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Tonight I began thinking about all the lawyers who seem to have come out of nowhere all of a sudden, with one lawyer even advertising about vaginal mesh on TV two days ago on the Country Music Channel.   I decided to check on Google and this came up.  The date is today.  The time less than two hours ago.  Please, please ladies.  If you are thinking about having bladder sling surgery, read this first.  I’m not asking you to take my word for it.  Today was a very bad day for me because my leg gave me so much pain and walking was agony.  I’m not just one woman.  I am one of many!  Please help me stop this madness.

FDA Issues Warning About Mesh in Pelvic Prolapse Surgeries
Thursday, July 14, 2011, 7:49 PM

The US Food and Drug Administration has warned that opting to place mesh through the vagina in pelvic organ prolapse surgeries could lead to serious complications in future.

In pelvic prolapse surgeries, doctors make use of surgical mesh through either the abdomen or the vagina to repair the prolapse. However FDA has said that using the mesh through the vagina could lead to a number of problems for the patient including the mesh protruding through the vaginal tissue, infection, bleeding or urinary problems.FDA’s William Maisel said that the agency is yet to see any concrete evidence that placing the mesh through the vagina improves the outcome and added that it instead exposed the patients to greater risks.

�We do not see conclusive evidence that using mesh for the transvaginal approach to pelvic organ prolapse improves clinical outcomes anymore than transvaginal procedures that do not use mesh. These devices appear to expose patients to greater risks�, he said.

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  1. cindy

    hi thank you so much. I thought i was crazy. I went to U OF M a great hospt the er did not even no what i was talking about, but did charge me extra to call a gyno down to tell me to make a apt and gave me motroin. I had to call a friend for meds i was and still am on and off. the mesh has worked its way through i gess its called erosion as i have found out only from your page. I can feel it with my finger. the doc would not see me because i owed him money. that may be a bleesing in deskiys. do you no were i can find some one to help me fix this.


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