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When I started this blog about a year ago, it was to release my anger and get the word out to stop what happened me from happening to other women.  I had no idea that there would be an avalanche of women who wanted recognition because they live in pain and had no one to turn to.  They recognized instantly that I am a real woman going through the same things they are going through, pain and devastation.

The recent FDA report was not a recall of any mesh product.  It was a warning issued mainly for the medical industry to police themselves and warn women that there were many adverse effects from this product and that they should talk to anyone who thought of having this surgery before they did.  You, me and all the other women who have contacted me, know that this will never happen.  It did not happen for us even though there was an FDA warning in 2008 and a large lawsuit by many women who had been badly injured by mesh.

So where do we stand right now.  Last night I spent two hours on the phone with a medical reporter who now wants to interview anyone, men or women who wished to tell their story about how this product has changed their lives for the worse.  I wanted to talk to her first because I wanted to be sure this woman is on the up and up.  We have been betrayed enough and for me to put out a link to her site, means I am certain that she is a good person and I have personally put my trust in her.

Why do we need her?  Because we have all been isolated by regions spaced far and wide.  Our doctors have told each of us individually that we personally have been their one and only patient who has had a problem.  Apparently everyone else is living their lives, dancing in the streets with joyous and great results of their surgery.  I personally know that this is not true for everyone.

Patient confidentiality?  We are told that this is to keep our records safe from public eyes.  What do I think about it?  I think if we can’t talk to each other, then we do not know how many of us there really are.

Please understand that even though I am still living with the serious end results of this surgery, I do not tar and feather all doctors or urologists.  I know for a fact that there are really good men and women doctors who have dedicated themselves to changing things for women and giving them their lives back again.  The problem is that these are in the small number and we have to change this by reaching out into cyber space and join hands with each other.  Even really good doctors are up against the people who run their organizations and to stand up and say no to using mesh will take a lot of courage.  Good doctors also need our help.   What I feel is unforgivable is that many doctors will not do this and instead continue to put mesh into more and more men and women’s bodies even when they know they are playing Russian Roulette.


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