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I thank God for any help with my crusade, helping other women like me who have gone through bladder sling surgery and are left damaged.  Yesterday I ‘met’ a lady over the phone who underwent sling removal surgery, three weeks ago.  She is in the early stages of recovery and because this surgery is so invasive, it will take her quite sometime to begin to live a normal life.  However, before we got off the phone, she told me she will talk to anyone who contacts me either before or after bladder sling surgery.  I am keeping her phone number and email at the ready along with any other files that I may be able to help you.  At last I am not alone.  So if you find my blog and are scared because you have set removal surgery and don’t know what to expect, please contact me and I will provide a live person who knows how you feel and will help you through this very scary side of mesh removal.  You will not be alone .  There is someone who can guide and help you through.  If you wish to talk to someone else other than me, before having this surgery, she will also be there for you.  There are now two of us who will listen to your story and help you through.

 I have not had my sling removed as yet, due to no insurance and no way to pay to get it removed.  So for another year until I turn sixty-five I had told myself I would have to live with it.  My surgery was March 2010 and that is a long time to live with something like this, but I felt I have no choice.  This lady however, told me to contact her doctor and just ask if there is any way he can help me.  I have decided to try to get help and will write a letter today.  I also found a link that sprung up yesterday when I was doing a new search to help a lady in Canada who just contacted me, get the true information she needs before having this surgery.  I will pursue that link and then write what I learn here to try to help as many women as possible.

 If anyone out there knows if there is a medical fund to help someone like me get help, I would be truly grateful for that information.  There are many funds for other medical conditions for someone who does not have insurance, but sadly no one would think that a simple operation considered to be nothing in most doctor’s eyes, would prove to have such bad medical consequences.  Attitudes need to be changed and if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

For now I will sign off until I have information you can use.  I’m still here if you need me.  Linda

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