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Today I received another email from a lady who has suffered greatly because of this mesh product.   I wrote back to her and told her that today is my 64th birthday and sadly instead of celebratory thoughts, my first thought was, one year to go until I can get medical help.  This is not how we are supposed to live out lives in our ‘Golden Years’.  We are not supposed to age quickly because of a product that was installed in us as a ‘great gift to stop incontinence’.  It isn’t!

I am grateful that all the time it takes me to write this blog is gratefully received by those who find me after they struggle through these bad times.  The hard part is, we look normal.  We don’t look like a petroleum based mesh is eating away at our insides and causing continuous, painful damage.  We are still who we have always been to everyone else.  Normal!  But we are not.

I thought today should be time to reiterate what to do if you find this blog after so many days and nights of pain and no sleep.  First, you are not crazy.  You are not imagining your pain.  Don’t let doctors put you down as a hypochondriac or paranoid person.  You are not!  Immediately get your medical records (a fairly lengthy process) and as soon as they arrive go on line and report your mesh implant to the FDA or whatever the agency is in your country.  If you don’t, they keep the numbers of mesh problems so low that we will never count.   I have written a blog to help you with everything you can do to help yourself and others like us.  Read and act!

Over the past few months, one of my sisters had a breast removed because of breast cancer.  I couldn’t go to England to show her I cared.  I tried to figure out how I could go and not be a trouble to anyone else but there are so many mounting problems from my condition due to this mesh.  So I stayed home and called her to check on her.  I am one of eight children and we are all getting older.  Never before in my life have I had to deal with an obstacle to my life such as this mesh to stop me being by someone’s side if they need help and comfort.  Never before have I considered myself disabled, but now I have to think about the problems and pain this product has caused me and what I can’t do.  It is hell!

It doesn’t mean I have given up on life.  This past week I designed a feathered cape that had been in my head for quite awhile.  I haven’t given up on who I am or the joy that designing gives me.  Something has to ease your pain or it will drive you insane.  This is mine.

So, if you find me and want to tell me your story, please email me  I am listening.

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