FDA It’s only a start

    Yesterday was a very painful day for me and I felt like a tight band was wrapped around my thigh, causing pain in my knee, hip and down my back leg.  I could barely get up from sitting and walking was agony in my right leg.   I took an ibuprofen to relieve any inflammation and just hoped it would get better.   Around ten at night I thought about all the new lawyers sites that seem to have popped up out of nowhere and about the TV advert I saw a couple of days ago about vaginal mesh victims, and I knew something had to be brewing.
    I wish this had been on the major news stations, but if it was, it got lost in all the ‘major’ news stories.  Was it luck I found it last night, or was it divine intervention?  I just know the word has to get out so that women can now get a lawyer and get help.  Many have almost bankrupted themselves having tests done, all to be told there is nothing wrong with them.  If the mesh erodes and pops through your organs, then doctors can’t say that because it is far too obvious, however there are many stages of injury that can’t be seen on any tests.  I am in that category and so are many, many others.  No, we are not just a ‘small percentage’ as the makers of this mesh would like doctors to believe, we are the forgotten ones, who have been told we imagine our symptoms.  After all if a test doesn’t show it, we must be hypochondriacs or want pain pills, according to our doctors.  You cannot imagine how it feels to have to fight your way through a tunnel of pain and frustration and still not be listened to.  It is not only the pain in our bodies, but the pain in our hearts.  People get sick of someone who never seems to get better and those who have sympathy and understands it is not our fault, they soon tire of our problems.  Why does the FDA take so long before they put out a warning?  Why not stop this mesh from being inserted into our vaginas altogether?  Perhaps we should ask ourselves, who is making these decisions.  If a man had mesh that felt like a knife protruding from his penis, I don’t think this stuff would still be on the market.  Maybe I am wrong, but that’s how it feels to all the women who suffer.I decided to add a second report on this blog by a woman.  She has a place you can drop in your report to let her know there are many.  If you haven’t reported your problem to the FDA, please, please do so.  Without it, we remain fewer than we are.  We need all the help and support from all women out there.  My thoughts are with you all.  I care.  If you need the name of a lawyer, please email me and I will give you mine.  I am not working or helping any lawyer.  I just want to help any woman who is in pain and struggling with her life.

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