Mesh & My Anger

At five this morning I was awoken by pain in my right side.  I struggled out of bed hanging on to something when I placed my right leg on the floor.  Very slowly I let the inevitable agonizing pain penetrate my right side as I took my first step to the bathroom.  Everything below my waist on the right side of my body is affected by this horrible implant they call bladder sling mesh.

It has been one year, five months and eighteen days since this terrible implant was placed inside my body and I have gone from being a vibrant busy woman, to an old lady living in constant pain.  It has changed my life in a terrible way.  I have no insurance and the medical industry does not care what they have done to me and the thousands of other women like me.  They treat us like we are the problem, not the mesh and that makes me angry.

I think about all the things that make me angry about this horrible product that is produced by the millions and put inside women as if it were a miracle implant.  It starts with all the manufacturers who have been told about us, but they don’t care.  All they think about is the bottom line.  Money!  I think about the doctors who even after being told that this is happening so many times to women all around the world, they ignore and dismiss us as either being liars, a problem or a disposal commodity of a small number of people who have adverse affects by this product.  Well mesh manufacturers, we are not a small number and I want you to wake up and take notice.  We matter and we are angry!

Yes the anger goes on.

I force myself to shift my mind into another world where I design hats and that helps me for a short time to let the anger subside, but it is not long when I need to stand up and put the weight on my leg that the anger returns.  I feel anger not just for myself but for all the women who are starting their day just like me.  In pain!

If I could tell any woman anything before she has this surgery, I would say “Don’t do it”.  You don’t want your life to be over, do you?  To see what could happen please view this video.  Before this surgery I was climbing ladders, working on my house.  Now I can’t take a single step up on a ladder.

Please don’t wind up like me!


  1. Kim

    Linda, thank you for sharing your story and information about reporting to the FDA. I had a bladder sling put in during surgery for a partial hysterectomy. I began having problems right away with leakage after I emptied my bladder and stood up urine would run down my legs. I also have pain with intercourse and terrible pelvic pain. My doctor said she it has eroaded into my vagina but something is definelty wrong. I only found out about the concerns with the sling after searching my symptoms on the internet post surgery. I am taking your advise and filing a complaint with the FDA and have already hired an attorney and have filed a law suit. I will be visiting your website for updates.

  2. Kim

    Linda what is your current email address?

    1. lavalinda

      I design and make hats and my website is My email is

  3. Christy

    HELP. Find my story at


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