Mesh & Your Insurance

Why do I write these blogs?  It helps me help other women who live like I do, in constant pain every day from the mesh in their bodies.  It helps me get the information to others that I have learned through my network of women friends who have mesh like I do.  Even if you do not trust who is writing this and will not contact me, you can learn from what I write here and help yourself move on to a better life.

There are so many women trying to fight through a maze of red tape with their insurance company to try to see a good mesh removal specialist and all they do is hit walls.  I am fortunate to have many mesh women friends and when I put out the question “What should they do now?” They answered.  Thank God for these women.  This happened very recently and I decided it is time to write about it.

First of all you must listen to the warnings going on in your head when you go back to the doctor who put the mesh in you.  Does he believe mesh injures?  Is he still putting it in others when he is offering to remove yours?  Does he have the experience to remove it ALL?  Does he have the right equipment to see what is going on inside your body?  I have written two blogs to help you with this and I will add the links at this end of this blog.  However, unless your doctor believes that mesh injures women, he may interpret any tests results as nothing to do with mesh at all and decide to put you on antidepressant drugs or pain management.  If this happens to you, walk again and contact me for doctors who will help you.

What if you cannot work and no longer have insurance.  Your only hope is to get onto disability.  Not easy I know, but one stubborn young woman recently told me that she called and kept calling her State Congresswoman until the woman fast tracked her disability so that she could get on State medical insurance.  If you cannot work, you HAVE to do something.  I know how hard it is to get up each day in pain and start the fight to get help all over again.  I know that others in your family may think you are putting it on.  That your partner may not understand how bad this is for ALL women with mesh in their bodies.  I know there are days you want to quit and give up.  I know all this because I talk to countless women who feel exactly like you do.  They want to give up and die!  However, their children keep them going to try to find help and answers.

So now you have State insurance at last and have chosen to go to a mesh removal specialist and the insurance says “No!”  You cannot give up.  I recently asked other women what you can do and they said call your State Insurance Board and ask to give you a case worker who is a patient advocate.  Insist you need someone to help you or you will DIE!  That is not an exaggeration.  It is the truth.  A patient advocate will do the negotiating for you and get you the right to see a mesh removal specialist.  You are dealing with enough.  If you don’t have your mesh removed you are risking a slow drawn out death of kidney disease or serious immune disorders such as lupus.  You HAVE to get help.  You CANNOT sit back and die.

On bad days when the whole world feels as if it is against you, don’t get on the phone.  Wait until a day when you think you can handle the stress.  Yes stress!  It is bad enough that we were never given the whole details about the product that is invading every part of our mind and body.  That we never were told that mesh is easy to put in and so difficult to remove.  And still we have to fight hard to get help.

If you don’t have the money to travel to a removal specialist, do anything to make it happen.  Sell what you can live without.  Get a church to sponsor a fund raiser.  Get your job to sponsor one.  Don’t give up.

You have to raise your children.  You need to live to see your grandchildren.  For the first time in your life put yourself first.  I did everything to help myself.  I sold my car and work from home to get a little income to put towards my travel expenses.  I REFUSE to sit back and give up and so should you.

Contact me for support and guidance.  Read these two blogs and learn, learn, learn.  Trust in you and only you.  Listen to no one else.  Don’t let any family member try to insist you go to a local doctor.  Do this for YOU!


  1. Kathleen

    There is absolutely no way I could have articulated this better myself!!!!! You have to break down barriers and get the help you deserve. You are worth it! Everyone is. This is a huge mess to fix but can get tolerable with the correct medical care. It is very sad to say we have to strive to be tolerable isn’t it? But life can get better but you do have to “fight” to make it happen. I hope that anyone in this position reading this listens and truly seeks out the help they need. If a Doctor tells you something is not possible that is the reason to get more opinions. It is possible to get help but it is not easy. Don’t give up!

  2. Jennifer

    I had hysterectomy & 3 vaginal prolopse surgeries been complaining to doctors about huge lump in right cheek have stage 3 adrenal cancer currently in remission if I believe docs at momment tried starting lump to be recurrence after biopsy were I lost a lot of blood another biopsy 1st couldn’t get anything did another that’s when determined mesh infection severe needs removed now it had hardend so no biopsy needs removed and put on antibiotics neither which they can do and see last prolapse surgeon.gets more complicated also have graves disease need specialist near wa state.Please help


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