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I am at the start of a New Year, living in frustration and pain.  I am a victim of the richest country in the world’s health crisis.  I have no health care and I have been injured by a product they call mesh.  Simple non invasive surgery has turned my life upside down and changed every minute of my day.  I live in pain, but worse yet I live in fear of a product in my body that can explode quietly and steadily inside me.  I feel alone many nights although I am aware there are millions of women like me around the world. 
I know I can’t continue living this way, so I made a resolution to change things.  I am lucky.  I was born in a country that does have universal health care.  England!  Don’t believe all the propaganda about the system in that country that is produced by the polititions of this country. They are driven by the votes of big drug companies and medical institutes.  The money spent on fighting wars could give every man, woman and child in this country the best health care available.  There is no system that is perfect and neither is it in Great Britain.  However, I have been treated wonderfuly whenever I have needed help.
I have been selling things I don’t need to gather enough money together to stay long term and perhaps move back to England permanently.  It all depends on money.  Here my home is warm and comfortable. and my husband and I have worked hard to have every convenience for our old age.  I am now a widow and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  However, these things mean nothing when I am in pain.  So somehow I will get enough money together to go back and find out what has happened inside my body.  You can’t deal with something when you don’t know what it is.  I will uproot my life and go into a no man’s land.  I will have very little over there because I can’t afford much and my cost of living will be much higher.  I have to remember this.  One test here is one month’s rent over there.  I have no choice.
I have lived in this country for forty years and considered it my home, but now I must leave.  All because of a ‘simple, non invasive surgery’.  Don’t believe it when you hear it.  Research before you do this to yourself.


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  1. christinamorrison1@live.co.uk

    bless you my heart goes out to you ..im sure when you move back .we can all help here in england .there is plenty of help here for you ..aflat ,furniture ,everything .believe god will provide my friend .and if you live close enough we can help each other ..big hugs .ps tresa is alovely lady .ihavent called tresa due to always being in out hospital .in pain .depressed .tresa helped me .iwas all alone no one cared .they were blaming it on my other illnesses .miss elneil finds it interesting .she thinks they cut it …hugsxxxx


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