen that would swell and get bruised looking whenever she went off them. She had a CT scan that showed “inflammation of all of her major organs” including her colon and pancreas”. None of the Drs at the clinic she went to knew what was wrong with her, including the internist, urologist, gyn, and general surgeon (who, when she asked if it could be the mesh- because she’s already talked to me- practically accused her of seeing something about mesh on TV, like he was insinuating she was trying to drum up a lawsuit or something). So I emailed Dr Raz about her to introduce them, and she emailed him too, with the scan results. She saw him last Oct. He said she was so bad off (she’d developed diabetes, hypertension, and thrown blood clots, and had severe fatigue, plus the mesh and clostridium infections, since her mesh went in) that he needed to get the mesh out asap but she couldn’t get on the schedule until Jan. Her PCP was refusing to give her a medical clearance because of her overall condition. Dr Raz called her PCP himself and told him that she would not get better until the mesh was removed, that it was the cause of her problems, and that he was going to proceed with the operation despite not having his medical clearance. Her surgery was last Jan. Two weeks after surgery she was no longer needing insulin shots.  In some cases, no matter how many antibiotics are taken- the infection still “summers”, only to return when the antibiotics are discontinued. Depending on how bad the infection is…..”

Links to understand this infection.

Links to my self help blog for UTI infections.

You should also understand that I will have mesh removal by Dr Raz Oct 11th.  I have written about my experience when meeting him on this blog.


  1. Joann

    Good Luck with your surgery Linda! I am thinking of you everyday and look forward to hearing about your results. I took your advice and have started with the Marshmallow Root. So far so good and I am one who has had constant UTI’s since sling was implanted. Thanks for all your help.

    1. lavalinda

      I hope it will work for you until you can get it removed. I will write a blog as soon as I can after surgery.

  2. Donna Carnahan

    I had my gall bladder and bladder mesh surgery at the same time in 1986. It seemed that I had bowel problems right away. I have gone to several gastro doctors in the Dallas/Ft.worth area and all said that they think I have a bad case of IBS. It doesn’t even matter what I eat, I get horrible diarrhea with pain, nausea, cold sweats, etc. I have suffered with this for nearly 30 years. Can’t go with my friends to eat . If I do go, I just sit there and not eat . I am now going thru my 6th week of watery diarrhea . I just read an article about the mesh causing stomach problems. I never thought about it before and of course never told the gastro doctors. Is there help for me ! My husband of 26 years (dated for 5 years) left me cause of this.

    1. lavalinda

      Donna I don’t know if mesh was in you at that time but it was used back then by some. The kind of stomach problems is associated with bacteria in mesh. I don’t know if you want to try it but there is something that could help you and I will give you the link.


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