Mesh can KILL YOU

There are days when I ask myself why do I do this?  Why do I put myself in the middle of all the grief and pain that mesh has and is causing women everywhere?  Then a phone call comes in like the one last night and I know why.  Someone has to.

Early afternoon I received a short email from a woman who gave me her phone number, told me her name and said she no longer knew how to help herself.  It was a plea so frank I picked up the phone and called her immediately.  She didn’t answer because she was so sick.  She managed to call me at ten last night and I knew by her voice she was very, very sick.  She told me she had surgery ten days ago for partial removal and was sent home with a few antibiotics which she had run out of and basically left to die.  Her body racked with chills, pain and she was throwing up.  I knew this meant she had deep tissue infection, something I have learned from other women suffering from long term mesh implants in their bodies.

The clinic where she had the surgery gave her no recourse.  No diagnosis.  She was left to her own very ill devises to try to save herself.  She told me she had been a businesswoman all her life.  That she was a pastor.  She wanted me to know she was educated.  Why?  Because women blame themselves for getting themselves in this position.  I yell loudly “This is not your fault”.  This is happening to women all around the world who never knew that there was a mesh implant inside them.  They were never told risks or complications.  Education has nothing to do with mesh.  It has everything to do with no disclosure.

She told me the State she was in.  I didn’t know of a good removal surgeon in her area but remember the one in New York.  I don’t have any feedback but I knew I had to do something to help her.  It was the only hat trick I had left so I asked could she get there?  She said yes she could get someone to take her and she would call them.

I couldn’t sleep of course, so I sent my special helpers an email so that they could send her their thoughts, love and support to her this morning.  These wonderful women got on the ball.

Can we save this woman?  I wish I knew.  All I know is we are doing our best.  We care so much about other women and yet no one hears us.

This has to stop!


  1. Handyman

    Your such a Blessing Linda!

  2. Kathleen

    She is going to make it happen and go to the amazing Dr. Raz. I just wish all women would go to him BEFORE they have a partial removal. They never end well. It is a process as they have put the protocol in place to make it happen even with out of State insurance and if you are patient they work as fast as possible to get the process started and take care of all the details for you. You just have to want the help and be willing to wait for the best Specialist in the country. 310-794-7700 is his new patient hotline. It is worth the wait and you will get the best care possible. It is so important to put yourself in the position to get a complete removal so you can truly heal and get possible reconstruction repair if necessary. It is the only way to truly have as much chance of a “physical” type life after mesh. The damage is already done and he will give you the best care possible.

  3. Sereda Parker

    Hey my name is Sereda i had baddler mesh sling surgery in 2008, and now i can/t sleep in bed. I hurt all the time my right ,left hip in pain 24hrs and my low part of my back and my right shoulder hurt all the time. I am asking for some help don /t know what to do. thank you

    1. lavalinda

      I would like to think there is a way for you to get out to UCLA to have full mesh removal. I am doing well after eleven days since my surgery and another lady who has had this in her twelve years had full mesh removal by Dr. Raz and she is again walking. If you have anyone in church, family or friends please ask them to do a fund raiser for the expenses to get you out there. My heart goes out to you.

  4. dc

    Hi Sereda. Thank you for commenting, and I’m so glad you found this blog. Linda, who owns this blog and normally responds herself to all comments/emails, is currently off-line for a few weeks, while she is finally getting some help for herself ( I am just trying to help out with her blog here while she’s away. She cares so much about everyone and was really worried about not being here for a while, but she needs to take this time to heal herself as it was a long long time coming.

    You will find a lot of information here, and I can tell you that I myself suffer from left hip/leg/groin pain. I had a TOT Monarc sling for SUI. What kind of mesh did you have? And, have you been going to doctors and getting any help? or just getting the run around? There IS help out there, but it’s often difficult to find.

    I suggest you read as much of this blog and about mesh complications as you can, especially the “Most Referenced

  5. Cissy

    I had my ex-husband give me this site to look at. He divorced me because I got sick. Now, after all these years he understands, and is trying to help me. I had mesh put in in 2005. I have had 5 partial removals and get the runaround with every doctor I beg to help me. I have just read the first page and all I can do is cry! Finally, I hear Im not crazy and this pain is real and there is somebody can help me. Im starting the process of an appt from GA,,I pray that Linda, your surgery is a success, and GOD rewards you for what you are doing for the rest of us who are suffering. Please contact me at the above email if you ever need to talk, I know your busy, however, an ear to listen to you may help sometimes. GOD BLESS YOU.

  6. dc

    Cissy – so glad your ex AND you found this blog. No, you are NOT crazy. Mesh is a horrible horrible thing, and so many women, lives, and families are being impacted by it. I’m so sorry it took you so long, but there are many women who suffer even longer before finally finding out the truth. Worse, I’m sure there are those who never do. Did you mean you are from GA? Or going to GA? If there’s ANYWAY you can go to Dr. Raz in UCLA, where Linda is, or one of the associates in his office – that would be wonderful. Unfortunately, there are so few experts on mesh complications…

  7. Sherrie Creasman

    Hi,I had my mesh surgery in June of 2006.It was suppose to be the best thing out there.Wrong,Wrong,Wrong.I have pain every day of my life and thought I was crazy until I came across this blog.I am unable to walk,have pain in my buttocks,searing pain that shoots down my legs and pain between my legs.I see a specialists in Winston Salem NC in a few weeks.His name is Gopal Badiani and is suppose to be one of the best in his field.I pray that he can help me and get this crazy stuff out of me.I pray that all goes well with each and everyone on here.

  8. DebCNY

    Hello. So sorry you are going through this… but, glad you found Linda’s blog. She is currently out of town. I am not familiar with that doctor’s name, but please make sure you get all the information on how he will help you. Most doctors do will only remove a portion of the sling, called a “Partial removal”, and this is often more harmful than good. There are only a handful of doctors that will even attempt to do full removals, and a lot of women (myself and Linda K included) travel all the way to UCLA in CA to go to Dr. Raz or one of his associates because they are the experts when it comes to full removals.

    Please read and refer to the following when go to your local doctor:

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  10. Katelynn Pelkey

    hey I’m kate Pelkey there is a woman in my house named Jennifer she has a mesh sling and it is killing her she cant move she crys in pain has seasures and is like geting mental problems from it she hasent gotten help everytime we see a doc they pretty much send her on her way and nothing has been done to help this woman. I am 18 years old and I’m in a realshioship with her husbands son.

    1. lavalinda

      Katelynn you are very perceptive and a wonderful young woman to worry about this. I am going to send you an email so that we can try to help you understand what you can do to help.

  11. Sherrie Creasman

    The dr I saw was a joke so now I still suffer every day. Does anyone know if there is a dr at Duke University Hospital in NC that does these surgeries?


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